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A meeting without a date

A young man met his girlfriend’s girlfriend at the university. They had a strong friendship between them and made them close to each other. One day, the young man surprised his colleague as she sat alone, signs of grief dominating her facial expressions. He asked her why she was not worthy of being a pretty girl. All my friends are bound by love stories and there is no one left without a person in my life.
The young man smiled at her grief and said to her: I have a good suggestion. I also prepared the only young man among my friends who does not have a real love in his life. What do you think of a crazy idea we ask in front of our colleagues?
The girl said: What?
“We declare our association with our colleagues for only 30 days. We pretend during that period that we are lovers in front of everyone.
The girl sighed a little and then said: So we will not lose anything.
The young man and the girl went out together on the first day of the agreement. They started acting because they were really lovers. They went to the cinema together to see a romantic film, but on the second day they chose the beach for recreation and entertainment. They had the happiest laughs of those days. together.

A meeting without a date

They have been in this situation for 30 days, meeting daily and spending a lot of fun time together enjoying these special moments.
And one day he was a fortune-teller. They were intrigued by his question about their luck in the coming days. The fortune teller said to them: “Live every moment for you together and do not cross, and try to look for happiness every day.
Then the fortune-teller paused for a moment and his eyes closed, and he looked at them in pity and went away from them.
On the 29th day, at 11:30 pm, they met at a coffee shop to see what they would do next.

A minute later, a strange man appeared on his face, signs of panic on his way to the table where the girl was sitting, panting with fatigue. He said to him: The young man who entered Maaki has just been injured when he left here, and we took him to the hospital but his condition is very serious.

The girl did not get her nerves and went out quickly to the hospital crying, and if it finds the doctor coming out of the intensive care room and carrying his hand juice and answer, it was at 11:57 pm.

The doctor said to her: We found those things, Miss with him when he was transferred.
The message and the death of the young man
The girl took the answer from the doctor and began to read it.

(I approached you a lot during the past period, to discover the nobility of your morals paper and the beauty of your feelings, at first I could not find the name of what is happening internally to you, but after the happy days between us I found that I fell in love without warning, And your smile, used to hear your voice every day, I have become an essential part of my life in the past few days, can not forget to forget your details and the events of thirty days.

I wanted to give you this message to tell you before the end of the game, I love you and I hope you share the same feeling, love you for the last day of my life.))

“I also love you. I wished so much that the thirty days would not end to stay with you. I wished we would stay together forever.”

But the time was long and the clock was ticking to say that it was the twelfth, and to stand with the beats of the hour the young man’s heart beats to life.

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