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A horror picture taken by my mobile phone is a scary story

A horror picture taken by my mobile phone is a scary story

The scary story reached us, along with the picture taken by the cell phone of the friend Hisham from Egypt by chance. He sat in a garden at night, sipping tea, and on the fire of the burning wood, he took the pictures with a penchant and without thinking and wasting time and then discovered our friend The shocking surprise, there is something strange appeared in the picture, the face of those who appear in the picture and chase him in his pictures to this day and what he wants from him is not known in the real, but there is a face appeared in the pictures and was highlighted in red picture, today we present the story of our friend Hisham, The site of realistic stories titled horror picture captures Here is my mobile phone.
A horror picture captured by my mobile phone

Our friend Hisham tells his story, saying in a low voice:

I love isolation and quiet Jerusalem for many years, I was taking my friends away from the people and the world and the world, and the spirit of the fruit of the fruit is seriously planted with apricot trees, manga, palm trees and grapes, beautifully distributed in the garden area, and on the north side of the garden In the brick bricks, where the needs of tea and the barbecue and the needs of the men who are Perina El Geneina, and its pillars two columns throughout the stone, a pharaonic style and the text in the text is available as a sofa and chairs, means the place of rest, and for the bride and companions and Kada spend sweet times.

The place at night is a masterpiece, and the moonlight falls between the trees in my hand and the joy of a terrible joy in the summer or even in the winter is beautiful with the shuffle of the rain, the rain falling and the light of the light of the place, all in the last months of 2013 at one time I was alone at night, And I heard the fire and I said to make a cup of tea.

I learned tea and filled music and relaxed on the other, I drink tea and smoke the best cigarette.
The shape of the firewood is very fond of very beautiful, I caught the mobile and gave a picture of the fire, and I spoke my month alone and before dawn two hours moved from my place, and I was the most complete night at home oh I did not find a lesson in the need not need me but I Istni , The date of my payment and enter the army.

I entered the house and did a need to drink it with chocolate, and opened the computer Ashof world Pidor and not standing other than me, as usual on the new music piano, violin or opera and Cam song, of course why I do not feel new Joujt Jouz in Algeria, Talaat Card memory from mobile , And dropped him in the computer to remove the needs that led to the opening of the picture that I gave to the fire and the first thing that showed the picture in detail, I said Bfazat Aa Da preferred bigger and smaller in the photo God the same subject:.

I did not think I was going to sleep, and I decided to sleep and I was on the day I sold the picture. A man I know is a man who works with the jinn. He has a famous story. In his son, say two words to what he understood, what is the interpretation of the image of De and not know the wack that exists Da A, written by your servant, O servant.

After two days of hard thinking, my mind decided that it was an explanation that the wush was just a normal form, and that I was able to thank God. I convinced myself of the idea, counting months and in 2014 in late January, I was accepted in the army and my joy was not described the truth because it was my unbridled desire, I got the army and the surprise was a shadow on the picture was in the background features white color of the same features of the picture I said horror A da.

I noticed that I had a fever and was diagnosed as a deformity. I took a training course and then the squad. Then I was flown by the military pilot to the basic force. I started the service and once I was there. Naim dreamed of the picture that Mobily opened alone and the picture appeared instead of the start of the start of the course of sleep I was disturbed, and then Beckham again I heard a strong voice says but the remembrance of God reassures the hearts.

I mentioned the name of God and grew up once again and I am the operator of the Holy Quran, I got after that once I dream of paradise in the form of human beings, some of them talking to me in the dream with his tongue,
I am one of them!!

As usual, the subject was considered as an inner mind and pressure and pregnancy, I got strange needs in fact materially tangible and I am in the service at night I do not think of my details because my focus is all in my writing about the picture, but the picture actually changed my life.

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