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The strangest 8 stories seen about space creatures and plane dishes !!

Since we tend to began to appear at the remainder of the planets, and appearance at the items and laws governing their existence, it had been logical to surprise regarding the character of life on alternative planets .. As our planet is jammed with human and non-human creatures, the logic LED U.S.A. to raise whether or not alternative planets are jammed – as within the land – with similar creatures .. Then extended the question to incorporate the shape of those creatures and also the size of intelligence, and also the progress or delay of the civilizations that have .. because of the magnitude of the topic that match the fabric for scientific study, {as we tend toll|also|additionally|further|furthermore|in addition|likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet} as match the fabric weaves the imagination of what we want, an outsized variety of claims supported a number of them i’ve got convincing phenomena and connotations, and also the alternative relies on proof that raises a lot of doubts than persuasion. The volume of stories of flying dishes and extraterrestrial creatures, that are aforementioned to own visited the planet, has grown, and communication with thereforeme folks has become so tough to ignore. If we tend to take into account the …

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Night horror with my aunt

My story is realistic and I swear I write it without any change in any of its facts. One day I was sitting at my grandfather’s house. The atmosphere outside was snowy. My aunt, who had five children, was with us. She was alone with us that night. We were sitting talking. Then my grandmother asked me to put the TV on one of the channels of the Koran. You sleep to listen to him. When I heard my aunt what I said my grandmother confused .. Then Iterkt Aktar when I listened to the Koran and began to scream and Tulol then turned off the television and cursed all those present. Then my grandmother asked to bring my aunt’s medicine with a glass of water, but my aunt refused to eat it. She said, “You want to poison me and kill me.” She asked me to drink medicine to make sure it was free of poison. I actually took a pill from the medicine and put it under my tongue but I did not swallow it because it was a psychiatric medication and could hurt me. When I said to my aunt that I drank the medicine I asked …

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An appeal from the other world

This story I heard from people who were direct witnesses to the strange events .. Abeer was a poor eighteen-year-old girl suffering from asthma since her birth, and the disease has reached her heart. While she is a prisoner of her illness, her conditions were getting worse. Her father is dead and her mother is old. She is the youngest of her brothers who were married and only two brothers were left with her in the house, and she is charged with serving them despite her illness and weakness. One day, the inevitable occurred, Abir’s mother died. After the days of consolation, her married brothers returned to their homes, leaving only her aunt, who decided to live with her. She was an old widow, married all her sons and daughters and remained single. Abir also remained with her cruel brothers. On the 19th day of her mother’s death, after a discussion with her brother, he beat her severely and went to her bed crying. At 4 am that night, her aunt heard a well-known voice calling Abeer her name. It was the voice of Abir’s mother, and the voice repeated three times. The aunt ran away terrified and went to …

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A woman hanging on the wall

One night I woke up and woke up from my sleep at night to see a woman sitting at the end of the room motionless and suddenly I saw her burn and then disappear. After a while my foot came out at night from the house and they saw a woman on the wall. A young man accompanied by his father saw her and ran away screaming and calling my father to let my brothers into the house. When we ran out of the house to see what had happened, the woman disappeared and my father searched everywhere but was not found. One day, my twin sisters (4 years) were playing in the courtyard of the house. I saw a black cat hovering around them as if they wanted to attract their attention. Actually, I ran behind them and the place was dark until I reached the old prison. I screamed at them. I asked them, “What did he do to you and what made you cry?” , They said that: “Cat became a woman and was beating them.” And after that event a day or two I was playing during my summer vacation with my four brothers the game …

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Ghost yard death

Ghost Place: The mother (a religious woman) recounted an incident with one of her relatives in which she reported that M lived a real horror story at the age of 16 in the first year of her marriage after she married a simple young farmer and lived with him in a village where the water is located. In an isolated mountainous area surrounded by spiny figs (called the houses of the jinn in Amazigh heritage) in the municipality of Ben Azzouz – Skikda state in northeastern Algeria. The story began one night in the winter of 1977, when she woke up at night to relieve herself in the outside toilet in the courtyard of her country house. She was shocked by what she saw, a huge white spectrum of features unfolding inside the courtyard and very quickly. She ran away from her bed quickly, and then M gathered the rest of her courage and reported what she saw to her husband. He found no one but to ask her whether she tied the cows or not. M said she had done so and went with her to the barn, The connection was documented so she asked her to forget it, …

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Magic: the greatest Pharaonic mystery

Magic: the greatest Pharaonic mystery Magic is still a mystery of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Although thousands of archaeological discoveries have been made and many Pharaonic papyri have been deciphered, mystery still surrounds the nature and essence of magic among the pharaohs. Magic remains the mystery surrounding the secrets of Pharaonic civilization. The magic began in ancient Egypt from ages before the age of writing knowledge, some 5200 years ago. It was associated with a certain class of priests, called “hymns” or “Griu Hob” in hieroglyphics. They were skilled in witchcraft, In order to influence people, magicians at the Pharaohs came to know the science of after-nature or metaphysics, where magicians were able to control the intangible forces that exist in nature, and in objects, both inanimate and living. Witches only with terms, covenants and covenants, and no one was allowed to be charming Magicians were selected according to certain conditions to enter the temples and learn the arts of magic. In the history of Maniton Samanudi, the Egyptian historian who was a priest under King Ptolemy II about 280 years BC, the Pharaohs used to practice magic. All the kings of Egypt were aware of magic as part of …

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The Devil ‘s Seed Part

The Devil ‘s Seed Part When you want to implicate someone in a disaster, do not worry, you will find those who involve you and cast you in a disaster that is bigger than that. When you want to hurt someone, you will find someone who is trying to hurt you immediately. This is what happened here. I wanted to keep the evil away from my house and send it to others but he refused to leave me alone. We have joined together something and I do not know what to do in that dilemma really, and completed the story of the evil sheep that I bought for the sacrifice of the feast and happened to me after many and many calamities I will complete you in this section What happened from the site of realistic stories Story entitled The strangest story of horror Very scary descendants of Satan Part V . I arrived at the pharmacy and I was thinking about what I would do in that dilemma. My friend Dina was sitting on the cash bag and the calculations were laughing in a very frightening and evil way, and our short friend Yasmine was making fun of the …

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The Devil ‘s Descendants Part

Edit Post The Devil ‘s Descendants Part And what we will do if your life is linked to the life of an innocent animal, bought it for slaughter and eat meat, you know the real Fahmn wants to eat and eat your flesh Will you fear and the legacy or the massacre and designed on what is in your head and complete today the third part of the story of the damned offspring in the site of realistic stories story entitled Strangest horror story very scary offspring The Cursed Part III. My children used to cry out loud and shout, “My mother is a sharkbill.” We called him “sharkbail” like “sharkbill” in the schnapps. Shrekhel wanted to kill the snakes and eat them because he was evil. So he was a shark like him. I laughed at them and said: Do not be afraid he’s just a sheep. And will not do anything to trust in. Here my eldest daughter said: My mother gets rid of the “Shrchbail” is bad, believe me very bad and evil and here took the three of them shouting with one voice: Get rid of Shrchbail get rid of Shrkheil is an evil sheep and …

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The descendants of Satan Part

The descendants of Satan Part What is he going to do to me? It is just a sheep that my husband and I bought for the sacrifice of the Great Feast two days ago, but it really bothers me and frightens me. I swear to you that I do not know what to do with it. My husband asked me to go with him to buy the sheep because of my experience as a veterinarian. I know if the lamb is healthy or not. Is it bloated because of drinking water with salt, or is it fat and full of meat? We went to one of the merchants near the house and had lots of sheep. I scrutinize them with expert eyes and check their movements in front of me to choose one, and here he stands before me once. As if he saw me the same as a dark black lions sheep and large horns bent in a strange way I do not know, at first I felt that the color of red blood in the eye felt the sheep with tension and panic shook my head without I said perhaps I did not eat my meal yet and …

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The terrifying apartment is a very scary horror story

The mother took her five children to live in Helwan, and they searched a lot on an apartment where they lived until they found a cheap and suitable apartment for them and their financial situation. When the residents of the area learned that the family of Islam would rent I asked the real estate agent and told him what they said. He told her they wanted the apartment for themselves. He did not agree because the apartment had many advantages in terms of space and location. If there is a defect you have to say Now, the broker told her that she only needs to arrange and repair, she took the mother of Islam the key from the realtor, and went and her children to the apartment, and found the door covered with dirt as if it had passed forever and did not open, and went out neighbors look to the mother of Islam and her children are opening the door and enter it, He said to them that she saw a headless woman with her neck hanging from her back. This woman walked from the first window to the door of the room. He repeated this several times. His …

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