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Curse April 2nd episode

Curse April 2nd episode

She completed her studies in the evening, the first to transfer acquaintances to the teachers what happens in the first day, returned to the house and embraced and changed her clothes, and lived with Ahla, Ttaalaaa after the boredom of the questions of her aunt and her husband, went up to her room to sleep .. She slept

Curse April 2nd episode
  • 2:30 pm Sabhaha-
    “You will be for me … just for me …” He asked me, “Do not let me go.” I hugged myself, moments but I felt the fall of the rain, she loved him very much, I went down, went out of the house to the garden, I was very excited, became Tdduor and Tdour .. until fully wetted, And she became thirsty, but this was not a simple thing, she loved the rain, but increased it and attached to remain under it, spin and spin as a child joy in her blood beautiful and simple … She stayed moments in the rain to feel a hand on her shoulder, turned to find her aunt, A says her little girl’s dreams,
    The aunt – Dreams -: Come on, you sister, I took an extra bath, you will nurse!

Dreams: Ooofff, well you’ll come, enter me

Her mother grabbed her from her ear to gently intervene,

Umm Ahlam: Suff is a nurse, do not forget to dry your hair, okay Amriti? I accepted her from her brow, to see her dreams in turn.

Dreams: as if you want me .. Mom also called me):

Umm Ahlam: I said to go and I will come

Ahlam went to her room to bathed and dried her hair and she only repeated her mother and aunt and everything in her life, the most beautiful memory in her life .. Will you give birth?
I went to the kitchen and tears in her eyes, I finally found her .. to take it and forcefully.

Dreams: I thought you’d quit my talk with me the previous time!

Her mother: How can I leave my little girl alone in this world?

Her mother: I’m not sick, is not it? Your eyes are very shabby.

Dreams: I’m fine just exhausted .. 🙂

-Amaha: Kfa Drama Go gold I have been late for a quarter of an hour

Dreams: What – I went and washed fast and she changed her clothes into sport clothes, I took a dark red apple and went out speeding –

I looked at the clock and found it at 7:14, she said in her breath, I thought I was late, but it was nice to get up early, I got a taxi,

Driver: Where is Madam?

Dreams: to L.A High School in County
Driver: Well, Madam.

Ahlam looked at the window coolly, put her headphones to listen to the music for minutes, then cried out, “It’s not the high school road,” what do you want me to do with me, hitting it with her hand … Stop the car at the beginning of a dense gutter – do not get too deep – To try her best to not show her tension and do not cry and get her hands out of him … She could not but moments and to take her away and take away her spirit, kissing her violently in her lips, her lips were torn and blood flowed, fell to her neck and sucked and imprinted on his dirty … Kyle screams to save me, Kyle .. I felt she would be robbed of her soul, ripped off her upper clothes she was showing her bra And her chest is filled with her young age .. And the curse is not exciting, “he said, and Hwa bit his lower lip, God help me,” she said with a strangled voice … Moments and she knows the ground, perhaps she finds something, actually found a trunk of a tree to hit it, She noticed a sweater that hit him, to take it and damage it around her bare chest to cover it up, and she went hurrying out of the forest, and she went to the secondary school, but she was far away, of course she would not, but she would not be able to go so she would think of her as a whore. Rent a car made after the event, stood moments to catch her breath, suddenly to pass a policy E, glass opens slowly, it was Khaiivh to show the person who was sitting next to them yesterday, to say Allen, in turn, to say ..

Alain: Mabkei is dead! When you weep, your eyes are withered and your lips are bleeding – he says, as he descends from the car –

Ahlam: Stay away from me and she is going backwards, showing her weakness for the first time ..

Allen: Stop, I will not hurt you, the Almighty is with me I will get you to the secondary, I will not hurt you only Come –

I felt secure, I installed with him, and she only looked at the other side and the voice of her pastures that she was trying to hide heard him all from there

Allen: Do not tell me what happened to me and who did this to me.

Dreams :. She was issuing successive chants after every letter you say, because they do not want to say, we hugged him as she patted her black hair and looked in her eyes, the reddish ones that turned red, to say, ‘I will not do anything for you until I’m with you,

Ahlam: ..shak..ra .. you, Alan: Ante my colleague and my sister .. to thank us. Ahlam smiled automatically, to bring down that tear as she ran because she wished to have friends who care about Baha, .. Quickly turned to the sensations when she remembered what he did that bastard, .. And reached the secondary, and all eyes are on them only, she wears a jacket and a little man Her chest is clear to the public, her eyes are afraid to cry, her lips are bloody, how embarrassing I feel, ‘I’ve come to my senses.’ I entered the high school, specifically the dressing room for girls. “I’ll tell Eden to ban you new clothes. Ahlam: Well, but do not make it late. Please .. Alan had gone and did not hear it): Suddenly, to sit down on one of the chairs, take off the coat and look at her neck, chest, and those marks.

Dreams: Really .. I feel the chastity of my psyche, .. – I feel those signs said it – to suddenly feel for Maathaa This is happening, I repeat my life Why .. To feel something Gribb Alkki on her face, to turn to find a girl, to say: I am right, and I came to us To help you, wipe your tears and other clothes to these clothes and tell me what happened, to enter the bathroom, and begin to change her clothes ..

It was all happening in front of that

Seen from the camerra ..

K: Did you find him?

Jin: He’s at the bottom, in the torture room,

Kill a malicious smile, to put his hands in his pocket, and descend from that stairs, to that torture room, found that rascal driver lying there, slowly walking to him and both hands in his pocket,

K: Did you know what I did wrong? Hey? – Raise his head and Huah holding his hair as strong as he could almost get –

Driver: I’m sorry Sir, I did not think it was a ml …. He only finished and slapped him
K: Did you touch it?

The driver: It was really exciting, I enjoyed it, he said it and looked at the guards, telling the guards to kill him .. And did the implementation, came out a speeding agent went to the room to see his lover in the camera, put her hand on those signs and cry in a burning and indignation cursing that bad and despicable drivers look .. I began to faint a little, because she was taking off the load and the load was above the surgeon and the marks, closed the cable of that laptop, and said, “To my little boy, my pain … my taste is part of the torture .. To carry the keys of the car and inspect that driver and find him dead in the most severe torture found in this The wicked world, smiled emancipated, to go directly to high school .. The first two of his was with dreams, two hours of mathematics .. – When dreams -, ended the change of clothes, … and went out to see Eden waiting for eyes filled with many questions, her dreams of what happened with her, and how almost to rape, every letter you say She went out of her eager, she was trembling, to include her hands to her chest, it was all under his eyes, Lern ​​Algars and go every girl to her class, dreams of two hours of mathematics and Eden two hours of physics, and called some to say Iden, do not care so and not think many of you will hurt yourself, I went to the section and sat in her seat beside Allen, to ask her if she was fine, to reply I am fine thank you for a while ago, because: you are naive I did not say thank you to the brothers, I smiled dreams, to enter a keel, they thought the beginning of the lessons, but to say suddenly, the dreams of my coming here – Bbarod – but the beautiful ones look at the window thinking about what happened, to feel someone holding her hand and dragging behind him, Leave me what you want? Leave my hands to say Kell angrily deaf or else broke your teeth – screamed, saying – dreams faint, but did not appear, to try to get rid of him, to throw in the car and close the door firmly and installed in front of her,

Dreams in herself: – This is also a distraction, … – to interrupt her talk with herself saying: Come here, – refers to his thigh –

Dreams: What, what do you want Are you an idiot or what? who are you? And when I will put the P … Hold it and put it over him and in his lap,

Ahlam: I will die, what will this other do to me now, I lowered her head shyly to try to move away to prove her legs and feet, prove me or else I will do what you do not like

Ahlam: I started to mock him, you laugh, and what would you do if I reversed it ??

Kyle: Take off the jacket you wear now.

Dreams: No I will not take it off you to order me …

K: And the curse is getting her down now, -Brach- You are preventing me from seeing the vision.

To take away Ahlamm and only remain in the chest, and that inflamed Kail wanted only to taste her lips, and he erased his ideas deviant .. Even to notice that she had already slept,

  • 14: 30h:

I suddenly fell in love with that room, to panic as soon as she heard the sound of the door, the servant came to bend down and say, Madam, Mr. Kyle wants you in his office and now, to say dreams : What? What does he want from me? Servant: I know Madam, and we should not talk to you, Ahlam: Cheh, who thinks himself, Qulili Did he look angry? The servant asked her: “Come in.” She trembled a little and then quietly entered with her hand on the door handle. She looked at all the sides, but she did not find him. She said to herself: Where is this now? The mother speaks a little while ago? ? I missed you, wrapped his hands around her waist and printed a kiss on her neck. He trembled. He felt her trembling and increased the strength of his bosom. Then he left her suddenly.

He makes a little progress, to get rid of his cup, and looks coldly at her, and then he lifts those leaves and throws her side with her,

He said, “Stop there.”

I took the papers to start and read, so he understood that he was holding a marriage between her and him, to say: Are you mad or what? I will not marry you as he approached her slowly and his eyes look coldly in her and inside the fire of hell burning,

Dreams: Ibtadam, do not approach me and do not touch me second, you are Majnoonn But what to go back and try to open the door to find it open, it would come out Lolah is the one who interrupted her desperate attempt to escape, carry her hair and said Aaidi Maqlteh !! To slap her and fall to the ground, did you say me crazy? Ahlam: I am a fool and a madman, I hate you .. She did not finish her words to slap her with a blow, so did the scaffolding of the palm around that magnificent palace or to transfer her hell, to carry a phone and show it to her, to open your beautiful eyes with her emerald eyes on the widest of whom she saw,

  • What did she see?

“You want to bid farewell to her,” he smiled mischievously. She was her aunt, shouting, “You have a real estate and a real estate agent. Do not do anything to you. Otherwise I’ll kill you now.” And she includes herself and her black hair blond hair, which can not be distinguished Lhndlh on her cheeks, which made them appear exciting in the green, especially with the begging that -, please do not do anything to her, I do not do anything to you … sigh, to get up and get the papers, to say In a way that is less rigid than that of her, she is strict: expect me to expect that girl with fear, and she says, do you feel cold now? ? Lose the air and then say: No, he has increased his flame,

And then took her and took her to his room, it was nine o’clock at night, .. That princess died from the intensity of fatigue, to rise in the middle of the night after the nightmare that was last time to rise with great panic and she says with a broken voice and high, “I’m with you, my little one, tell me who he is and I’ll kill him.” Haya turns her head in his chest. H .. and .. Haha .. and .. .. E .. Gsts .. Abi .., Kiel: Do not cry Pettiri can not catch again, Come Nami now, to look at her found her already slept, Kyle: Yalha from Shakia, to say In himself, “What did that **** to cry so, then remember saying ‘exciting’ exciting if it were not dead from the ground for you, …”

  • How to turn a monster into a human conscience?
  • Can we say to our Emir, welcome to hell?

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