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أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه
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Demon and Angel After Modification Part

A new day, in the morning, the faint breeze of the air and the clatter of birds that can cure the gulls, if only they can hear their voices playing a symphony that touches the ear of our 19-year-old hero.

شاشه ضد الكسر

I woke up with all the satisfaction and conviction of her life and all its details.

She bowed and dressed her carefully selected clothes, a talent she inherited from her father, may God have mercy on him.

I looked at the picture of her mother who had been killed for some time, and began to meditate her face, which she longed to see his smile, then said very calmly:

” I miss you “

She went down from her room to her grandfather and uncle and they were the last of her remaining.

” good morning “

She said with a bright smile with optimism to make her grandfather Robert say with a clear admiration for his beautiful face, which was adorned with some wrinkles:

“My grandmother is getting more beautiful day after day”

“My father is right you are at the top of beauty and elegance my child”

Her uncle Timothy strongly supported her.

After breakfast Uncle Timothy went to work and the grandfather went up to his room and headed for the library to go and her lovers books to the world of fantasy.

I held a book about the paranormal and began to read and thought with itself:

There are no supernatural beings in this world or only myths, and her only wish at that moment was to live a real adventure with one of those people.

After much and much time spent reading, Uncle Timothy came back from work and greeted her and went up to Grandfather Robert, as they used to talk for hours about things our hero did not know.

I went out into the vast palace garden and thought:

How many poor people sleep on the street and wish only a cottage to resort to! She feels sad about such a situation, and she wishes to have the opportunity to help them, but she is not allowed to go out for an unknown reason. 1

But she made a decision to take advantage of the busy work of her grandfather and uncle to infiltrate the gate of the palace, and actually succeeded in it and went out to sniff the smell of freedom, what beautiful!

She began to walk without a specific destination until she noticed that she was in a dense forest and did not know a way back. Unfortunately, the rain began to fall, and her clothes were completely undone, so she ran quickly until she stumbled into a tree branch and her clothes were muddy.

She raised her head with a load and if she saw …


Her first thought at that moment: thinking about his beauty.

She hesitated, hesitating, but moved quickly when she heard a deep voice:

“You will regret, son of Justina”

A lot of questions crowded into her mind and the wolf flew away from her. She got up and closed her eyes for a few seconds until she felt someone move her.

She opened her eyes to see her grandfather and her uncle beside her and the first thing that threatened her with that sentence:

“Was that a dream?”

The grandfather said:

“What is your dear? Your face looks very pale and you are not sleeping in the garden? We searched for you in the entire palace and did not find you”

I looked around to find that they were actually in the park.

Did not find the right words so Timothy carried:

“Let’s get my baby”

“I’ll bring you something to eat maybe lunch because it’s now four o’clock”

After a while he came with food:

“Go ahead”

I asked:

“Can I have it with my grandfather? I do not want to leave him alone”

Then he bowed in a way that maximized:

“Hear and obey Her Majesty the Queen”

” let’s go “

She said gently.

He went down and found the grandfather reading his newspaper as usual at this time.

” Good evening “

Heading to the dining table and as they ate lunch our hero began to cough hard.

Timothy stood up and gave her a glass of water:

“What’s your Afro?”

“.. food with many activities”

She did not know that this was not an activity at all, nor did she know many things.

She noticed her grandfather’s wrath as he began to call out to the maid, a strange twist of something.

“What have you put in poor Euphonia food?”

“I did not put anything Sir”

I ‘m aware of your strange movements and actions. Get out of here and do not show me your face again

The servant laughed sarcastically:

“Like I wanted to work in that dreaded house” 10

She went out and closed the door behind her hard, and Timothy muttered

“For Hell”

and what !

It is said that you want to know Rai
One of them in you to stir up his anger
Romantic handicapped

I live in terror for someone like me
I think it is not a life
But hell!
What I think and not in mind!
“Signed between the demons of demons”
How do I run?
who are they ?
Just because I am

It’s hard to do anything stupid
But it is wonderful to find this thing beautiful thing happened to you in your life ♥!

Are you scared?
Are you scared?

Everyone has a secret .. right?
The secret is not to be known to anyone! But what if someone happened to know it?
Take Jade as an example .. On a cold winter night when she was walking home after she finished her job, I heard a scream.
There was no one in the neighborhood, not at this time of night.
She was alone, she decided to ignore the screams but she !! I heard him again, followed the sound that led her to a nearby park.
What will happen when you see something you should not have seen? What happens if people who do the horrific acts know that they have seen them? And what will happen if they are the young people of every girl around the world know their name !!

“Love a pile of wisdom, embrace you, and make you much higher, to expect and break up much more than you were destroyed.”

أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه
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أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه

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