" /> Five movies you should see before the Avengers: the end of the game

Five movies you should see before the Avengers: the end of the game

To prepare for the heatedly anticipated Avengers: Endgame, AMC Theaters is hosting a 59-hour-long marathon of all twenty-two MCU movies, culminating in Endgame, for those willing to subject themselves to such wet, funky expertise.

That being aforementioned, it’d be a good plan to return bound films from the MCU before we have a tendency to reach a (temporary) conclusion in Endgame, however, I feel we will all agree that look each single Marvel film is probably going to forever kill the attractiveness of the superhero origin story.

Cut through all the filler and watch the subsequent 5 MCU movies to organize yourself for the ultimate confrontation with Thanos (I’m not as well as eternity War, as a result of that’s simply obvious).

Iron Man

The journey began here, and thus, it makes a good deal of sense to return this fantastic film, that still holds up, a decade later.

If the MCU’s ensemble solid had the main character, it’d sure be Tony Stark, the person UN agency engineered a mechanical suit of armor from metal scraps and concluded up battling a genocidal demigod on a remote planet.
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Five movies you should see before the Avengers: the end of the game

Out of all the Marvel origin stories, Iron Man still reigns supreme, showing however Tony’s selfish life was torn down, however, he engineered himself up into a real hero, ad libitum revealing his secret identity before the credits roll.

This film very highlights the brilliance of casting Henry Martyn Robert Downey son. as Iron Man; the erst ashamed actor is currently not possible to become independent from the character, his personal appeal important to the formation of the once-experimental medium universe.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron can be one amongst a lot of generic, unmemorable Marvel movies, however, the film lays the muse for the conflict which will presently shatter the superhero team, similarly as introducing Vision and Scarlet Witch, and imbuing Hawkeye with some much-needed character development.
Five movies you should see before the Avengers: the end of the game

This is the purpose within the MCU once the team begins to grasp that superheroes aren’t as easy as stopping the unhealthy guy; UN agency knew to save the globe maybe thus complicated?
Five movies you should see before the Avengers: the end of the game

This is conjointly the purpose wherever Tony’s psychosis and control-freakery start to line-in, as he envisions a situation during which the Avengers fail miserably, foreshadowing the events of eternity War. Though, ironically, it’s the living members of the team UN agency Tony visualizes dying.

The post-credits scene conjointly offers the U.S. a glimpse of Thanos’s initial golf shot on the eternity Gauntlet; it’s attention-grabbing to work out however his look modified, from Spyro the Dragon antagonist to the crinkled caricature of ride Brolin.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol two

Again, this isn’t the simplest Marvel film (it’s not even the best Guardians of the Galaxy movie), however, Vol two provides U.S. solid character development for Peter Quill and Gamora, 2 characters UN agency form the story of eternity War, and probably Endgame.

It’s conjointly a psychotropic descent into the way reaches of the area and offers the primary medium encounter with a Celestial, beings which could end up to be rather necessary, somewhere down the road. Endgame may simply expose a lot of Thanos’ backstory and is probably going to more flesh out the spacy aspect of the MCU.

The film conjointly provides the U.S. some good screen time with Nebula, associate otherwise underdeveloped character, and seeing because the blue humanoid is one amongst the few UN agency at large the snap, she’s seems to possess a crucial role within the final fight against Thanos.

Captain America: war

Do you really want an associate excuse to rewatch this one? you would possibly similarly rewatch The Winter Soldier whereas you’re at it; each film is the work of the vastly proficient Russo brothers and marks a significant tonal shift within the MCU, similarly because of the purpose wherever Captain America became cool, against all odds.
Five movies you should see before the Avengers: the end of the game

The philosophical and physical battle between opposing members of the Avengers causes the team to separate into smaller, weaker factions, creating Thanos’ incoming invasion infinitely easier.

The tough relationship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is one amongst the foremost compelling storylines that unwind throughout the last decade of Marvel movies, and can sure reach its conclusion in Endgame, wherever we would even say good day to each character.

Thor Twilight of the Gods

As well as being the craziest, funniest Marvel film to this point, Twilight of the Gods reveals wherever each Hulk and Thor disappeared to once Age of Ultron, fleshes out the superb love-hate relationship between Thor and Loki, and leads directly into eternity War.

The cosmic scale of the MCU is once more distended here, and a lot of ethical ambiguity is introduced; the ostensibly benevolent Odin is discovered to possess once been a bloody tyrant, associate supernatural beginner UN agency may even be compared to Thanos (though I extremely doubt Thanos can vanish into the wind once a pleasing language together with his sons).

Seeing as Thor came infuriatingly near stopping Thanos from snapping his fingers, he’s seemingly to sharpen his new ax in Endgame, and hopefully, aim for the top.

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