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Learn more about the most important benefits of wheat germ oil for body, hair and skin

Learn more about the most

Learn more about the most important benefits of wheat

germ oil for body, hair and skin

Wheat germ oil is extracted from a part of the nucleus that forms wheat grains, a source of vegetable protein, healthy oils and fiber. It is also rich in minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and vitamins, as well as other nutrients such as thiamine and folate.
The percentage of oil in the wheat embryo from 10 to 15%, and is characterized by dark color if it is still raw, and has a pungent smell and taste distinct, but when refined lose many elements of tocopherol contained in its components.
It is also characterized by a high proportion of health-promoting food compounds, such as tocopherols, carotenoids, some alcohol elements such as polycosanol and phytoestrol, phosphorus-rich, and an important source of triglycerides.
Benefits of wheat germ oil
Stands in the face of many diseases such as the causation of the heart and veins.
Heals arthritis and rheumatism.
Strengthens body and brain functions.
Body structure helps to cope with adverse environmental conditions.
Support in slowing the aging and the pyramid.
It has a great role for people who are affected by external factors and microbes where their immune system is strengthened.
It is used as a medicine for individuals who have urinary tract infections as they clean and sterilize them.
Its active ingredients contribute to wound healing and healing quickly and leave no traces in place.
Supports nourishment of the nervous system and the elimination of onyx and irritability.
It nourishes the arteries of the eye.
And do the functions of the kidney and liver and works to purify them of toxins and protect them from diseases.
Provides the body with the force necessary to prolong the effort.
Contributes to the active task of eliminating the cracks and feet of the feet and moisturizes them.
It plays a dual and contradictory role in body weight. If large amounts of it are consumed, it leads to weight gain in a clear and noticeable manner, especially in the buttocks, abdomen and jars. In contrast, it can reduce excess weight and resistance to obesity. It burns the accumulated fat and gives the body a sense of satiety. ; As a result of its inclusion on a large amount of dietary fiber.
What are the benefits of wheat germ oil for fattening the face, tightening and whitening the skin?
Benefits of wheat germ oil for skin
Contains a lot of elements that make it safe and healthy on skin and skin to include vitamins B, C, d.
It also works on the preparation of collagen, which gives it the property of ease of absorption when applied to the skin.
Vitamin E, one of the most active ingredients, helps to soften the oily skin and make it always moist by massage the face and washing it thoroughly with water after about 60 minutes.
In addition, it can be used as a remover for cosmetic residue by adding it to the usual daily washing of the face while avoiding contact with the eye.
Lethicine compounds are used to cure skin problems and crack them to become more flexible and gentle.
Contains anti-oxidant compounds that act as a protective condom to prevent diseases from attacking the skin, as well as to avoid the appearance of wrinkles in the face, especially under the eye.
Also, when used with other oils at equal rates, it helps the vitality of the blood circulation in the dermis, and repair the cells and tissues of the crazed.
What you do not know about the benefits of wheat germ oil for hair and its most important qualities
Benefits of wheat germ oil for hair
It engages in raising the rate of moisture and scalp moisture because it consists of vitamin E, and fatty acids which occupy an important position in moisturizing the hair.
And the exploitation of the right manner and the appropriate amounts contribute to decrease the average break hair to become more soft and severe.
It also prevents and impairs the occurrence of hair, as it consists of a group of vitamins, including vitamin E, and its mission is to participate in the rise of hair and accelerate growth rates, by encouraging the growth of capillaries
Strengthen blood circulation and promote its function, and so hair follicles grow rapidly.
Benefits of wheat germ oil for children
The benefits to the child are that he helps to build his physical structure in a healthy and healthy manner.
And works to activate the sense of memory and strengthen it.
Filled with targeted substances that build bones, and build body units.
Used as a medicine to soften the stomach to prevent constipation.
It gives them vigor and activity to include a high calorie intake, as it nourishes the tissues and strengthens them to include vitamins and minerals.
Benefits of wheat germ oil for hair damage and methods of use
Maintain the health of the digestive system
It works to control the non-drinking of the body to high levels of cholesterol for the inclusion of a number of elements of alcohols such as polycosanol, and phytoestrol compounds.
Its compounds cooperate to help facilitate digestion.
Mainly protects against stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.
It protects against cancer
It reduces the chances of cancer infection, and contributes to the treatment of it, because it is made of antioxidants such as vitamin E.
It greatly helps to increase the functions of the immune system and improves its performance and strength, which reduces the risk of the spread of cancer of the body.
Maintains the health of women
Give women the ideal weight they always seek to get and install.
It protects women and prevents them from having special heart attacks during the menstrual cycle, and protects them from the effects of interruption.
Helps in raising the rate of fertilization, whether female or male.
It helps women especially during pregnancy, especially in the first stage, to strengthen the fetus and prevent abortion.
Eliminates germs and parasites that arise from sexual contact during sexual intercourse.

Benefits of wheat germ for slimming and is useful for the body? What are the harmful effects of consuming it?
The nutritional value of wheat germ oil
This oil is one of the richest oils in the food and health compounds important and necessary for human health, which are at varying rates of proportion and importance, and the most important of these elements, which include every large spoon of it:
Calories at 120 calories.
Fatty substances by 13.6 g.
Vitamins (vitamin E at 20.32 g, vitamin K at 3.4 mg).
Damaged wheat germ oil
Despite the abundance of benefits, but that does not prevent the presence of side effects, especially over excessive, such as:

It can result in some effects on the digestive system, including diarrhea, nausea, and a lot of gas accumulation in the stomach.
It can also cause headaches, dizziness, and gas.
Cautions that it should be used in any way by people with certain allergies, such as gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, or vitamin E supplements.
People suffering from a decrease in vitamin K intake are strictly prohibited.
It also often causes some bleeding.

It should not be added to baby foods if it is diarrheal or has wheat allergy.

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