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I and my brother 10 hours in hell

I and my brother 10 hours in hell

I came back from the work at 10 o’clock while I was inside the house. I was waiting for my brother to stand in the balcony.
I said I could float on the roof Talaat Alfon from my pocket was met by a shipping interval The phone was charging and I sat in my room and opened the door Suddenly I received a brotherhood quickly entered the second situation

I and my brother 10 hours in hell

I said to him, open the door broken to meet him, tell him to walk your best, I said to him, owner of Ok, I said, I said to him your voice is variable, why I said to you in your ease, I said,
Vishah received the charger Mtshala How I know and suddenly got the light cut in the turn on the Scouts I did not find a scout entered the kitchen Alashan Agib candle I received a brother from the kitchen fondle
Wax his cheek from him and I said to him Malik supports Saabni and entered the Awad and lock the door on it Tani entered the moods Btaati and I grabbed the candle and closed the door and Raya came to the light Blvd and Chee like I got brotherly base on the bed I told him from you to God Tkhtni promise you are a pawn, my son, you did not touch the inside and closed And Rach entered here how I understand that I remained so lazy and smiling and silent harassed him I gave Alfon and shipper and Sibth
And Talat stayed in the hall and received Alfon shipment 10% Fatihah and heard the sound of the sound of a stalemate stifled rigid in the kitchen and the façade of the water bath and kitchen opened and the voice of laughter high
And the door is full of colors, and the door is open, and it is frozen, and its smell smells like smoke, or its fire, I had a cold, how did I know, I heard my voice? I said to him, You are a brave man, I have not lost his job.
I replied to him I said to him Yes Yaabit Ayaz Ei Qali You Vnn Berne you Bdr I said to him and God you are workers Imagine me here and break in the apartment and fear me and tell me you, O Amir, Mma and your sisters at your aunt
Of the era, because of Tasbanh and contacted you from Badri, so I know you are the last I heard that I heard the truth I entered the situation and not enough to analyze the costume in the kitchen and faucets closed and Mfish any smoke to smoke I ran on the door of the apartment and for the first time the door is open My sincere I try to open my mail
I did not know why I was sitting in the kitchen. I got a black fantasy. Jay, the door was open. I opened my eyes on the balcony.


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