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Features a strong woman’s personality and how to resist


Features a strong woman’s personality and how to resist

When we meet a strong woman, we may feel attracted to her trust, she seems to have everything; a successful job, a beautiful family, good health, and even time to help those in need. But behind that bright smile, many of these women feel so broken that they are beginning to affect their health.

A strong woman who likes to be independent

 You don’t need anyone’s help. Such women tend to be confident and self-reliant. The problem is that she is just self-reliant, and does not understand that all people sometimes need help, even for her.

Bear the weight of others’ problems on her shoulders

Not surprisingly, her family and friends trust her because people consider her trustworthy. Research suggests that because mentally strong people also have a great sense of responsibility, they carry the weight of others’ problems on their shoulders.

Don’t share her problems with anyone else
They do not share their problems. They may take the initiative to solve them or face them, whether they are financial problems or illness in the family.
But in doing so, she is wrong to stick to her problems and those of her relatives and friends as well.

 Research shows that we need to interact with others so that we can increase our happiness and deal with the difficult things in life.

Not sharing her issues is not a good way to achieve a healthy state of mind.

She cares about others but she forgets that she needs care too

Strong women take care of their family and relatives and try to relieve their burdens. But in doing so, they sometimes forget that they need care, and others also forget; they forget to ask her that she is okay,

although she cares about others,

she forgets that she also needs care.

Her strength affects her physically

When a strong woman refuses to show her weak side, she harms her heart health, suppressing her emotions puts an extra burden on the heart and increases the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Some days it breaks down and it feels not strong enough to do a task
She wears a mask at work, or at home, but when she is alone and begins to think about her hidden mistakes and repressed emotions, she breaks down afterward.

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