Who is the murderer? Who is the thief? Who is the culprit? Many questions and puzzles exciting in the art of discovering the crime Be the hero

professional killer

He is still observance. In his automobile on the opposite facet of the road. He feels the lust for revenge…

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The story of the torture and murder of Junko Furuta

Is a human being born a criminal and a murderer by nature? It is not natural for a human to…

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The story of a crime. The dead bride revealed her killer after 45 years

Near the middle of the night of September 14, 1973, the American lawyer Donnie Rhode, driving the car with his…

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Murder story for entertainment

Murder story for entertainment The teenagers were Richard Loeb, 18, and Nathan Leopold, 19, of two wealthy families in Chicago.…

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A dream has already revealed a murder

A dream has already revealed a murder On one day in 1897, Elva Zona Xu was found dead in her…

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The descendants of Satan Part IV

The descendants of Satan Part IV Imagine that you return from work after a hard and tired day you want…

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Crime in closed rooms

The story of the primary liquidator in yankee history and most of the crimes are puzzling and anxiety and panic…

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