Prince of Darkness wonderful story Part

After the end of the spell, the darkness began to grow louder and louder, and the boy started to smoke out of the mouth until he filled the place like a mist. Then he caught fire until he burned it completely. Then he stood on his feet and began talking,
“The end is approaching you are approaching the throne, and you can choose, and the choice between your hands,” and then signed the boy was consumed by the fire that caught in his body, did not understand Tenb letter and what is meant by, but what he knew that his mission is not easy and it needs to Force to achieve its goal ..
After he finished his first lesson, which is misleading, he started in the next lesson. His teacher went out and took out a box that was very strange, closed and opened only with a talisman. Tenp told him that this box was a book. This book is not from this world. In the lower part, this magician had powers that would enable him to eliminate armies of enemies.
This devil was the magician of the king Archos, who obeyed his orders and was stolen from him by Hidus and came to this world and he is not opened except by the king or his sons, but you, O Tinp you can open it, and gave him the talisman until he opens it, Tinb “the spell on the box opened and found inside the book has a strange shape and cover as a kind of leather ..
He took the book and gave it to his teacher, but his pages are empty only when the moon is full, and to this time they will wait for the moon to complete, to take the book more evil and harmful than before.
They went to an arid desert to stay in the dark cave, which is a cave of the demons and not of human beings, to learn the tenet of the new methods, which are in three stages in the book, each stage with different forces. Each of these powers is stronger than the previous, and each stage becomes more difficult and dangerous. .
The first stage
After the moon appeared in the book spells and magic hymns, and in the meantime he must use the powers of the devil to confront a group of demons want to be distracted by, Hidos recited the mantra of the book made the walls of the cave dark and sticky as mud, started from this mud The viscous comes out a strange black object, tall and has two horns like the horns of the bull .. in the sense that it is a kind of devils ..
He remained close to Tenp with great speed to kill him, but he managed to escape from him. The devil did not stop, but continued to attack him with his claws, which he could divide for half. Tenb kept his blows, shouted to his teacher and asked him how to beat this devil. He had never fought demons before. .
He is supposed to use his demonic powers and to use this force he must show what he really is. Tenp began to realize the meaning of this, but how did he never use these powers even on humans? , The important shadow avoids the strikes until the devil was able to injure Tenp and from here revolted his anger, he unconsciously removed the wings that resemble the crow and flew to the top of the hand in the cave, and then began to take its demonic form ..
He fell on this object and grabbed it from his neck and then separated it from his body, but it was not the only one, after which the demons rolled over him, but he did not stop, but fought them by all means, he fought with courage and harmony until he killed more than thirty demons in his stage First, Farah by Hedus and said to him:
Congratulations to you, Tenp, you have succeeded in your first stage, then progress to him and grabbed his head and read the mantra of the book, Tenb was screaming from the intensity of the spell and strength to fall on the ground, and said to Haidus: I feel that my head is burning, what is this ?? I almost die from the pain !!
“Whenever you pass through one of these stages, the power of the spell will be more painful and stronger,” he said.
When the pain went, he stopped and looked around him and read hymns he had not known before. This sticky mud gathered again, and the demons came out of it, but this time they served him. They greeted him with the greeting of the king and waited for his orders. You have this power, the power of calling, and these are your servants
Of course, Tenb returned and, as some know, he likes to try everything he learns. He started to spread his services in the city unexpectedly. They burned some houses, also killed some people, kidnapped them and found them the next day. To make them commit suicide, in the truest sense all that is evil has happened ..
But everything that happens to people is not logical at all, strange things happen but there is no cause or cause, and each time it happens they were recorded against an unknown, and they think they are a gang or a secret group, people are beginning to fear what is happening , The terrible things happened as nightmares fell on everyone, suffered this small town where these demons lived from the grief and horror for months, this was only in the first stage and what the calamities ..
The second phase
After six months of the first phase (the interval between each stage), he took him to a different place this time, to a forest far from the villages and cities hundreds of miles, and inside this forest, which is surrounded by trees and surrounded by darkness on each side there is a large palace As if a castle hidden in the forest can not be set foot human only and perished ..
Hados told him that this place where the magicians lived until they learned the origins of Satanic magic, stood at the gate of the palace and then read Hidus mantra opened the door and entered the palace, and here said to him: in this place will be the second stage .. Tenb said: Is this trip, my teacher? Hidus did not speak and walked towards the palace and then penetrated it inside, there was nothing, the place was very spacious and free of anything ..
They walked in a corridor until they reached a theater-like place, asked

بروجيكتور مستعمل بروجيكتور مستعمل

Hidus from Tenp to go and stand in the middle, was on the wall of this place a red cover with a five-pointed inscription, tightened this cover and with a mirror but dark, Hidos went to the top of this theater-like place and continued to say words from this book until the corners of the palace began shaking Strongly as if there was a devastating earthquake ..
After that, the mirror began to swell and out of it a loud voice like a monster inside, and the fire caught it until it caught fire, and in the ignition came out of a huge object of six meters, black and many hair, screwed with broken handcuffs in his hand, Described, he said to Tenp: Who is this?
Hidus: This is called Ghoul O Tinab, he tried to summon one of his servants but he could not, because this force was defeated at this stage ..
In an unexpected move, the Ghoul attacked Tenp, but he turned into his devilish form, and tried to attack the Ghoul, but the Ghoul was much stronger than him. Tenb’s strikes were futile, and the Ghoul attacked him so fiercely that he almost destroyed him from the beatings. Each time he stops again, he does not want to give in. He continues to receive blows several times, until his strength is weakened.
At present

  • But how did they know the place of this boy?
  • I do not know, but I have heard from one of the soldiers of the Ajinis that told them is ..
  • You both stopped talking and watched this prisoner well
  • Well, sir, come on, and we’ll be severely punished
    In the meantime, Tenb was shackled from his feet to his head. He could not listen to them. He learned from their talk that they were his prison guards. Then he went back to remember what happened that day.
    Time to fight with Ghoul
    It seems that the end is close .. In the meantime told him Hidos:
  • It seems that this is your end, now you are among the dead ..
    When he finished this sentence, he woke up the anger inside Tenp and made a cry that shook the corners of the palace. Tenb stood up and said in an angry voice: “No, it is not my end, but its end. I am the prince of darkness. I am the heir to the throne of the underworld. Meanwhile the anger grew and attacked the Ghoul with a blow that made him fall,
    And then hit him beating and kicking and ripping and whenever hit by a blow increased strength and anger until the matter reversed, he became like Ghoul but stronger and fiercer than him, and in the end grabbed the Ghoul from the neck and then torn and take off his lower jaw with his hand ..
    Hidus kept laughing loudly at what he had done with this ogre and said to him: “Well done, your anger and your hatred are the ones who rewarded you for winning this ghoul.” He went down, where the battle took place, and then he approached Tenab and put his hand on his head and recited the second hymn. He kept screaming and hitting with his hand on the ground and smashing everything in front of him until he fell to the ground.
    When he woke up, he found himself a person other than the person he was. He became more powerful and more powerful. He knew all kinds of magic and how he used it. Human beings and to move from body to body and form to form, so that he enters into the dreams of others and orders them what he wants, became incredibly strong ..
    But this did not bother him, because he likes human harm more than anything, and this time it will hurt more after he has those powers, but what will he do if he is killed? , Or will he make his servants carry out his orders? Or what ?
    This time he began to make humans not just sacrificial or even puppets, but even more, he would make them slaves to him in the sense of the word. He would spread his evil in many societies and places and in various forms and nationalities. He started with the smallest class, the poor class, He can do a lot with his powers, show them several things of his magic, surprised them with everything so they approached him and became slaves to him and believed that he was chosen ..
    He now has the demons and the human beings at the same time, he now has power and power and every small and big, every rich and poor man and every man rich or poor, has a large number of folk masters or poor, because a group of people called the group of the Prince of Darkness, It has one and has not been heard by anyone, but it may be the cause of doing some of the evil things that happen in the world, like many hidden and subversive groups ..
    But does that matter? , All of this has no meaning before the throne of his father, if he even wanted to have this world has no value more than to have the throne of his father and rule the underworld, this is the supreme goal that he wants to achieve, increasing the “Tenb” of his power, and growing hatred of his teacher, He regretted telling him about the Book, but would he stand there? , Went to him in the most severe cases, and said to him:
  • Tenp is enough for you, now it has been a year and a half for this, you must leave all these things and prepare for the throne of your father.
  • What do you say, Heydos? Do you think I forgot the throne and the kingdom? No, but I’m waiting for the moon to complete at the end of the year until I finish the third and final stage. Why does this anger you? Is it because I possessed the powers of your superiority or did I possess servants from men and demons?
  • What is this tone, boy? Have you forgotten who you talk to? If I had not found you now, I would have been foolish to kill human beings and slaughter them.
  • How do you talk to me in this tone? , I forgot with who you talk to? I am the prince of darkness and heir to the throne ..
    Hados got angry and began to change his features until he attacked the Prince of Darkness. But of course, Hados could not catch him and threw him on the ground and almost killed him. He said to him in a loud voice: If you had not read the last talisman, you would have taken your head off. .
    And grabbed him and threw him away, Hidus in a state of deplorable, stopped and looked at him and said: Well, Moulay,
After the end of the spell, the darkness began to grow louder and louder, and the boy started to smoke out of the mouth until he filled the place like a mist. Then he caught fire until he burned it completely. Then he stood on his feet and began talking,

I am always at your service ..
He left the palace of the Prince of Darkness, went to his hut, brought some magic tools, drew the devil’s symbol on the ground, and began reciting the satanic words until he opened a door for him from the abyss of the underworld. To this section and then walked in a very long corridor until he found a door at the end of the corridor ..
He opened the door and found a storm of black sand that swallowed it and then threw it on a model filled with thorns and flame of fire emanating from the bottom, and the ghouls and apostasy of the various demons in shapes and sizes and all that is frightening and frightening, began walking in this wild world until he reached the palace and found at the gate The palace gate guards are among the strongest demons and the largest and most deadly ..
They stood with the handcuffs and the hammers, and stood before them to tell them that on a mission to King Arkus, king of the people of Aggens, they opened the entrance gate to him and went in this world to reach the palace of the indescribable King. He went to the king and sat on his throne. It is described, he said to him husky voice: What do you want, after betrayed me and fled with the book you traitor, this is your watch will die immediately ..

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Prince of Darkness wonderful story Part
  • He said in the most terrifying situations, O Great King, I have come to tell you about the place of the thing you have always sought, the son of Philos.
  • Do you want my trick? This time I will not pity you ..
    “No sir, I will not fool you this time and you will see, all I want is a deadline, only six months, and then you will have it in your hand.
  • If I did this I would really give you the power of Satan’s magic book, and you know what its power is ..
    Hence the covenant was taken from the king to be delivered to him by the son of Phileus, and possessed the powers of the book that is not described for the demons, and the next step would be the betrayal of Hidus to Tenp ..

  • Hence the covenant was taken from the king to be delivered to him by the son of Phileus, and possesses the powers of the book is not described for the demons, and the next step will be the betrayal of Hidos to Tenp and this will be about the inevitable time What will happen ?? This will be the next …
    Six months ago ..
    In the courtyard of the Palace of “Tenp” Prince of darkness and in a large gathering of people, and on this day, which was a great celebration of the glorification of their master “Lucifer” This ceremony was of course all the Matchthih selves and eye, of all desires ..
    And in the presence of a large number of influential people and authority of the people, and this excellence, came out and in the middle of a large crowd and served from the front and back and if the young handsome face, tall, muscular, wearing a black suit, and his eyes changed to several colors ..
    He walked towards the crowds and if everyone kneels him to greet and maximize, then climb to the theater in the courtyard of the palace, and says with a loud voice:
    “Today is the greatest day .. Today is the glorification of your great master, and I am at this hour telling you that this world belongs to us, we are the masters of the world, and soon we will have the power to govern”
    And if they cheered, screamed and glorified their greatest demon, then he referred to the sacrifice, a group of infants who were born illegitimately, of course, and put them on the altar.
    And in the midst of shouting and praising and glorification and deplorable acts for the human soul, he came to him – his former mentor and stood on the stage and said loudly:
    “I came today to glorify the Great Satan, and also to glorify my disciple. My lord Prince Tenp also inherited the throne of his father King Felius. He took out a small box and opened it with a bracelet covered with black gems. The gift is grateful to me and accept my apology for what I had previously.
    At the moment of pride he took from him, before his apology and ended up here, not for anything, but because he needs it ..
    And the day went by and the prince of darkness went to his room. He looked to the mirror to boast of what he had attained from the glory and strength and faithful followers of their master. But at the moment he saw something in the mirror, as if it were a vast space surrounded by darkness from all sides. At this moment the earth snakes out and the fire comes out of them. The pitchers come out of this hole with giant hammers in their hands. They swooped around and hit him from each side until he fell from the beatings. They put the shackles in his hand and dragged him to that hole.
    At this point, the vision disappeared from the mirror, and he remained silent for several seconds during which he was confused and worried !!
    He rode his luxury car and went to the graves at 2 am. He stood in the middle and continued to read a very powerful mantra. The shadows began to surround the place. The earth was still shaking, and the screams of the graves came out, as if the dead were tormenting them. .
    And he continued to recite the mantra, and the sound of the cry of the dead increased until they almost opened their graves and come out of them, and at this moment stopped everything as if it was not, and came out a husky voice from inside the graves and began to speak:
  • What do you want son – “Philos”? Why are we summoned from the world of darkness?
  • I want an explanation for something important, who inhabit the dead
  • any order?
  • About my visions that I saw ..
  • Oh really ?! And what is the answer that we will take?
  • what do you want ?
  • We want to take from you what is expensive
  • And what is it, what do you want?
    But the sound stopped, and continued to call them .. What do you want, what is expensive, but did not hear any response!
    For the first time, Tenp feels scared and worried about what is coming.
    He got into his car and went to Hydra. He had finished the morning, knocked on the door, and when Hydra opened it and saw him, his heart flew to joy. He was gone for more than three years.
    He entered and sat and remained silent for a moment, sat beside him and talked with him:
  • What are you, son? What worries you so much?
  • “Hydra” The end is nearing, and sometimes I think that I will not succeed in recovering


  • Listen to me well, “Tenp” is not after all this saying that you will not succeed, we approached our goal ..
  • “Hydra” I have seen a vision ..
  • What is this vision?
    So he saw what he saw and told her about what happened with him in the graves. Here Hydra smiled and said:
  • You are now in the stage that will make you king, and will become king of the kings of the lower world, do not give up now, patience I approached your goal ..
    And then left and went to his luxurious palace in the state to complete his work ..
    At present
  • The order was issued
  • Which order are you talking about?
  • ordered this boy ..
  • what about him ?
  • It came to kill him
  • And when will the date?
  • Tomorrow or tomorrow ..
    Another voice penetrated this argument and ordered them to silence, Vsmtua .. And told the other to open the gate, and if the application is implemented
    A tall, tall man wearing a black shield with the sign of the Great Satan entered him and looked at him with a smirk. Then he began to wrap around him, and approached him and said in his ear with a whisper:
  • We have tired searching for you for years
  • who are you ? And what you want ?
  • Hahaha, you will know soon from me
  • Wait, tell me who are you? And what you want ?
    Then he left him and went out and ordered the guards to close the gate. Tenp remained very exhausted and the thoughts kept him until he began to remember what had happened before that time.
    two months ago
    “Ted” was one of his followers:
  • We have prepared the strongest types of chemicals that can control the minds, and we will distribute them to adolescents.
  • Well done .. Then turned to another: And you .. Have you finished the manufacture of weapons of Belarus? We want to accelerate the sale, we do not want to delay
  • Yes, sir, we have finished it and we will ship it to the ships.
    Are you finished with heavy weapons? He sent us many messages about them
  • Yes, sir, I have finished them and we are only missing delivery.
    And in happiness and pleasure smiled and said:
    “Well, all of you, my faithful followers, I did not expect to deal with you as human beings, so profitable
  • Sidi .. Sidi (one of his followers)
  • what do you want ?
  • I brought you his request
  • Oh really ?
    Yes, it is now in your room ..
    He was very happy with this and ordered one of his servants to give this reward. Then he went to his room and found a virgin girl of eighteen years old, beautiful and medium in length, wearing a blue dress. He approached her and drew her and whispered in her ear: Now .. then he did what he did ..
    And after the servants had finished taking her to the basement, I looked at him and said: What is this basement? !!
    The servants tied her hands with an iron sisal, took her to a secret corridor on the lower floor of the palace, and opened a gate hidden in the wall, showing a set of stairs leading down.
    They took it down, and passed through it a long tunnel with dim lighting, at the end of a door that opens only with a fingerprint ..
    One of the guards put his hand and opened it, and appeared after a corridor on the sides of many rooms too, and each room is written by the name of a girl, and written also the date of arrival and the time that carried it and the date of birth and the date also … Kill it.
    That girl was still screaming at the servants and demanding that they leave her, and ask them, but all this was futile.
    They saw the doctor opening the belly of a pregnant girl without anesthesia, and the girl screamed with great pain. Then they stood in front of a room with her name on it. They entered her in the room and she still screamed and pleaded, but without Feasibility, that [BC] – I’m sorry .. This is not my own
  • By whom?
  • By the great Lord of Darkness ..
    The doctor went to his master “Tenp” to tell him that he had performed three successful births on this day, the Prince of Darkness congratulated the doctor, and smiled and said to him:
    Yes I want sons of my family, I want to own this world as well. Take the boys and spread them in the ground, raise them, make them corrupt, make them devils really, I want them to grow up and occupy this world .. My plan to spread corruption and destruction in the earth and between humans ..
    The laughter grew louder …
    A month before the last mantra.
    The Prince of Darkness went to the graves, followed by the talisman, and also heard the screams rising from the graves and then suddenly calmed down, and a voice came out of her saying:
  • What do you want, son of “Philos”
  • A while ago you told me that you want what is more precious to explain my vision .. Now I ask you again to tell me about its interpretation ..
  • What we want can not afford
  • Tell me what is it!
  • What we want is the following … A person came to talk to her:
  • Coolest …
  • who are you ?
  • I’m a doctor
  • What do you want from me
  • Nothing but what you carry in your womb ..
  • And what will you do to me after that? !!
  • You will die of course ..
  • Please do not do this to me .. Leave me alone and I will not tell anyone what you saw ..
  • I’m sorry .. This is not my own
  • By whom?
  • By the great Lord of Darkness ..
    The doctor went to his master “Tenp” to tell him that he had performed three successful births on this day, the Prince of Darkness congratulated the doctor, and smiled and said to him:
    Yes I want sons of my family, I want to own this world as well. Take the boys and spread them in the ground, raise them, make them corrupt, make them devils really, I want them to grow up and occupy this world .. My plan to spread corruption and destruction in the earth and between humans ..
    The laughter grew louder …
    A month before the last mantra.
    The Prince of Darkness went to the graves, followed by the talisman, and also heard the screams rising from the graves and then suddenly calmed down, and a voice came out of her saying:
  • What do you want, son of “Philos”

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