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My story with the holder of the book of God with the holder of the book of God


At the moment he decided to go to the gym for a better body, the first day began with all the enthusiasm and good eating and sleep also with

the passage of days and months until he got the body he wanted muscles in general they had a body dreamed of by all young people, but always in front of the mirror And here begins our story with the young man …

Every day he wants to go out, he has to meet himself with a woman, he bites his muscles, and then he goes out. On Tuesday morning he woke up to go to the gym, but he found a flower on his bed and started trying to remember

if his girlfriend came with him, but he did not remember anything. And here the sudden was on his hand, Henna, afraid of the young man did not know much what he did not think only in his mother called her and told her what happened to him and told him not to move from his place came to him quickly and saw henna on his hand and tried to remove them but to no

My story with the holder of the book of God with the holder of the book of God

avail To help her, and then referred to her on the Sheikh understood in these things well, the young man became He did whenever he was told without thinking, his mother took him to that sheikh saw his hand and then the sheikh laughed and said “this henna marriage what is the problem” when the young man heard the marriage “any marriage this and I did not accept and here the Sheikh wondered how this? He began to think about things and asks the young man and he answers until he reaches out that his marriage was with a person from the other world any fairy and here will increase the young man ‘s fears.

Young man: What is the solution now, Sheikh: We must go to the house where you live, Young man: Let’s go now, Sheikh: Do not leave me the address and I’ll come to you tomorrow, Young: Well see you tomorrow … returned with his mother and fainted him And then I stayed with him until tomorrow, Sheikh came early and carried with him a bag with his things to work, and after entering closed all the doors and then did not all the mirror in the house, opened his bag took out a bottle of liquid and began to spray

him on the mirror and say things without a voice, when The young man started shouting and holding his head falling on the ground, then the Sheikh started reading the Quran and praying that the young man was guided and fainted Hours later he rose as if nothing had happened.


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