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Five months spies around the world, Part II

He was transferred to the Israeli army and trained to drive heavy transport vehicles at a military base in the Beit Nabala area near the city of Lod. He was then appointed a driver for one of the senior officers in the Civil Defense Command, Col. Shemaia Bekkenstein, and through his presence in the Israeli army, .

Yitzhak Kutchk was arrested after several years of working with the Egyptian intelligence services. During his trial, Yediot Ahronot described him as a huge whale who could not be apprehended by Israeli security services. The court sentenced him to a maximum of 18 years in prison and remained in prison for two years And on April 29, 1966, he was exchanged with three Israelis who had crossed the Egyptian border without permission, and they were flogging Hanukha and his son Samuel Hanukha and Udi Meir. Egypt requested the receipt of Palestinian Fedayeen with Yitzhak Kuchak, Hussein Hassan al-Hafani, Who were arrested in Israel, Aiqama to carry out a commando operation inside.

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