" /> Really short stories of horror have already occurred

Really short stories of horror have already occurred

I was working in a company and was in a break the company gave me a plant where the important I was a traveler and returned to take them to the apartment Apartment (rest)
And the other day I told my colleague who was lying in the bed, Viva, Yala, Pina, I was moving, because I was wearing my shirt, and I took a shower. He was there for a night before I got home.
Fadel disrupts us and Yakhrna until the hour 9 almost walked, I could not manage to sleep but grabbed the bed.
Large apartment ground floor 3 Oasis and a large lounge, kitchen and bathroom very senior
Is the housing of the officers of almost … and in it Oasis is equipped with a soft plant where there is a balcony and a balcony in which a door and a p street outside the entrance to the main building
I entered my bed and took the bed which was beside the balcony. I changed and my friend slept before his brain touched the headrest.
I do not know how to sleep fast, especially if a new place is preferred. I tossed in the bed until I started hearing voices in the kitchen.
Healed with open …. The faucet I gathered was all I had and the power of the open kitchen lights

Really short stories of horror have already occurred

Was in the ways of the last Awadah in which we lived in and I went to the kitchen and all I met the key Nur Ados it until the kitchen arrived
The key of light from his face and I did not keep his place. I did not feel it. I was waiting for a disaster. I was waiting for the light and opened it.
With my eyes in the kitchen and I met any strange need and I preferred to laugh at myself, which I am in. Of course, I am Jay from a distant journey,
. I returned to my bed and started surrendering to sleep and in the stage, which is not you Naim, nor are you a savior, I began to show the light of the bathroom, and after a few seconds I met Far
Exit the door of the bathroom in the direction of the door of the Awad (marked bathroom side Oasis can be seen bathroom door and I bed)
I saw the light on the dim light of Jay from the bar. First is the larger size of the natural mouse means the cat has almost.
Second, the dearth of his brain, his head means that he is not the head of the Farr … De Ras, the sons of Adam, and Mavihash,
I was feeling the scene and I saw my place and went out after the mouse was a terrible amount but a smaller than him in the body and all of them entered the Oasis tried to speak.
Pronounce the word Iqq the health of the dead, who is not my tongue, my tongue, the lower the floor of the bed with the large and large Vd on my breast Makdrsh open the eyes of horror and the rest of the hand mask
I was staying in it I was trying to read a loud voice. I could not see it. Suddenly I heard my voice screaming and I read the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.
And preferred Akbar in the understanding of the ignorant Btlkih to the point of the body, which is my grandfather was on the switch of light in the Awadah, which is Pisal in the (of course all the need disappeared)
I do not know what I’m saying to you.
And I said to him, “I will not let you sleep.”
I do not need to run away from the door of the balcony because I did not work like that … Take the night that I missed alone
In the apartment was in a great balance and righteousness and people cooked and people Btakl Hahaha … He took the night, which all missed the ladder Balkunh who Biodi p street.
And I will come to you, and thou shalt draw a veil with the guests …. Of course the rest of the night we brought on the same ladder and the morning to Mina Azalna and Sabnha and spent laughing for the morning.
We knew after that that the apartment was closed for more than 18 years.
Second story:
I live in France. It is known here that the shops and cafeterias are closed at 10 pm and the best after a few Bacon coffees a little Oooi
And a permit to do so. One day he got his problem and I felt his strangulation and decided to go down and walk … we were around 12 o’clock at night.

Really short stories of horror have already occurred

I got Mobily and I worked for the music and I got down … I forgot the world from Halaya and I removed the music … I preferred to walk about an hour to get my coffee in front of me.
The cafe and its destination Azaz and Choft atmosphere of people dancing and heard music very loud.
I was amazed at how the music works with the high volume of audio and the original work is not working until 1 night and not enough to complain voice.
Until now, all of it was OK … .. The strangest thing is that after I went to the same place on the day … the cafe was a completely different problem.
And the shape of Pine is that he is already abandoned and the extent of his income from a long period.
The view of the Karkabh atmosphere … And the argument Bainh form Mtrab Jadawah indicates that it is impossible to be the cafeteria was busy in the day I saw him.
Or at least nine years old. I do not know why I was so impressed …

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