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شاشه ضد الكسر

Former Brazilian president Lula da Silva released

Brazilian president– Brazil’s legal executive on Friday requested the arrival of previous president Lula da Silva,

شاشه ضد الكسر

who is serving a 12-year jail sentence for defilement cases that were later diminished to eight.

The system “x007News” America that the Brazilian court request requires the government police to agree “critically” the choice.

The request comes after Brazil’s Incomparable Court decided yesterday that nobody ought to be detained until all interests to the higher courts have been depleted.

The previous Brazilian president was condemned to 12 years in jail

one month on charges of accepting hush money to assist developers with the companying operating system acquire rewarding agreements from the national oil organization Petrobras during his presidential term from 2003 to 2010.

شاشه ضد الكسر
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شاشه ضد الكسر

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