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أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه

Controversy over the discovery of the secret passages in the Pyramid of Khufu

Still Giza Pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians before 4500, arousing the curiosity of ARCHAEOLOGISTS And their bewilderment.

Dr. Zahi Hawass – Egyptian ARCHAEOLOGIST, the Chairman of the Scientific Committee supervising the draft radiation survey 3d pyramids, known as “the population pyramids” – that it is not true global media

شاشه ضد الكسر

constantine on the project team discovered secret chambers of the Great Pyramid. A group of archaeologists and scientists working on the draft of the pyramids have confirmed the presence of the cavity was hidden behind

the northern facade, which is in the form of one corridor to creep into the Great Pyramid. It also revealed that there is another cavity, on the north

side of the pyramid, this is the socket a passage rises to the top inside the pyramid, and no link between cavities can, according to the research team.

The project team consists of vintage from Japan, Canada, Egypt, France, as well as professors from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Hawass revealed in a special statement to “science” that has been reached is the presence of two of the BLANKS, the first is located behind the original entrance-heaviness when stones aluminum space frame the top of the ramp, and second slot North East Corner-heaviness.

Hawass noted that the Scientific Committee supervising the project, which consists of the three largest in the world, scientists and specialists in the science of the pyramids, and they mark Lehner English Ara, president of the Association of Egyptian antiquities, and German

rainer former director of the German Institute of antiquities, parrilla head of mission of the Czech Republic in saqqara. unanimously confirmed in a report submitted today by Dr. Khalid Al Anani, that what was found is just voids (blank spaces) Non-specific size and shape, so no

one can say that it passes or secret compartments. He added that before the payment of any assumption of these researchers should know how to built the Great Pyramid, built towering interior of huge stones and a small, for this reason, the presence of the BLANKS is normal for DISHING up the

largest. The original high-HEAVINESS built by King Khufu before 4500 years 146 meters.

Hawass added that the Committee has indicated in its report the need to delete the video on the work of the survey from the site, in order to avoid “confusion” to non-specialists, in order to avoid the development of hypotheses are unfounded, according to him. He also stressed that the archeological team a master database for the construction of the pyramid, with no declaration archaeological team of any finds only through the Scientific Committee responsible for the evaluation of results.

Hawass added that the Committee is not against science, but want to connect to the general public and the world scientific information is correct and accurate, especially when it comes to the Great Pyramid, the most important effects of the world, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Hawass revealed that the committee agreed in its report on the continuation of the work on the project for another year; to give staff sufficient time to conduct more research and studies to determine the size of the BLANKS and nature, subject to the approval of the Standing Committee of Egyptian antiquities.

Further study of the

On his part, Dr. Hani Hilal, General Coordinator of the draft of the pyramids. The statement issued recently, was published on the site for the project, with utmost accuracy of strange cavity at the entrance to the top of the Pyramid of Khufu and another in the north-eastern side of it. Helal added that in the coming period will be conducted several studies to determine the nature of the function of the cavities and dimensions, and also confirmed that the project is not responsible for any statements otherwise aimed at excitement, because it relates to the most important impact in the world.

Helal clarified – a phd in mechanical engineering, and the rocks, expert and former unesco earth science. The HOLLOWS that were photographed using MUON cannot produce the spaces between the stones; it was filmed many of these BLANKS, which take a particular form, either CAVITIES which we found, it has a different shape.

It’s worth mentioning that the draft of the pyramids that began in October last year, with a view to reveal more secrets of the pyramids, especially in the hierarchy of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, the project also included a survey of the Red pyramid of snefru Dishing Up against polyester workshops in Damietta, South of Giza.

Is not the first

The research project depends on the inhabitants of the pyramids on the infrared survey techniques and radiography like x-rays penetrating objects, in addition to the three-dimensional photography, all safe techniques on effects, according to the researchers. The Panel also used the organs with MUON radiation can photography in areas most populous.

The archaeological team was announced in May last year for the completion of the 3d survey conducted using FILMING MUON snefru pyramid, within the royal cemetery in dahshur. The survey, which was using MUON PARTICLES on the internal structure of the DISHING up for the first time.

This is not the first time that Archeologists are trying to explore the Pyramids from the inside, there had been previous attempts in 1996 and 2002 to explore the Great Pyramid through careful robot manufactured specifically by the English company with a view to filming the inside of the pyramid and access to inside the tunnel north and south-heaviness. Dr. Zahi Hawass, who participated in this project, it was the discovery of two doors at the end of this expenditure, then the suspension of the project without access to the nature of what is behind these doors.

أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه
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أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه

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