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An appeal from the other world

This story I heard from people who were direct witnesses to the strange events ..

Abeer was a poor eighteen-year-old girl suffering from asthma since her

birth, and the disease has reached her heart. While she is a prisoner of her illness, her conditions were getting worse. Her father is dead and her mother is old. She is the youngest of her brothers who were married and only two brothers were left with her in the house, and she is charged with serving them despite her illness and weakness.

One day, the inevitable occurred, Abir’s mother died. After the days of consolation, her married brothers returned to their homes, leaving only her aunt, who decided to live with her. She was an old widow, married all her sons and daughters and remained single.

Abir also remained with her cruel brothers.

On the 19th day of her mother’s death, after a discussion with her brother, he beat her severely and went to her bed crying.

At 4 am that night, her aunt heard a well-known voice calling Abeer her name. It was the voice of Abir’s mother, and the voice repeated three times. The aunt ran away terrified and went to the room of Abir. When the light was lit, Abir was dead and her tears were shed.

It is strange that after the burial and consolation three men admitted that they heard the voice of the mother of Abir, calling her daughter, one of whom knew her voice and distinction immediately because it was her neighbor, but the other two men did not know the voice but they are sure to hear also were in the neighbor’s guest.

So, mother called her daughter and took her with her to the other world? .. Is this story a confirmation of what people say about the presence of dead relatives to receive the human spirit at the time of his death.

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