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Does pomegranate cause constipation?

Does pomegranate cause constipation

Does pomegranate cause constipation?

Pomegranate is one of the most important fruits that contain many of the
food compounds needed by the body, and the fruit mentioned in the sacred books
Contributes to the treatment of many diseases, and prevents the incidence of constipation because of the presence of some fibers that benefit the body and helps to get rid of toxins in it.

Does pomegranate cause constipation?

Pomegranate contains a large proportion of soluble fiber as well as non-soluble, and when eating a large proportion of it helps the fibers in the digestive process is also useful to the stomach, because these fibers increase the softness of the muscles in the body.
Its tea or peel is used to treat constipation and its juice effectively eliminates the problem.

The American Cancer Society has confirmed that when taking natural fluids, pomegranate juice helps maintain the health of the digestive system.
However, some people when they eat a large proportion of the increase in the symptoms of constipation, and does not help to reduce them, where some researchers stressed that when eating a large proportion of fiber can cause the symptoms of constipation in some people.

The most important benefits of pomegranate
Prevents the spread of cancer cells

Contributes to the prevention of cancer because it kills cancer cells before growth.

It also helps to prevent the spread of prostate cancer cells because there are many important compounds in it to prevent it.

Reduces cholesterol and blood pressure and protects the heart
It helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood because it contains antioxidants that protect the heart but preferably without sugar.

Has been working to reduce high blood pressure. Some studies have shown that when taken daily for one month reduces blood pressure significantly, because it contains folic acid and potassium and also because of the presence of antioxidants.

Pomegranate contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins important to the functions of the body and are found in one fruit as follows:
Protein: There is a proportion of protein sufficient for the daily requirement of the body.

Antioxidants: Contains a large percentage of antioxidants that greatly benefit the body such as minerals, vitamins and certain compounds.
Vitamins and minerals: There is a large proportion of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and copper and has a large proportion of calcium, iron and magnesium and contains a large proportion of important vitamins such as vitamin K and B

The dangers of pomegranate damage on the body
It can cause swelling, bleeding in the nose or inability to breathe, which occurs in rare cases.

Used in appropriate quantities with pregnant or lactating because it can occur contractions of the uterus and therefore prefer to consult with the doctor first.

Pomegranate should be stopped before surgery for at least two weeks because it can cause an effect on blood pressure.


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