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Half a woman


A scary police story

A scary police story

What is more difficult to be your profession is to investigate the mysterious crimes, and things beyond nature, and then your life is full of horror, excitement and passion, and today I present to you in the site of realistic stories story titled detective story entitled half a woman.
I am once again telling you my story and my case is very exciting, you know, I love everything that is strange and terrifying, then I was looking for a new case to investigate, so I do a previous news and news through my case, a whole week and unfortunately, I did not reach Cause, or that’s a very grotesque feeling believe me and terrifying.

A journalist cannot sit like that without any news. Curiosity kills me, God. I will not tolerate the truth. I have never been patient. What do I do?

I called one of the police officers, maybe he would help me and tell me about a new case. His harsh voice came on the other line shouting:

  • Mr. David seems to have contacted at the right time, there is a fresh case occurred recently and everyone is silent, Mr. Salem, as if the secret of war believe me, and here I felt the joy overwhelming new issue, O Mercy of the Almighty, I said: I knew you are the only one who will help me, David .
    David told me very slyly, that there was a distress signal from a short time and received to the department, and no one knew about it.

She is half a woman, he said. She took the address of the house quickly and hurried like a madman.

The smell was very unpleasant and ugly, I looked a lot for the body seems to have been killed from the days of incomplete decomposition, the victim was beaten woman, with a sharp weapon, several stab wounds in the chest, and the killer uprooted half of the body of the woman and split it in half, strange why the killer does it, Leave only half the body of a woman.

A lot of things scattered here and there, I felt that there is something else, not killing and mutilating the woman’s body only, the woman lived alone after her divorce from her husband, and good relations with all neighbors, I saw reports of forensic medicine, she was subjected to sexual assault immediately after her murder, it seems that Gay and deranged who do that, I took follow-up investigations every day.

Investigations and investigations confirmed that the last visited by her ex-husband, the police searched his apartment and the surprise was they found half of the second body of the woman who keeps him in his refrigerator seems that the man dysfunctional, killed the woman and kept half of her to practice with her, that my feeling is grotesque, Ncrovia, or practice Sex with a corpse It’s gruesome, why these humans are animals I don’t understand in real.

The husband admitted that he killed her and divided her for half because she deserves after she refused to come back to him. Do you know? I hate that profession and I want to retire.

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