Inside the room is horror

“Inside the room you can see the demons and you can see the angels, you can talk to the dead and you can become a genius ….”
Fathi dropped the paper in front of his eye and then looked at Bassam saying:

What is this absurd?
Bassam replied, and he drank the last of his juice, the source of the voice of Al-Fushush:
That is the last thing left to us from the body of the deceased .. Or the dead .. Engineer Nader .. Fush or to move what they found in his store fvouzshsh .. We are going to his home now, soon we will know everything.
Fathi never understood the secret of Bassam’s love to do this. Why is he determined to absorb the last drop in the juice box? He torments her !!
Fathi replied and he seemed to remember something:
Remind me again how we got this paper ..?
Bassam looked at the box with contempt and as if he wanted to absorb more of them .. Rammha then said:
My wife sent it to me hoping to believe the difficulty of the case .. You know that we do not accept any issue.
He looked back at the paper again:
But what I know is that she does not lie .. Maybe she wrote the paper.
This is not the line of her hand and not his handwriting and this paper was in the store certainly.
Oh really ?!!
I was assured by the expert lines this morning .. Also that the opening of the Treasury was the police and according to their words the first thing they found was this paper here.
Fathi sighed and then said:
Day after day I regret to pee with you in your private investigation office.
You know that we are the most famous investigators in the city and everyone is rushing to us, including the police themselves, who want us with them. Why do you think we are so famous?
First we are not the most famous investigators in the city because for the black hat are not only children, and second Why did not send him that woman instead of us ?!
You know as I know that we are a group of investigators do not count and do not consider the black hat within this group, because of its level
Human, and access to it is very difficult, and the person who called this name is a trifle.
But it is always available .. I mean to those who reach him .. will not reject any issue.
Of course does not reject the cases of murder .. If they found .. Let him now and let us see demons and talk to the dead.
This is completely illogical, talking to the dead and becoming a murderer who will not write them in one sentence but a madman.
Yeah .. maybe it’s a code.
Really? !! .. What kind of codes are they?
Fathi said, then looked at the paper again and completed
“There you can deal with the great”
Well maybe it’s a bit complicated.
This is sure .. He is crazy .. And when we find those who wrote this speech we will have to put him in the hospital insane.
Fathi would have thought that all this was futile, unlike Bassam, who knew that this meant something. Of course, this would not be written by someone who just wanted some fun. Fathi said, “I look at the passerby with admiration.
Let’s be logical here, any sane person will say that whoever wrote this is not in full mental power.
Bassam’s reply:
But many wise people expected Germany to win the World War. They did not expect it to be much more complicated.
Fathi looked at the paper for the last time
“In the room you will know everything .. In the room you will find everything”
They were required to investigate the case and to know the murderer in the fastest possible way, and the first destination was the crime scene of course, and the scene of the crime was only the house of the dead.
It was not a normal house, it was a rich person’s house, and we can say that the owner could have bought a palace if he wanted – and that’s one of the reasons why they accepted the case – he must be an important man. A rich word here should be followed by an important word. If you are rich, you are important. This is the law of life. Whoever thinks otherwise is wrong, but death does not know the important ones. Unfortunately, this important man is now dead. Or rather dead.
The first thing they did was simply investigate who was at home as usual or perhaps as it was, it was not difficult considering how many people were at home.
After investigating all the homeowners, almost all of them served some important things about Engineer Nader.
He is married and has one son in the tenth who died with a gunshot in the head, was in his office when the crime occurred, obviously there is someone who entered it and he is there and then put a bullet in his head, signs of panic painted on his face .. In such a case you can not To ignore such a face here, and not only this is difficult to ignore .. When they examined the scene of the crime and the body found two things ..
The first one was in the same body

The decree of a circle .. Only a circle !! Perhaps he has painted it himself, no one can assert ..
The second was in the crime scene, and specifically on the office where Nader was sitting before he was killed. A paper in which he wrote “Do not look in the room for anything” was clearly the line of Engineer Nader.
And far from the scene of the crime we come to Engineer Nader himself .. There is something else worth mentioning, Engineer Nader had a strange and rare case of paranoia or phobia – whatever its name – now there are many people have a phobia of specific things, but with Engineer Nader was a little different … and perhaps very much in fact, his foe or fear was specifically human.
This was stranger than being real. Engineer Nader sometimes had spells of this fantastic phobia, and because he had to disappear from people at times like this he bought another apartment to go to and hide in until he felt better.

Inside the room is horror

His wife used to say that he frequented the apartment very often in his last days, and that in turn has a clear meaning, that the seizures were a lot of trouble. Of course there is so-called social phobia, but we are talking here about a man when he reaches this situation. Just to see them in front of him, in other words can not bear to see the face of a person in front of him ..
The first thing the interrogators noticed was that the murderer could have killed him in the other apartment, since he was always there, but the murderer preferred to kill him in the middle of his house and his family, and he did not steal anything from the room or from the house. The killer is a person who really dislikes him, and of course all the fingers of accusation were pointing towards the wife.
She is always the wife for the interrogators. If they saw him with their own eyes, he would kill himself. Someone would say in an intelligent way, and he would feel his feelings. “She must have been the wife who forced him to do all this.” But the truth is said here if someone really benefits from killing him, It’s his wife, it’s an inheritance and so on ..
They were not sure about their doubts about the wife and if they were always trying to confirm any doubts about them, so they made sure they went to the other apartment to know more.
And it was only an hour before they stood there on the door of the apartment. A perfectly normal apartment except that it is like a bull apartment – this of course if the bulls had apartments – it was clear that his wife did not come here at all. This reality is expected from a flat man without a woman ..
Fathi said when he saw the apartment:

Women sometimes have some benefits.
And look forward to finding some of the skulls here or there amidst this mess, and maybe some blood on the wall, just anything exciting … but they did not find what they were hoping to find, and this disappointed them a bit ..
But in spite of all this, there was a suspicious room, a room with a paper reading “The Room” is a great piece of information !!! ..
They did not need much thinking to realize that this room was the same as that of Eng. Nader in his paper. “In the room you’ll find everything,” said Fathi. His eyes glinted at the famous investigators’ view. But the room was also normal. There is a wooden desk there and a large library with lots of books that you always find in this type of library, nothing suspicious here, and even the office has nothing to it ..
They had to reach something, so Fathi took out the paper from his pocket and mumbled some words, then started reading in the last line he left and did not read it. “Open on any page of any book and read the first line of the page on the right. I promise you that you will see proof of it no matter what I read .. I promise .. And this promise of me .. Great “
Fathi returned the paper to his pocket and looked towards the library suspiciously ..
Bassam said:Well nothing here to go .. You know that our time is more precious than this.
Fathi responded calmly to him and he urged the march towards the library:
Yes yes I know .. And I also know that this is the only source of books.
Then he extended his hand to a book he picked randomly from the library, and opened the book on a random page as well and looked at quietly .. Close it suddenly and he says sarcastically:
Who is the fool who writes about the ways fish die?! No one cares if the fish floats on her left side or not after her death.Atah voted on behalf of the far corner of the room:
Hmmm .. We must come here again tomorrow and soon .. Maybe I found something important .. Come on, man, we are late.
They went out of the house and were planning to visit the house the next day …

Inside the room is horror

But before we finish this day, and before we enter the next day, we have to mention some important things that happened here on that day ..
When Fathi went to his house there was something he did not notice, when he entered the house did not notice the fish on his right, did not notice the fish floating on the face of water, and it was clear that the fish has died .. Does not require a person extraordinary intelligence to realize That this fish has died, nor the ability to look miraculously to notice that the whole fish is dead on his left side !!
Fathi did not think much, he just slept over-tired, and this was his right, but woke up the next day on the news of strange and sudden .. “Bassam died !!!” ..

This is what the speaker in the phone said to him in a sad voice. He once read in a book that a person’s behavior after being subjected to a great shock is closer to his natural behavior before he gets a shock, and he will now test the validity of this speech. Of course he did not know what to do. He grabbed his hand and rushed to Beit Bassam, and for the second time he did not notice the dead fish. All he was concerned about was that Bassam was with him yesterday, how can this happen?
And when he arrived at Bassam’s house, the news began to follow him. There is no doubt that Bassam died, there were those who were shot and he was asleep. They found a small circle on his palm. A circle was familiar to Fathi, who knew immediately that this circle meant that Bassam’s death It certainly has to do with the case.
But he had no time but to grieve for the death of his friend. It was not easy for your colleague to die a few hours before his death, and Fathi never imagined that he would miss Bassam in this way. And especially the time of burial .. In the end he is human and has feelings
The real problem was in the identity of the murderer, Bassam had no enemies, he passed through very slowly today, the burial ceremony from here and calm his wife from there, etc. But today ended finally .. He had to finish ..
When Fathi went to his house finally threw himself on the bed throw, and then began as usual to clear his mind in an attempt to recover what happened the day before the death of Bassam and is closed eyes .. And what he reached or derived was that he must have a second visit to that room .. And He also found that there was a foul smell in the house, the smell of dead fish that imposed itself on all other smells, and after searching for the source he found himself standing in front of the aquarium staring at the dead fish in amazement. Of course he was not astounded by the smell, but because of the dead and floating fish On his left side .. That was what he read and ridiculed him ..
At this moment thoughts were flowing in his mind like a raging flock of elephants, he knew nothing of interest and anything that was true, but he knew one thing .. He had fulfilled this great promise … and away from how he did all this, He will choose him, which must not be guessing certainly and how to know what he read and finished by making the fish in such a case, was the mind of Fathi dispersal works like a machine, what is happening to me now,
And in his mind was the question repeated .. A question may seem funny in other circumstances, but here was quite logical .. Is the killer in the name of himself is a fish killer ?! ..
And because Fathi was still busy with what was going on in his mind in front of the basin, he did not notice the imagination behind him quietly, and because all the fools like him who make the same mistakes have to pay the price .. He also had to pay the price ..
But the shadow was not moving towards him, he was moving towards the balcony .. Fathi’s balcony, and Fathi the idiot was still standing in front of the aquarium hoping to dazzle as a small child, was thinking of how to enter the second dead apartment at this time, He found no way but to storm it ..
So he gave in to his worries, and tried to sleep angry with his friend, but did not close his eyelid all night .. He was awake, he may be at risk too, will go to the room again, this time will burn the library and the paper together ..


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