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Ghost yard death

Ghost Place:

The mother (a religious woman) recounted an incident with one of her relatives in which she reported that M lived a real horror story at the age of 16 in the first year of her marriage after she married a simple young farmer and lived with him in a village where the water is located. In an isolated mountainous area surrounded by spiny figs (called the houses of the jinn in Amazigh heritage) in the municipality of Ben Azzouz – Skikda state in northeastern Algeria.

The story began one night in the winter of 1977, when she woke up at night to relieve herself in the outside toilet in the courtyard of her country house. She was shocked by what she saw, a huge white spectrum of features unfolding inside the courtyard and very quickly. She ran away from her bed quickly, and then M gathered the rest of her courage and reported what she saw to her husband. He found no one but to ask her whether she tied the cows or not. M said she had done so and went with her to the barn, The connection was documented so she asked her to forget it, but how did she do it? Especially after he only at night and did not happen at around 3:00.

The husband verified the order of the place where they lived. He informed him that the place on which his house was built in 1961 witnessed death sentences carried out by the French colonists against a number of resistance fighters. He was buried alive and the bodies were exhumed and buried. But the place remained muddy as no one dared to live in it before (M) and her husband. The spectrum was not repeated again.

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