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Karma and the Dark Garden

Karma and the Dark Garden

The story begins on one of the nights of the winter of Alexandria … Our story about Karma (twenty-one years), who was always watching her neighbor (Wahid), who lives in the house opposite her home in silence.
And on a rainy day Karma was watching (alone) from behind the window without seeing her, and (only) dressed up to go out with his friends as usual, and came out (alone) from his room that has the window (Karma) Single) and closed room lighting.
Karma noticed an orphaned body in a single bathroom like a human being, but longer than normal, and his arms reach to his knees and his face does not appear from his back … he does not move from his place.
(Karma) was horrified by this scene and closed the window in a violent and sudden movement and she could not close her eyes all night, and her mind tries to find a logical reason for this view … … can be a pimp!
Until I heard the sound of a simple whisper calling her name, the voice of men quiet repeats her name with a rapid rhythm that accelerated her heartbeat so big that she lost consciousness.
The day after the first and the first thing is dangerous for her to rest on (alone) after what she saw last night, open the window quickly and find (alone) sitting with the usual breakfast and listen to his favorite songs loudly as if nothing was.
Her mind says: Can a dream? Can you create?
As usual (Karma) watches (alone) and sees him walking with his friends at the same time and turns off the lighting of the room behind him is going, and was surprised …
The same entity appears at the same moment when the room lights up. But this time in the middle of the room, much closer than the night before, Karma runs to the phone to call her only friend and tell her what she sees.
Repetition (beautiful). … can you cheat it because of what we have done for a week?
(Karma) is terrified when she remembers this event and she and (beautiful) read one of the books of preparing the jinn in a very beautiful room of the deceased and this event that made (Karma) does not extinguish any lighting in her home.
(Karma) to the window to see what happens in the apartment (only) and find the most frightening scenes before her eyes, this entity stands directly in front of the net and shows the signs of the front, a face completely devoid of members is very white and wearing a dark black suit and refers to the window (Karma) With his finger and does not move from his place and the sound of repeated whispers in the name of (Karma) is higher than it was.
(Karma) is paralyzed, there is nothing but the words (beautiful) true and that what you see came to (Karma) not to (lonely), start thinking: Why the need in the apartment (only) as long as I consult with my husband and I?
At this moment, Karma remembers the passage that I read in a book about the Dark Ages and that he can not exist in a place with light, so he could not reach the unbroken apartment of Karma.
And the most unpopular thing happens to (Karma) at this time, the light goes out …
(Karma), and then the door closed in the face of the “darkness of darkness” has been opened, Karma (quickly) on the phone to appeal to (beautiful) and before completing the writing of a beautiful number on the phone, .
The earphone is designed from her hand and is shocked and beating her heart faster than the speed of light and returns (Karma) back in slow steps tense and floundering in the back of a foreign body, damage and hear the name of the highest voice you may hear and the last time in her life, returns the current, and the apartment becomes empty, ) For our day …
The story of Sheikh Karam
The story takes place in one of the rural countries about the family of Karam … or as the family of Sheikh (Karam) is said.
Sheikh (Karam) was known for his kindness, his heir and his imam to the people in the mosque of the village, and the people intended him in any problems they faced on the basis of their prior knowledge of his treatment of people in the Qur’an and his narration to people in cases of touching the mosque.
His family consisted of two individuals, the third being the wife (Naama) and the son (Hassan), all of whom were known for moderation of behavior.
In one day, Ashraf was one of the sons of this village screaming in his house screaming loudly that he lost consciousness in the bathroom of his house, took his brother (Rajab) to the Sheikh (Karam) quickly to raise him and the elves out as claimed by the mother (Ashraf).
I received them (Nima) very welcome and reassured Ragab said: Shifa to your brother Haikon on the hand of Sheikh (Karam) with the help of God and asked him: What has happened? He said to her: I was born of his screams in the bathroom and when we broke the door to throw him on the ground and around him needed a uniform of powder as his body is sealed in the floor of the bathroom.
She entered (Naama) to the Sheikh (Karam) and said to him heard from the brother of the patient said to her: income.
(Rajab) carrying his brother (Ashraf) on his shoulder as he passes through a corridor in the house of Sheikh (Karam) to reach the room, hinted at his rooms on the north all the walls shed blood and on her bed things wrapped wrapped white stained with dust.

Karma and the Dark Garden

They entered the room of Sheikh (Karam) full of incense, and sat on the ground, and Sheikh (Karam) put his hand on the head (Ashraf) and took them interested words incomprehensible is not a low voice.
Then he put a yellow liquid in the mouth (Ashraf) and said to (Rajab): He remained a curse, God willing, I asked him (Rajab): Did you hit him in the mouth?
The anger of Sheikh (Karam) and said to him: Mtsalsh any need from the moment you enter my house here and his eyes protruding from the intensity of anger, came out (Rajab) pregnant (Ashraf) on his shoulder and went home.
On the night of the same day, Rajab went to a room (Ashraf) to reassure him. If he saw a surprise that was unbelievable, he found Ashraf flying to the ceiling in the middle of his room, but he appeared sleepy on his face, ) On the ground and his body trembling, saying: all of you dead with a loud voice is not loud (Ashraf).
(Rajab) ran to the house of the sheikh (Karam) in the darkness of the night and knocked on the door dozens of times, but did not open, looking behind him to let (Hassan) coming from afar, carrying on his shoulder the same things wrapped in the covers


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