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Curse of April – the first episode

Curse of April - the first episode

It is not about someone who does not write to you, does not fight your day, does not read what you do, does not memorize your most important dates, does not dictate your life with surprises.

I give up your sins, ask forgiveness of God

Episode 01

She took those beautiful, arranged objects she bought joyfully into school, arranged her and sighed a little, then

Stretched out on her big bed, and she thought.

Dreams: Yallah, I’m excited .. Tomorrow school entry, and my first year in high school

I wonder if I will be with my friends .. Will I receive development as in the middle? She said in herself.

Then the dream bride took her to a more beautiful world than this.

How do you get close to them ?

K: If you know the answer, I will bring you here

Jin: Calm down please, I have a plan.

Kiel: I wish I would be a plan accepted by the mind or kill you and do not give me an eyelid.

Jin: Well, now it’s my first year secondary, you do not know much about those

Secondary, that is, modern, and you can become a teacher.

Kyle: I understand, well and do not forget to have quotas every day

Morning and evening, I will be her math teacher and sports, and do not forget

To prolong those classes for 2 hours or else burn you in that secondary.

Kyle: You have a clumsy, well, consider it ready, I’ll go now.

When dreams come true:
Mother of Dreams: Enchidhi
Dreams: Let me sleep a little, just 5 minutes

Umm Ahlam: Get out of here stupid. It’s ten o’clock in the morning and you’ll be spending the first day
Dreams: When you did not tell me, look at the hour, I found it 6:14, sighing with the joy of my mother, you have hidden me.
Assault and rebound as follows:

Umm Ahlam: You’re a beautiful little girl, take care of yourself

She accepted the dreams of her mother’s brow and rejoiced in her blessings. She took her bag and a dark red apple and left the house, hurrying towards the school.

She was walking alone, feeling bored and thinning because of the lack of her friends with her. She put on the earphones and played the song Alain Walker, Fayed. She loved her very much. She expresses her loneliness and feeling that she does not really have a friend in her neighborhood. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She said
Dreams: I felt a hand to prevent me, well, you faint a little, and then you think that beauty, I let him meditate the landscape

When the agent:
Kyle: I was walking in front of a girl, her body mothballed and researched with a small, sloping figure that I killed her at that moment, she was walking in the middle
The road is not like cars to cross the car, I was flooded with my car, but I did not notice it, but I did not notice it, so I stopped it, and I got it down to cover it with both hands and I smelled its aroma, yes it was me, it was gone, so I could not get my eyes off it. I swear that I will not bow my eyelids, but I will crush them to be mine.

When dreams come true: Hey, you, what do you want to get away from me?

Curse of April - the first episode

Kyle: Mapc! Are you crazy or what? You have been flooded by the trumpet several times to get out of the way, or are you deaf

I felt dreams come true. I lowered her head and bowed and said, ‘Anna, my master, do not be repeated.

“Cheh is a sign of annoyance,” he said. “Who wants to see who is like you again?”

She bent again to indicate the will to go away from the road to let him go and ride his car and leave,

Dreams: Chah I am that ugly class !!! What is it that he is an idiot who does not even know the etiquette of speech … but he is beautiful, biting her lower lip,

In itself – stop dreaming or stifle you. It’s Dick’s first day here.

  • Accelerated Sunday Ath
    She entered the secondary school was very large, went and to see the outstanding list in the arena for her name, grandmother and entered the section was all

They look so full of elegance, everyone is focused on entering, before I enter, I search my eyes for a place where I sit, and I found him, entered confidently and
I sat on it, put the earphones and listened to that song, the first professor who is an Arabic professor was taken seriously

I pulled out the speakers and put them next to me and he started to recognize us, one by one, it was the turn of dreams.

Ahlam: He was like him, beautiful, but his way of talking and his eyes are disgusting every minute, looking down on me
Dreams: Hi, I’m Zeus Dream, I hope you take care of me.

Students are confused among themselves:

STUDENT 1: She’s pretty

Student 2: Her eyes are enough to knock the world under her feet.

Student 3: I’ll make her date me.

STUDENT 4: In your dreams, it seems elusive.

ططالبة 5: Her name is beautiful, very .. Dream.

Student 5: She is a foreigner, this is clear her skin is white and tilted to the metamorphosis and her eyes greenish like color

Gray, her mouth and her sculpted body

I sat there listening to music

STUDENT 4: Very arrogant.

I spent the first two hours with the Arabic professor, Chah

Asad Al-Riyadiyat,

The girls were all whispering,

Student 1: Ending your Fataak Goddess of beauty

Student 2: It’s really handsome

He entered the first hour and was silent and everyone stared at him

Only dreams,

Dreams: I used to hear music that was not like what happened

The hat covered me and set up headphones, so that the sitting woman removed me

In front of me, who joins me at the table,

Dreams: What. – Coldly-, Cheh

The professor has an assistant waiting for you, … you complete his speech

Dreams: – Proud – what he wants this scoundrel also

Suddenly I felt a hand take off my hat and headphones

To whisper in my ears: say welcome to your hell

In an almost audible voice,

Dreams: I looked to find that boy a little while ago, what do you want

… Why did you follow me to here? Get out of here now and for the hell talk about him,

KELLY: First, I am your teacher and teacher. I will be a teacher of math and sports together

And abide by your limits with me is not your friend to speakers

This way well

Dreams: This is what I mean now – in itself – I bent to him and said I’m sorry ..

Kiel: Sit down.

Dreams: – Is this now ordering me – I will sit down.

I sat down and put my head up on the table to sleep, this is my strange habit.

I suddenly grew up to find myself dreaming, or ended up with one of my new nightmares.

Dreams: Get out .. Do not let me leave me please

Suddenly, I felt a sigh of relief rising and falling, I felt fear and fear

I hugged my nose to my chest, I was weeping, and I was saying: Abt .. Number Arj .. Jook

Suddenly I felt the hand of the incarnate I was warm, I became stronger in my crying, I said .. Go .. .. ..On, with a clear voice – Dmeet … e – Kanti crying hard between every lust ..

Kiel: The bell rang, announcing the end of the ration. It was a sleeper I did not want to rub. I was out to hear it.
Crying and Taqul .. Do not touch me .. Save me .. Maaa Treaded .. Nadia from afar voice heard everyone Ahlam stand,

To rise suddenly she was panting with difficulty her chest rise and descend, joined herself, to join her in my turn to feel Amaman,

Kyle: I’m not here. I’ll protect you

Dreams: No..tk..rkkn … j and sharp … j. Please.

Kell: Stop crying, it’s just a nightmare like I’m still a child.

  • wipe her tears –

Dreams: Right on me …

  • cutting her with a kiss on her lips – made her design

He hit him on the chest with both hands to keep him away, but he stifled them and kept them up

He took a sip and tasted it violently, and she closed her eyes and could not do anything

Separated by two students breathing,

She wanted to flee but he pushed her on the fence,

Dreams: Let me suffocate me

Kok: That’s just a part of Gehimk.

Let her fall to the ground of horror ..

Dreams: What do you want, you dreaded

Kyle: Hahaha petite smells. I think I have to re-educate me

She would speak, but he winked at her and went

For a playful eye I hate you


-: World Cup:

Ahlam: A very stupid girl, babe, her eyes are greedy, as if they are cursed with a gray color,

She has high, long, and thick hairs, and her hair is as tall as she can put her hands under her feet,

She hates herself and thinks she is ugly and pretty and staring at herself, because her mother and father were killed in an accident, you think she is the reason, living in the aunt that we call

With her mother. Love reading, shopping and graduation. Good but externally strong, who knows only the right to know is to show his weakness):

You do not have friends, being the envy of them, hate them for their beauty, even though they are a little poor and are always new and always take second or third place, as I said everyone is envied, so do not put their safety in one, enough betray her friends to her and hate them.

Kyle: Professor of Dreams in Sports and Mathematics, or, more accurately, the head of the Dark Life gang, likes dreams of madness,

Having it, watching it since it was perhaps small for a secret? Hmmm, sharp typist, orders and does not want excuses and whoever messes with him kill him before his eyes,.

In the next episode:

Dreams: Kkill … Anqznini


Mother of Dreams: Mapkki Ebinti

Dreams: rape …

Jin: What did you do, you bastard?


Will we get married.

Jin: Is that your plan from the beginning?

Kyle: engaged? It will be me


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