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Indeed, the strangest story happened between sad lovers

Indeed, the strangest story happened between sad lovers

Real romantic stories complete and very sad and impressive
He loves men and loves more than once and meets and recognizes the blonde and the blonde and the owner of the eyes honey and black and try everything and say to all the girls I love you, but when he thinks of marriage does not think of any one of them we offer you in that article from the site of real stories Story entitled Real romantic stories very sad And impressive
Romantic romantic stories
Wael stopped in front of a clothing store Alhreimi does not know what to buy and would like Zoukah, was impressed by the red dress a lot when he saw him three months ago, but it was expensive Vdhaz rank for three months so he can buy it, but now stop the do not know whether he would like to choose?

Indeed, the strangest story happened between sad lovers

I told him so much that she wanted to wear a red-colored nightgown, but her father refused. He smiled sadly, remembering her soft smile and then whispering to himself, “Will you forgive me, my love, I did not mean to insult you at all?” His sweetheart had been angry with him and regretted him since he left her alone. That day three months ago.
And here remember the last phone call from her and she tells him that she wants to wait in their usual place, there is another groom and her father insists on it and can not refuse more than that, everyone began to complain about her remember her sad voice and she says please:
We have to talk, Wael, why do not you want to come forward to my speech? Do not you love me?
And here Wael interrupted by a revolution: What do you say, O Ola, you know that I love you and I can not live without you my love.
Here she sighed strongly:
So why not go ahead and ask for my hand and relax me with my family gossip

And here Wael silence and did not respond to them, he does not know what to say, he loves her strongly and fear her death at the same time, loves her with all his wings and afraid of them as a contagious disease, how he will trust and trust him on his home and children in his absence, which allowed him to touch her ears one day and whispering with her ears, With him without the knowledge of her family and perhaps lying to them in order to receive him, in a park and asked painfully can he accept this and is an Oriental man?

Indeed, the strangest story happened between sad lovers

Here Ola shouted at the phone saying:
Why do not you answer, Wael, will you come to talk about the subject and set a date to meet my family, this is the last chance, Wael Believe me, if not come in time I will know the truth, that you were praying and refusing to marry me as my sister Wafa told me, and then closed the earphone violently in the face, Do not know what to do? He goes on the date or gives up and leaves forever and the date approaches, but he can not abandon his bad ideas towards her and leave her alone.
Wael was waiting for her in the same place and the time for hours, and then she went to Ola after I understood everything Wa’il was deceiving her in the name of love, he was entertaining with her, it was just a cheap game worthless left and collapsed and passed three months, He decided that he would not be able to live without her black eyes and decided to go to her and ask her to allow forgiveness and meet her family to apply for her hand, and he stands in front of the shop to buy her the dress is expensive, red color as wished by his sweet one day.

He bought the dress and then went to his beloved’s house, but he found the granary of condolence in front of her house. The garment fell from his hand when he learned from her sister Wafa that her sister Ola could not stand the pain of parting from him. When the poor poor Wael letter excited and tears filled his eyes, (wait for me every day at midnight I will return for you I am returning)
Wael was sad and felt the pain and loss of his beloved, feels that the reason for her death in such a hideous way, and at midnight, and after the twelfth minutes, heard a loud cry of a woman suffering and then the sound of something breaks like a bone breaks, , But was unable to find anything or hear any sound, Wael continued on that situation for three months in a row, a woman’s cry and then the sound of bones crashing at the same time after the hourly announcement of the twelfth, after midnight at moments.
He does not know what to do now to forgive him. He decided to talk to her that night and before midnight, when Wael stopped in the middle of the room. Calling for forgiveness and leave him and travel in peace is no longer bear and mad about madness, and here he heard footsteps approaching slowly from the next room, he quickly opened the door of the room and here saw the cord hanging from the ceiling of the room, and Wael saw her sitting on one of the seats and smiling wearing a red dress for the evening
Pointing to the rope, Wael did not feel his feet as he dragged him to the middle of the room as he looked at her, he knew very well what to do with it has come back from the wheel and will not leave without him, and stood on that seat and the rope hanging from the ceiling around the neck strongly, The seat is strong under his feet and he is still seen smiling as he crashed the bones of his neck loudly and he remembers her words with the message “I’ll come back for you I’m back”


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