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professional killer

Killer hack

He is still observance.

In his automobile on the opposite facet of the road.

He feels the lust for revenge as if it were not possible for a companion sitting next to him observance.

He couldn’t keep in mind once and wherever he thought that infernal idea; “masks”.

Today he can face it.

Think: however massive is that the risk of managing a employed killer?

Did not matter. you have got passed the question stage. there’s no must return.

I want to kill that dirty. And myself. i need to determine the panic in his eyes.

The dead liquidator came out of his tent. Our owner equipped his camera, and created his image.

The number of employed killers within the town was tiny. due to the massacre that occurred between them years agone because of poor coordination. it had been aforementioned that the police had “hired” people who song to them and at bay them within the lure wherever they’d long been victims.

This shortened the time lots.

For days he was carrying his camera to wherever he might photograph anyone getting into and effort the restaurant . everybody is aware of that employed killers sometimes meet in this restaurant to coordinate once the massacre.

One liquidator appeared astonishingly sensible.

Check his image in his “acid” fastidiously, then whisper: “You won’t impede your bony look. Your height is ideal. If solely I had aforementioned i used to be you. thanks you weren’t bald. we tend to had to possess a wig.

I in agreement with him on everything.

It was a period of time deal for the employed killer.

It was very therefore. particularly if we all know he won’t kill!

All he needs to do is wear a animal skin mask for the face. A mask almost like the face of the person United Nations agency employed him! Then he goes to a restaurant within the way facet of town that night and makes an accident, in order that the tenant man is associate excuse for the absence of the police.

The tenant man can do all the work.

It was strange.

The tenant lay his mask on the opposite face. He was carrying 2 faces. If we tend to knew that his mask was a replica of the killer mask hack. it had been a reproduction of his face. Careful for the looks of atiny low however outstanding scar beneath the attention. His body was dressed from outside with some garments to appear a bit fat.

Stop before of the hacker. They were precisely identical replicas if it weren’t for easy fat and scarring. Same mask. Same options. same height.

The read was terribly strange.

Both took their automobile to his destination.

Killer hack

Our owner received the victim’s house. requested to satisfy him. as a result of the maid you recognize is one in all her employer’s staff, she has entered the room. He sham that he had associate inflammation in his throat that prevented him from speaking in a very natural means. He mentioned one thing regarding fat and its issues.

You entered him into the workplace area of the master. Then I went out.

It took him solely minutes to induce the panic he wished. 2 shots within the heart of his silencer side arm were enough. He didn’t like the top as a result of the flowing blood would have cut his pleasure in seeing the panic within the victim’s eyes.

He quietly came out.

In a perfect place to appear, the police threw his mask into a instrumentation, that is unloaded solely at the tip of the week.

Everything was done accurately.

Everything went as planned absolutely.

Charged with the crime. however the scar within the mask, yet because the absence argument he mentioned, left no area for doubt that there have been people who tried to stay the charge due to his personal variations with the victim.

It was the full crime, Lola

That victim

Who was buried 2 days later

It was

Is the different

Putting a mask.


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