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boy and the man in our old house


The story of the boy and the man in our old house:

I grew up in an old house and I was the only girl of two brothers, and here I had to get my own room on the second floor, I was afraid this room at night, we lived in this house until we moved from it after I have 17 years, I do not

remember the occurrence Anything strange in this house until I was 15 – 16 years old, just the usual; my mother asks us where the book or the cup is; those little things that none of us touched, we realized late that perhaps this

was the reason for a man or a boy. I came home one evening late after a high school football match. It was around 10 or 11 pm. My younger brother had a friend hanging around with him, always joking with me through pranks and the like, when I almost went home and before I said hello

I asked them. Whether they intend to mess with me first, especially since I must get up early for a football match, they both told me not to worry and wish me a good night. My room was so well equipped that it had a TV, a wardrobe, a sofa and a coffee table that I usually use when my friends were or while reading, my bed was small and surrounded by more than a

boy and the man in our old house

window overlooking the backyard, I put my bag on the sofa and walked to to sleep. It was in the middle of the night when I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on the wooden bed frame. I thought it was my brother and his friend and I waited to do it and run out of the room. He stretched up his chin wearing a purple hood and kept smiling at me as if he was a child caught doing something wrong, and I could see the rest of the room, I saw him fading and disappearing slowly in a panic until he left, I slept on the

couch after I ran TV and move my bed to the center of the room later. The next morning I persuaded myself as if it was not a dream, or maybe it was my brother and his friend. I asked them in the morning if they had gone in my bed, but they were asleep. At that time, my mother heard me and told me that she had seen this boy as well. More strange things, but I was sure they were not related to the boy, we heard footsteps upstairs when we were

all in the kitchen, books were flying off the shelves, glasses were falling and breaking, dogs were barking, and one of the most frightening things was the smell of cigarette smoke Coming from the basement; there wasn’t

boy and the man in our old house

anyone entering In our family at all, one of the things that also happened recently before we moved out of the house was that my younger brother was seeing a tall and unclear figure standing above him while he was

asleep. The whole family at that time saw something or passed by another, maybe the boy was just a child who wanted to be known, but the man is something else, so none of us was sad at all when we got away from this house!


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