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One-sided love

I wanted to have two parties

I wanted to have two parties

She would have liked if Mushtaq told her, or even felt his eagerness to say it
She felt like a cheap human being for herself.

Why do you think of a man who does not give her any attention, moments later she replied to him “I am fine” and her eyes were a thousand tears calculated by the

eyes of her and said I want to go and go to her house asking herself how long, my heart will wait? Will you remain in love with one side?

She collapsed in tears, and after a few days she called her phone and he was ringing. She eagerly tried not to remember anything. He said, “I want to see you now.” She said,

“I will not be late.” She began to decorate herself

with the most beautiful embellishments. She met him quickly and she waited for him for as long as she wished for him. Of course he did not call and asked her for something important, she began to imagine him telling her I love you and hiding her eyes in shame. “You know, I want to tell you something.” “I hear you,” he said to her.

“You know, I feel you and you care about me so much. I know you like me and you love me, but I love another girl and I will marry her soon.” And crying:

“No I am not interested in you and I do not want you” and took a run away As he continued to sit and stayed for months do not talk with anyone and abstained from food and drink and after months called her and told her that his

joy approached and wants her to come to his joy if she does not care about him as a lover She said he wants her as a friend with him. That day, after days of reflection, she agreed to go to his joy to prove to him that you could defy herself and hate her. She saw him very happy but was shocked that his wife was an old friend

I wanted to have two parties
I wanted to have two parties

of her who had left her company because she is an arrogant human being interested only in appearances. Then she began to run out and say: “The one who replaced me? A ruthless person and a sure person that she will not

love him even a little bit of what I liked.” So she hit a car and died. Kind of interest, but felt that it is useless, he is only a man gives her money, he did not see her at home was always shopping and staying at her friends at the time remember how much she cared for and how much she loved and how she did not know

sleep only when he reassured him, but he held all this past . Shortly after his companies collapsed and became poor, his wife filed for divorce and said, “I cannot live with poverty. My life was with the rich. I cannot cope with this situation.” He immediately agreed to divorce her, and then became nostalgic for his past. But she did not want to ask himself “Is it reasonable that she will not forgive me, will you receive me when I tell her that I love her and I want her wife, please answer even once”, her phone was switched off, went quickly to her home he said to her mother: I promise and promise her so,

“the mother began to cry and said to him:” You know she loved you so much Ra said, “I am sure she still loves me. Do not say love was not dying,” she said to him: “Love does not die, but the body dies.

She died the day you were the happiest man on earth died on your wedding day. She was calling in your name and running until it came.” Death, you know, I killed her when I first told her that you don’t like her and killed her when she asked her to come to your joy and you know that she loves you and killed her

when she saw you with a person who is not the best but a bad person.

”He could not answer all he was doing was to hear her mother refuse Believe that lie all he said in a muted voice:

“Is she really dead !! I know that she is angry with me and I told you that I will compensate her for everything she missed. Please call her, I miss her.

“The mother starts shouting:” Go away before you see me kill you as I killed her. ” He sees something in front of him all that he hears screaming, and then he dissolves by what happened to him and she dies because of him and then

Dies because of it


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