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Goblins and love

Goblins and love

V: jack excuse me; I want to go toilet now
J: ok baby; don’t be late …. Love u
V: love u too
Jack was getting back into his facebook profile when he heard a child voice from his lap ……………
She called him; Jack….. Jack
He answered “what”
Jessy: hi Jack; I’m Jessy, younger sister to Victoria
Jack:” smiled ” hi Jessy, How are you?
Jessy: fine; and u?
Jack: fine too, Victoria didn’t till me before about you
Jessy: but she told me about you
I came to entertain you until my sister come out of the bathroom
Jack: welcome
“Lots of talking …………. ” then she left
Victoria came
V: sorry baby
J: don’t worry was entertaining me
Victoria shocked: who?????!!!!!!!!!!
J: Jessy your sister! She is so funny
Victoria with intermittent voice: Jack; Jessy died in an accident 3 years ago
J: How ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He shocked and the call disconnected
Jack stayed thinking overnight.
He thought she was kidding him of course
In the morning …….
Jack tried to call Victoria but she still disconnects
He decided …..
“I’ll go to her house now ”
And he still searching about her home address in their old conversation
Finally; he found it …………………
Take a paper and write down the title then go-ahead by his car
He still thinks over about Victoria and Jessy story
“No, No she was joking surely,” he said that and smiled
Now, he arrives in Victoria home
He stands undecided ……….
“After a short period ”
Knocked on the door
The door is opened

Older women: hi; what do you want?
J: hi madam; I’m Jack friend to Victoria, could I see her, please?
Old women “open her eyes”: what ?!!!
Jack “don’t understand”: could I see Victoria !!
Old women: oh, my son, I’m afraid but Victoria and her sister Jessy died in an accident 3 years ago
J: no you are kidding, of course, she spoke with me last night !!!!
Old women: don’t make fun of my son
Goodbye ……….

Jack said to himself they play with me of course
And he returned to his car
Then found an old person with distinctive clothes
Jack call: sir excuse me could I ask you something, please?
Old person: of course son

Do you know the residents of this house?
Old person: sure, I’m the doorman for their neighbors from 18 years ago
But son I’m so sorry the father left home along time ago
And the mother with her 2 daughters died in an accident 3 years ago
“The house is empty ”
He said that and went away …..
Jack couldn’t say any word !!!!!!!!!!!


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