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The Cormorant is a terrifying horror story

It is possible to attend you to be on a job and to pay money on the basis of any need is not important, uh the money is important

and every need I know of course, but even if you work Dehtklk Tbtk land house in a house other than your home, you need a job very da, and of course, I meet you in the house where you live in it and you change your mind means if you received the gatekeeper of the house form terrifying and I do not change your mind and change your mind and fear good until you think Tani can be a signal from our Lord Lake and fear and many faces, Its form is terrifying and frightening, it is terrifying, not pure, the mind of what you read the story, I know what I say. The story of a horror story entitled The Returning Doorman, a story of horrifying horror and horror.
The doorman is a terrifying horror story

  • I have 25 years graduated from the following years and I did not meet my job, my sincere group work, huh, I mean, I need a specialist needs my self-interest means four years study and shit and look at my eyes and the other brushing the important job I needed the money in any way you knew the needs of the girls and our students, And I base Keda on Elvis had an announcement in a group of employment, was required babysitter for a girl who is sick at about 24 – 25 years, almost a Sunni paralyzed and did not speak, salary was sweet

The amount was tempting and I needed the money in any form, I did not deny the owner of the announcement on the mobile because I know more details about the job, I knew that the girl had a total paralysis, required to be together for four days, was the salary sweet I approved the girl orphaned and Mnadahash non-sister Which is sponsored by a week and Minfesh alone in her case and in the concierge of the house where the occupants of the place means very safe.

I was in a small villa and his son, and opened the door, I got an old man with a very ugly shape. I seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan. I do not know what he is saying in Bali. The antichrist at the moment. I was very scared and very scared. Shut up with a shawlly on the door and in the mud. I do not understand it. They are operators in their house. One of them is blind. .

I said the subject is easy to the most important, but I adhere to the dates of eating and treatment, which is specific to me in the paper Dea, and the salary that we agreed to travel I need peace.

I’m worried about her style. I need to make a mistake. I feel like saying something but doing it. The first thing I saw was the money. I forgot all the worries. I have no questions about the need for even the doorman who was standing at the door of the villa. Unfortunately, blind our minds Deloitte but work What do you mean I need money in any way I did not think and work that the subject is not important, the girl and Rtni Ozha sister and said she is Naima not Htahi not four hours after treatment and Htlk and Htn Tani Htigi nurse changed conservation and protect them to Labalil and morning, I know You are able to give up the need for a costume like this Vd and Mkntsh Hstml shook my head and I said fully and praise our Lord that his work Mrahtz me.

The girl walked and I opened the paper was written in the dates of eating and redressing the treatment of all the need ready to eat food but cook in the work of eating morning, but a strange Owe is the cook Mbabatach with the girl and the nurse, who change and clean it in a strange need in the subject, but I am Mali Let the Creator of the Creator Talaat Abs From the net, the doorman was sitting in his place, banging his knees, but his shape was frightening and terrifying

I went back to the TV until one o’clock after midnight, and here I heard the sound of a door banging loudly from above. I looked at it. I saw the door of its opening open on the other. I thought I forgot the door open, I noticed the fashion. I had a girl standing in front of the mirrors and wearing a dress of white joy and dance, was the same paralyzed girl was standing and prostrated Oi, she said, laughing in a strange way stood my heart: I sweet in the white dress is not enough Manar.

I was terrified of them. I knew my name and how I moved. She stood paralyzed. I did not move. I did not speak. I was afraid of the horror cutter. I worked it and I stood on my self so that I could move from my place of fear and panic. I am my beloved, my sister, my soul.

I was terrified of the horror, but I asked her with tension: I came with a motor, and I was not paralyzed, I did not understand the need, I prepared my treatment and said: I hate my sister Owei, who worked for us like the Lord our Lord, is selfish selfish Oi not love itself, I was walking and moving and the spirit of my kidney every day And opened with my companions, to the extent of his love and was all the need in my life and here I was silent about the words and extended her hands with a bride cloth shape strange but almost bride is similar to not known.

But the bride was stitched with a black thread, and in the pins of a lot Mgruzh in her leg form scary and terrifying and terrifying, Idthali held in my hands and I did not understand the need and Sharot mirrors.

I saw a strange scene in the mirrors as if by browsing on Telfsen, was the sister of the paralyzed girl subtracting cam her hair from her hair Naima, and after her sister did six old men like charlatans hair, the six Aguza was holding in her hands Brousa cloth I am a mask, cut from the text of her stomach and hair And then the bugs and his thread opened again, and the two men worked the same story.

After the bride came down in a bucket in a liquid strange yellow color and then came out the bride who took the form of the girl paralyzed Balqbt, did not understand the need then need disappeared once.

I opened my eyes to myself in front of the TV, I did not understand what I need, which I show him, sure I grew up and dreamed the nightmare Da, strange that the same dream was

Every day, at the end of the day, at home, I saw the girl in my womb, I entered the age of 11 hours after I ate it and I was given treatment. I went to sleep, I knew I had grown up, I did not show her in the wipes, I was holding a pot in need of blood, Exactly her sister, Edthali and Shelley:

I want her to die, and you are the only one who cheers me because you are free, I know that I am communicating with my mental psychologist, help me avenge her, she is not at home, she will make me a bride like what you say, and give her in her mood, please she deserves it.

I opened my eyes and as usual I got it all a dream, and I was on my bed and Mavish any need of who got, and the girl in her mother’s costume is not moving.

I did not get the bride who was in the dream on the ground and was in a bucket where the need for blood near the same as I saw him in the dream and was in the locks of hair violin, Ok I help the girl because it made it difficult for her mother and her sister to qualify, I grabbed the bride and I got rid of hair and worked I did not see the bride in the pot, but the strange that I first worked like this I got my body began to get him a strange need, my body was clothed I felt the body in a strange way Owe, I signed onto the ground not able to move.

The girl cried and stood at the door, Btbtmzlmi Btbtmly moved and approached me and you are poor I was able to convince you a story is not true Ayoh, unfortunately I was a taste to return to my life Tani And be normal, I was out of bed and I did not move movement I want to live and move, I swear I can move and I know I avenged my charming sister who turned me into a naughty bastard on the bed paralyzed Mbekdrsh moving, the teacher Samehini and then prepared laugh loud loud laugh and here I met him back from her own eyes I was the doorman and he beat her on the head with a huge bandage that fell on the ground and after the bride took her stomach open and the hair came out. I felt myself able to move with a hand movement and the girl was writhing on the ground. I got him near me and helped him to help me. I do not know how to move and move my hands not paralyzed. I thank our Lord. I heard the voice of the man.
A da da da not shut up and talk to me I did not understand the need but thank God I was collecting Hdoumi I picked up my bag and ran away I was running crazy to the house fan I Aisha to the mother of Mama and married dead father means that even if I was aware that I was dead, I need a point at a time when my passport is over, so I need to inform the police.

But I need to go home first we see the girl died or not
Our spirit house but in a house in the house originally the place of the villa was an abandoned house and its form is really terrifying when we asked people said it is a haunted house of sprites and famous in the region I did not understand the need but I told the Lord that he saved my girlfriend said you can dream of a friend does not know what I dream is possible I was a dream I did not know.

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