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A woman hanging on the wall

A woman hanging on the wall One night I woke up and woke up from my sleep at night to see a woman sitting at the end of the room motionless and suddenly I saw her burn and then disappear. After a while my foot came out at night from the house and

One night I woke up and woke up from my sleep at night to see a woman sitting at the end of the room motionless and suddenly I saw her burn and then disappear. After a while my foot came out at night from the house and they saw a woman on the wall. A young man accompanied by his father saw her and ran away screaming and calling my father to let my brothers into the house. When we ran out of the house to see what had happened, the woman disappeared and my father searched everywhere but was not found.

One day, my twin sisters (4 years) were playing in the courtyard of the house. I saw a black cat hovering around them as if they wanted to attract their attention. Actually, I ran behind them and the place was dark until I reached the old prison. I screamed at them. I asked them, “What did he do to you and what made you cry?” , They said that: “Cat became a woman and was beating them.”

And after that event a day or two I was playing during my summer vacation with my four brothers the game of cat and mouse, and it was my turn to discover the places where they hid as the game requires, and while I was looking for them I hinted a person hiding between the herbs and his head was clear and blew towards him and all I think that one of my brothers and “I saw you.” When I got to the tree, my brother’s back disappeared and I got out of the window. I said to them, “Were not you hiding here?” They said, “I did not see him. “No, we laughed at you and we were at home for so long.”

In the other house
Several years later, we left the house to live in another area about 28 km from our old house. At the time I was 12 years old. The first night in the new house was normal except for my observation that my bedroom door was closed on its own. After a while I began to have disturbing dreams of a woman wearing a gray dress, but her face was pale and the anger was clear on her face and she told me not to fear her and that I would “see” , I saw the same events that I had seen in the old house and I heard the voices of people talking and sometimes I hear their laughter as if they were celebrating and in the summer events were so intense that I see the fireplace burning on its own and sometimes I notice that the food disappears or decreases as if someone bite Whenever my father told me that, they were not Sedkana that came on from the days of the winter of 1989 when my sister disappeared.

The disappearance of my sister
My sister was 14 years old at the time. We did not find her and all we found was a window that was open and the weather was rainy and the time was 2:00 am before dawn. My father ran outside and was not found. The next day I called my grandmother. She said, “Yes, I know that, someone came and told us that he found a girl on the road sleeping on the ground.” When he asked her, she told him about the family name. She told us to take her to my grandmother’s house in a pitiful condition. My dad’s surprise about how they cut that distance alone.

In the boarding school
What happened to my sister made my father believe what we were telling him, so he decided to keep us away from home as much as he could, and we entered the boarding schools and then joined the secondary school. I was in an internal system. I felt there were people watching me in high school, especially in the middle of the night. Strange as if the bed moves to his condition as if someone raises it from the side of my head and the girls started with me notice that and then the events developed and the girls felt that one of them was attracted by their feelings and the cupboards were opening and closing and water taps.

  • Those scary things forced a number of girls to leave the boarding school while I and a number of girls stayed. We saw people breaking through the wall and walking in the corridor between the family to disappear on the other side and we heard the sound of feet and breath and the voice of a screaming man. One day I woke up from my sleep And I complain of pain in my back as if I stayed standing for hours and they told me that they saw me and I sat on my bed for hours without moving at night and then I walked between the family and I went back to sleep I became suspicious of it and I felt that the events that had happened to me in the past has returned and that I had disease I had to stay at home for several days It was strange that my friends told me that things had returned to normal and that they had come back to bed at the secondary school. What made it even more strange was that my mother told me about strange things that started to happen when I got home. The door closed on its own and she said to me, I brought guests with you. “

Black mass

On one of the days of March 1991 and before the exams last year I went to review the lessons in the sitting room on my own and while I was preparing for the test day I felt something watching me in the room and then turned the papers to the situation in front of me as a strong wind or a person rushed past me and I saw the room in the room And I saw a black block standing in front of me and then I disappeared and I hurried and went out of the room heading to my bedroom and I see her standing in front of the entrance to the door, I passed in front of her cautiously and then entered my bed and I was terrified, the clock was about midnight, The next morning, the day of the test was late, I had to I got up at 5:30 am until I got ready and took the bus at 6:00 to go to school. But the strange thing that woke me up was that while I was asleep I felt someone’s hand or something cold to shake me so I woke up and when I opened my eyes I saw a black block and without my will I found myself walking I said, “I do not know that there was something black that attracted me to him and I followed him without controlling myself.”


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