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Night horror with my aunt

Night horror with my aunt

My story is realistic and I swear I write it without any change in any of its facts.

One day I was sitting at my grandfather’s house. The atmosphere outside was snowy. My aunt, who had five children, was with us. She was alone with us that night. We were sitting talking. Then my grandmother asked me to put the TV on one of the channels of the Koran. You sleep to listen to him. When I heard my aunt what I said my grandmother confused .. Then Iterkt Aktar when I listened to the Koran and began to scream and Tulol then turned off the television and cursed all those present.

Then my grandmother asked to bring my aunt’s medicine with a glass of water, but my aunt refused to eat it. She said, “You want to poison me and kill me.” She asked me to drink medicine to make sure it was free of poison.
I actually took a pill from the medicine and put it under my tongue but I did not swallow it because it was a psychiatric medication and could hurt me.

When I said to my aunt that I drank the medicine I asked to open my mouth and opened it. She said, Lift your tongue, I did not lift it up, and I started to scream and screamed and saw it under my tongue.

The atmosphere was as I mentioned, and at ten-thirty at night, I ran behind her, but as soon as I approached her, I grabbed her until she turned and slapped me hard on the face. I rushed back to my uncle to look for her, but we did not find them. , And then my uncle received a call from my grandfather telling him that my aunt returned home, and when we returned was normal and nothing happened, we decided to take her to one of the elders in the morning, and at nine o’clock in the morning we wanted to take them to the Sheikh, but we did not find them in the room, We found her lying on the pavement above the snow, her body was very pale and many of the slits, and we turned To the hospital, and there declared her death ..

I hope you will call her and tell me what to do. .. A month has passed since her death, and throughout this period I dream of my aunt and she slaps me hard and screams my face and says words incomprehensible .. Please help me ..


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