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Magic: the greatest Pharaonic mystery

Magic: the greatest Pharaonic mystery

Magic: the greatest Pharaonic mystery
Magic is still a mystery of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Although thousands of archaeological discoveries have been made and many Pharaonic papyri have been deciphered, mystery still surrounds the nature and essence of magic among the pharaohs. Magic remains the mystery surrounding the secrets of Pharaonic civilization.

The magic began in ancient Egypt from ages before the age of writing knowledge, some 5200 years ago. It was associated with a certain class of priests, called “hymns” or “Griu Hob” in hieroglyphics. They were skilled in witchcraft, In order to influence people, magicians at the Pharaohs came to know the science of after-nature or metaphysics, where magicians were able to control the intangible forces that exist in nature, and in objects, both inanimate and living. Witches only with terms, covenants and covenants, and no one was allowed to be charming Magicians were selected according to certain conditions to enter the temples and learn the arts of magic.
In the history of Maniton Samanudi, the Egyptian historian who was a priest under King Ptolemy II about 280 years BC, the Pharaohs used to practice magic. All the kings of Egypt were aware of magic as part of the king’s role in ancient Egypt .

One of the most famous figures in the Pharaonic Egypt, “Imhotep”, who attained fame and high prestige, was that in the eyes of the Greeks they were equal to the Lord of Medicine as “Asklepius.” Imhotep did not offer people naive magical practices. He was a minister in the court of King Zoser , An architect of architecture. His architectural mastery of Sakkara attests to this. He was also a first-rate statesman. In the modern state, Imhotep became a sacred figure in the scientific community, to the extent that the scribes poured out a little of the ink for him In the writing of any scientific book, where the fluid was poured in ancient Egypt one Forms of offerings.

The world of astrology at the Pharaohs is intertwined with our world and not separate from it. It is the world in which the spirits go after death, and the source from which all things come. The causes of all diseases also lie. The priests in ancient Egypt treated the sick by contacting this world. In the language of the symbol, where it returns the balance back to the human energy system.
And symbols and carved paintings found in the tombs, clearly indicate the existence of magic in ancient Egypt, and it was an integral part of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and that one of the most famous magicians in Pharaonic Egypt, the magician “S – Atom”, who lived in the late period of rule King Nkantabo II about 359 BC, and is credited with maintaining the famous painting known as the “Metternich”, which contains one of the magical texts that were used for the treatment of bites of scythe and scorpions.

There is also a “Hor-Daddaf” one of the sons of King Khufu, was one of the most famous sages in the history of ancient Egypt, and it was said that he discovered many books of ancient magic, which enabled him to know the science of magic, as well as “Kh – m – Wast,” the fourth son of Ramses Second, was the chief priest of “Ra” in the city of Memphis, and was fond of studying ancient texts, including the books of the science of magic, Vberp and famous for magic and wisdom.
One of the most famous pharaohs and most powerful of the Harnovis, who witnessed the Battle of Mordevia in 172 AD, with the troops of Marcus Aurelius, played a prominent role in the victory of the Roman army. When the army began to suffer from water and supplies, Harnovis performed magic rituals, , And saved the army of Marcus Aurelius from destruction, and completed the battle and defeated his enemies


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