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Assault on the Mayor of the Bolivian city of Vento, shaving her hair and dyeing her skin


Bolivian city- Furious nonconformists assaulted the chairman of Bolivia’s city of Patricia Ars as she attempted to avoid,

tossing a red color, driving her to walk shoeless and shaving her hair.

The chairman of Vento, Patricia Ars, Bolivian city aligned

aligned with President Evo Spirits,

was constrained out of the city corridor last Wednesday after the enemy of government demonstrators put a match to the structure.

As indicated by nearby media,

Ars attempted to escape from one of the secondary passages of the structure,

however the dissidents pursued her and poured red paint on her,

constrained her to stroll without shoes in the road,

before trimming her hair, Bolivian city

and Ars showed up in a video sitting among a gathering of individuals,

Her face highlights stun and perplexity.

The Bolivian government faces furious fights over a month ago’s contested the presidential political decision,

with President Spirits’ triumph defaced by allegations of extortion,

after an unexpected tallying of votes and a bizarre swing for the radical chief.

Fights in Bolivia have been damaged by brutality since the outcomes were declared in October,

incorporating flames conflicts Bolivian city

with security powers and plundering and harm.

The exhibitions came after the distribution of the semi-conclusive outcomes of the presidential political race demonstrated that the active president,

Spirits made a beeline for the win from the first round in an abrupt move in the outcomes that the restriction competitor thought about extortion.


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