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Serum Fatal Part

Serum lethal Part V

I looked at him behind the mule behind her cross, which filled her mantles to murmur words Btsihh not heard, and his grandmother interested in the rise of the car to shine her head a malicious idea to smile Bshrassa and then I heard that shouted loudly:
Enjoy your …

He stopped in front of the door of the open car next to the driver, did not pay attention to all his anger to erode anger and rushing towards the sharp steps towards him and is determined to implement its plan
She stopped next to him and turned to her body, chanting harshly with angry features:
Is not I a club on you?

He looked at her with his eyes closed without paying attention to her or answering her. All he did was move to climb up to the car without giving her attention to bite her teeth, and soon she grabbed the car door with her fist to push it hard to close it defiantly.

He would close on his mind but in the last moment he was able to shake his hands away, he turned to her with great nervousness to shine his fury angrily, he turned his body completely slowly as he approached one step

She shuddered a little, but she faced him with false courage, he exchanged his glances with the glow of the coffee cup. He did not utter a word of his lips. Only sharp glances were all that he received, so that he could move to the car to open the door.

She bowed to her teeth furiously from his indifference to cheer his nerves high:
Amo Ibrahim spirit of the day Htakhd permission and from here and Rahih you will be drivers Btaa Baba
And then looked at him to hold her hands in front of her chest with a smiling smile, raising her eyebrows challenge, saying:
The new drivers are ready to receive their jobs

The man swallowed with tears and said:
Karma, my daughter, but ….

I interrupted him as she stared at him coldly without paying attention to her, saying in her tone of defiance:
Salvation, O Amo Ibrahim, you can appreciate the presence of Baba is Haikolk every need

Jassar smiled next to his mouth muffled and then put on his hands with his pants pocket to watch her with his body and he oversaw her by his arrogant pace to stare at her with a smile, smiling with pride, he spoke with a sarcastic voice and said faintly,
Orders of your Excellency

He finished his sentence to cheer high with a strong force in her face, which made her tremble with panic as she put her ants over her chest to calm the blows of her son when he said with his frightening voice:
Ali … Saif Bih that it is from here and Rahih I drive Btaa Hanim and guard to her, and enough I am on it Mfich need to come back

He finished his sentence and then came back with his head down to smile coolly, speaking with his tongue:
You are very kind

She gripped her wrathful arm vigorously to convulse her painful features to shout with irritation as she wriggled between his grip to free herself:
Uh … Sib Eide, O sons of Adam ….

She said the last word is closing her eyelids preparing for the final critical and ears pick up the sounds of car horns coming towards them but he turned left very hurried to enter the car towards the desert road to pass the trucks on the peace

He stopped by the car with cool features and he took his breath from his knees. He turned his back to the person behind him, crying in a faint voice, leaning back against his seat.
He looked back to get out the box of tobacco and stared at the mirror of the car on that small ….

Put a roll of tobacco between his lips and then put out his light to ignite it to pick it between his fingers, blowing out a white cloud filled the air of the car

He did not remove his virtues on the back, which after a few moments raised her head slightly to open her eyelids very reluctantly to fall her eyes on her body intact, I looked around her wondering … Is dead or what .. ??

I noticed him when he shouted with great sternness as he looked at the mirror towards her saying, as he breathed his smoke:
I love you Ajaylak uncle Ibrahim …. !!

I looked him with the eyes of a red bag without grasping … moments of time to reach the sensory signals towards her mind to translate immediately in conjunction with her eyebrows, which moved two components of a strong knot in her forehead, screaming to the extent that her nerves had collapsed because of what happened:
You are stupid … Crazy in a rational way, you are a hatchet … You are certainly not a natural I hate you … I hate you

She moved to get away violently from the car door closed behind her force to move the mistake closer to the enemy heading towards the general road, two seconds to find the one who surrounds her waist from the back with one arm to apply to her body strongly, raising her high to throw it on one shoulder lightly to lean her head down

She took her feet with all her might in the air, and she twisted violently on his shoulder, hitting his back with her two fingers,
Nznahay …. Nzlni best of you and God to pick it up for the Pope …. I Hakhlih Irvdk … Jsaaaaar Nzlni Baqulk ….

He did not notice her intruding to move back to the car, barely controlling the tantrum that almost escapes him. His bright lips predict something unloved about to happen. Her words provoked that bull inside. Now she has to enter the bullfight
Just stop what you are saying, which is like a red scarf in front of him, which makes the bulls furious

He arrived to the car to throw the load of his fragile shoulder on the front of the car in his body sitting on the buttress is around him and leaning on it strong breath breath mixed mixed with the smell of tobacco a little to feel her warm on her cheeks

He was disfigured by the body because of his carrying it in this way, its branches were scattered with the buildings directed at her face, and she kept her away from her face to make her very strong.
His angry lips stared at her breast, the cup of coffee that was like the water that had extinguished that blazing fire inside him and about to explode, the rusty thorns … two sharp angles … and two gnarled bodies in a rage, and a kissing kiss, two bursts of fire

His eyes focused on the call of kissing, which sometimes swell to come out of a hot flame to drop his eyes towards the long vowels of his gaze towards that vein pulsing violently to rise his eyes towards the coffee cup ….. Deeply inflated and he holds his eyebrows strongly ….. You wish to scream loudly as It was just moments ago

She was about to scream in his face, but her courage began to gradually withdraw as she stared at his bright colors

And despite involuntarily trembling automatically swallowing her leg while her sharp looks were not affected externally …. I stared at his face to find the green sweat clearly appears on his forehead to turn sharp looks to look worried from the next …..

What now … I will dispose of them because of those trivialities that I said? …. What was waiting for it deserves it !! … and even more, you stupid why you are afraid so I ask you for example … ??

He screamed hard with his face, but fell back as soon as she saw his virtues, which in one moment had disappeared with their glowing darkness

Spontaneously absorbed by the fluttering Almtazp that apply to her body, I looked at his eyebrows Almkodan itself and they are slowly moving away from each other to loosen that decade, followed by his fascination, which were flared with flames to dampen them immediately Bmahdhma B ….

Here has reached the point that you are trying to understand from the beginning, looked at his eyes to find them adapted to her lips …. lips … !!! , Rude … how dare?
I looked at him very sharply to talk between her teeth angrily angered:
Jassar …?!

His virtues rose from his magnanimity … the smell that he provoked to stare at the coffee pot, narrowing his eyes maliciously to convey his glaring looks between the call of kissing and its sharpness and its angles
The red-hot anger turned to shyness to distract her away from the sight of his eyes to follow it with a high hustle as she gathered her strength to push her legs back with his chest

She retreated with pride as she jumped from the front of the car to glare with angry angry looks, shook her dress to adjust from putting her bag to move towards the car and she chanted nervously:
We are late because of you, professor … do you work my bucket?

Put his fist on the door of the car to prevent it from opening it to look at it by phone:
Eh? He will build a boat …

Approaching her supervisor to retreat back step spontaneously in confusion as she looks angrily, spoke to himself by saying with the eyes of his eye:
regardless of your tongue, Zi radiator …. And if it is haklholk if Allah wills, your sovereignty is from here and Rayeh is not in the chair

“He said, pointing to the back seat without turning his eyes away from her.
Amal al-Ansallah …?

God Almighty and yes agent … Our Lord on the inventor
She said her mouth is a very angry whisper almost erases her and she sits behind the steering wheel leading the car while she glints with her fierce looks from the front car mirror

Sitting with all his shoulders behind him smoking Bshrah like a commanding and ending …. laughed mocking as he thinks the reality is actually so …. Back his back with his legs, resting his legs behind his head to raise his feet deliberately to extend forward to pass between the two Amamin and a roll tobacco hanging next to his lips

She was aware of what was happening to shout with great fury as she moved her gaze between the road and the mirror:
Er … erh …? Er you are doing it …. !! After your foot is here …. You are thinking of yourself on the bed of your house ….

He shouted loudly as he emitted it with flying fumes after he removed a roll of tobacco to get out the characters accompanying his white smoke:
karmaa …..

I fought hard on his high cheers to move her lips with an angry whisper that reached his ears as she looked at him from the mirror:
Cool and provocative …

The coolness of his features to return to his former position, speaking with a frozen look of coffee:
all my life …
She shouted with high fury as she hit her hand with the handlebar:
Oov …

He brought out Zufira, filled with the smell of tobacco, to laugh with pride.
Praise to the Arab need for the two days Jain because of Maalak Li Hatoukkha
She bellowed as she lifted her head to heaven:
Saberny Yaarb … Baloh de Etihad Alain Menin ….?

He smiled next to his mouth with a sneer to indicate to her with his fingers, which he put on the roll of tobacco, filling the air of the car with his white cloud:
Al-Qadr … We are all Al-Arayes in Edeh and he is the one who drives us

She shouted grudgingly as she looked at the road in front of her, saying:
The hero of Your Excellency Di Ho Ana Bakkha in front of you, and after the rest …. Like … Erhmani of cigarettes which contaminated the Arab …
She said her camel coughing sharply to draw between his eyebrows a little and then add a few words as if justified doing it, saying:
Usually …..

I spoke with indignation as she coughed:
Htakhd your soul Badri Badri, if God … As you like God ….
He clapped his lips in a rage to stand up sharply,
Medical …

He said to his grandmother to get out of the tobacco box out of which three rolls one push to put them all with his mouth and he ignites them with his gift to blow his smoke fleshed car air freshener

Karma caused this time to redden and her cheeks reddened. Her chest was taken up and down with a frightening sight. Her vision was shattered to stop the car gradually as she tried to pick up some fresh air that was never available inside the car.

Pole between his eyebrows surprised to notice the frightening body as she picks up her breath in this way to cause anxiety inside him, moving the wind from his mouth quickly to cheer anxiously:
Karma … Karma owner …?

The owner of the panic, especially when he found the receipt of her forehead on the steering wheel and take her breath sounds terrifying, get out of the car with extreme urgency to open the door next to her, money on it and examine it Bhvvitih anxiety crashing inside …. hit on her cheeks several times,
Karma …. over me … Karma

He did not wait for him to join her arm to carry her out of the car in the fresh air, shouted at him carrying it in his arms and lowered his head towards her own chest that is wide:
Karma Radi Alia …. Karma !!

I spoke among her hermits, saying intermittent characters:
bag ….
He put his hands on her and with his hands raised her face, saying with concern:
what are you saying …?

She raised her red eyes, chanting with pleasure from her breath:
Jassar … Jassar … the …
He nodded his head with his passion, and he flung around him on a place where he put it. It is impossible to put it now in the car, which is filled with smoke. I sit it next to the frame of the car to rush towards its right, which faces the front seat to pick it up.

He moves quickly towards it, looking inside for something that helps him until he finds the spray of the mouth

He was hit by a stomach on his knees in front of her to put one of his handcuffs behind her neck and the other hand holding the dog to put it in her bag.

Moments to climb up and pick up a quick breath to organize after a few moments to sigh he deeply and comfortably, the ground near her to calm his heart a little of those frightening moments that he was going through seconds ago

Both remained on this situation for several minutes, both staring at the space in front of him, looking at her eye to find her breathing quietly and slowly contributed to her
And without adding a word rose from place to lean on it and then put one of his arms behind her waist and the other under her knees to carry it

And with great exhaustion raised one of her arms to surround his neck to lean her head on his chest near his neck while the other hand raised her hand to rattle his chest Bennoh
Tnagl her eyelids to re-open again without feeling the hardness of that object under her foot … His muscles spasm when his arms rose towards him in this body

Not conflicting in that body in various battles and ends with the following ….. defeat of the parties, now and this moment should not be matched … Must resist
Resistance …!! His dark glasses moved towards his little boy, who was sleeping between his arms to swallow his leg slowly … he did not feel his arms that were tightened on her body in a strong swell towards his chest

The question arises ….. Who need to embrace now ?? If all of the matter for both of them answer, will be the first to start by denying the resemblance to himself, and the face of anticipation towards inevitably be the answer …. Certainly not me ….

Denial … Sometimes it is a means that may relieve some of the souls that are conflicting within the feelings of the raging, the souls resort to deny what is inside for time to get a rest, but sometimes does not come only bad when it ??

I nodded with her head like a cat on his chest, whispering with his breath:
Jassar …. I am my heart …. Biogaini … rigid …. and religious … and religious hospital

His eyes are slightly angled as he looks towards them to put his eyebrows between his feet as he shoves them towards the car to put them on the front seat next to him, closing the door firmly to turn a run towards the steering wheel, after being sure of the leakage of air polluted outside the car and for some reserve he opened all the windows wide to go to the hospital

She said this row and stand in the park university next to Amr, who was also worried about him to polarize his eyebrows wondering:
Sure he told you Jay?

She nodded with her head and said:
I wish I could go to the beach
She said her last sentence with great concern

Amr Bashrood added:
Medicine and work Hankel uncle Saif Efrli Mukash knows its way of concern and privacy You say I was kidnapped Inbakh ….. Collapse Black …

She slobbered to speak with disdain, saying:
I do not know … I do not know what to do, but we need to talk to Uncle Saif Hinha
Nodded his head approvingly, saying:
I do not have a mobile phone, at least I’m not locked

Made another contact while Amr pressed several numbers to contact them, but boycotted the voice of his eager voice saying:
Alo … Karma … !!!
He looked at her with great enthusiasm to notice the features of her face, which changed to surprise and surprised to look at her waiting quietly,
Alo … Vin Karma ….? Mina Maia …. uh Ayom O Hazrat officer ….. eh … Hospital Ah, ok Ok we are Jain immediately, five minutes and be at your presence

She ended her call to ask Amr with horror, saying:
Eh, my daughter who got ….?
Arrested him to rest to pull him behind her as she moves closer to the enemy, saying with great concern:
Karma in the hospital because of Asthma

They both went up to the car of Amr, who jumped to create a steering wheel to ask questions as he hurriedly drove his car to follow the guard car special:
Who told you that?

A few hours ago, she was received inside the bed in complete silence and the mask that covers her nose and mouth is generously transmitted by oxygen
He sleeps in silence, sleeping without worrying about the agitation he is causing inside that Gustavo … sitting in the far corner of a chair leaning forward to lean on his knees on his knees to stare at his silhouettes with that quiet …

The stairs fell faintly, putting his hands on his dark blue jacket, worn by the darkest blue jeans and black sneakers
He walked towards it with rapid steps and the tobacco mouth hanging beside his mouth, stopping before her to get one of his hands out of his pocket to pick up the tobacco roll to blow his smoke,

I spoke grudgingly as she stared at the tobacco roll with her hands in front of her chest:
Hatcherb Jjabi cigarettes …?

Pole between his eyebrows without understanding and then realized that awareness of himself, took the wind out of his mouth narrowly to throw it to the ground and then raided it with indignation to shout to him as he moved:
Gareth in Dahiya …

Looked at him to silence his laugh almost to get out of them and then ran behind him outside the villa, the two went to his car to talk seriously as they climb next to him:
Do you work my delta?

He turned his car to look at the mirror as he moved by, spoke harshly without looking at her:
Do not work … do not work …

Narrowed her eyes in anticipation to complete with total immobility:
Your sovereignty Hatarjai villa and Hightlk you door Odtk, if the foots of your foot I thought moving by the door Gouhaili and I cut it good …..

She was staring at him with his eyes glaring to shout at him,
Eiyeh … صوابات eh and cut off eh? I will not get rid of them. Hear, O Hazrat Majid Rjali on your leg …. The place where you start to spin from it I ran in the uniforms of frankincense What Balzk in the hair What Garb Tlzk Alban in your hair before Keda and show the result …? I am a ze keda …

He looked at her with absolute coolness at the tip of his eye without responding to her feeling of triumph, smiling happily to allow her to silence that Gestapo without having words to respond to

Nznawai ….. Come down, O Jsawar ….. Bgolk Nzlni
She said her words and her head pointing to the bottom because of her presence on one of his shoulders, throwing her load on him, she removed her hairs away from her face as she kicked back her feet in the air and cheering with his nerves:
Get me, Jassar … Btstqwa Supreme because I am a girl …?

He spoke with a skullcap and carried it over his shoulder, heading towards the inner staircase to climb up towards her room:
Never regret your peace procedures because your security is safe

I cried with great nerves and was fed up with:
Awad Gultak Matloksh Maalak Di Ana Sinani Maalouchech
He stopped at the top of the stairs to speak very coldly asking:
Finish your oasis?

She held her hands on his back to speak obstinately

He turned his eyes upward as he sighed impatiently to move towards one of the rooms. He opened the door to go inside to put it down.

As soon as she walked with her eyes the room, but his grandmother was interested in leaving behind a phone to stop him:
Have a Mathesnish

She turned to her very sharply to freeze on the ground as she stared at his brightly lit glass, shouted very harshly without discussion:
Karma … Awadhi Di Matatljh of them, if my idea of ​​the work is not like the consequences not Htajpk …. Listen!

He said his last word with a loud shout to shake his head and she trembled with her eyes for fear of fluttering her head with hysterical, frozen expressions of his face to glaze at his last glance cold as he turned to move away …
But it is a land that has frozen his heart, which almost stopped when he felt her small soft wishes related to the dimension of his hope Burqa

She was holding on to his mother like the lost child, staring from behind the glossy oprah membrane with his back, lifting her head up toward him, whispering his strangled tone:

He closed his eyes and he barely brakes his blisters to take control of these disorders with his swallows. He swallows hard and opens his eyelids to possess from his darkness. He tried hard to paint the cold on his face but he could not.

So he preferred to stay on his condition and not to pay attention. He did not take it. He did not take it seriously. He did not respond to it. So he turned between his eyebrows with a little surprise and moved quietly towards him to become his successor.

Did not feel her hopes, which embraced his great comfort resulting from the warmth felt by him, felt warm breath burn him from the back to raise his head high as he closed his eyes strongly, muttering his lips without hearing:
Follow me, Karma …. Apus Idec …

She turned between her eyebrows as she wondered about Abra and his pen.
Jassaaar ….. خايفه …. خايفه يكون صفوه …. جرالها حاجه … User Name Remember Me?
He swallowed and shouted inside:
Believe me, Karma, if you do not know what I need,

He spoke with an artificial skull and he took his rest from his ears with strength:
Leave here and do not move
Said his camel to move towards the door quickly as he was still staring at him with red-eyed eyes

He came out of the room, knocking his eyebrows hard, wiping his cheeks hard on his face.

The car arrived at the headquarters of the police with its high voices, was surrounded by her body white sheet, which is shaking with panic and crying like children, its body has become a pity for the heir …
All the way and he is silent in front of him next to the driver with a very sharp, rigid as a statue only the fire is what ignites inside a volcanic lava

Not that anger and nervousness for who does not deserve? …. There is no link between them at least familiarity …. Reclining kisses that lie on his knees as he walks the way in front of him recalling the scandalous body that it was moments ago

Stopped cars in front of the police headquarters to get out of his car by himself to put the pistol down his gray jacket next to him to go behind the car, which lies to hit his fist on the door impatient with his nerves:
Download them.

He said with his eyes glowing with flying flesh so that the small body that rises up sharply, everyone got out of the car to hold her arm one of the soldiers pulling it down

I found a ground to stand in front of him to stare at the ground for fear, threw it with fire Mqtteh to cheer up as he moves steps looted from the ground looted:
Hatem ….

Moved behind him all towards the entrance to be pursued by the press cameras with extreme urgency and they break them in the middle of the Asakir and the sharpest Assem shout everyone:
All is far away.

Did not feel himself only as he holds the row to include his chest, lowering her head to hide it completely from the eyes to move it rushing amid the crowd, a phone with a high pitched:

  • Bekolkm away, either your habeas corpus in custody …. O military if you see one of them here, you are the thresholds in the subjugation

Moving in the middle of the crowd to rush towards the headquarters and then began to be reassured by the calm events to push away from him with disgust, staring at the desired

I looked at him crying heart to meet him with his stern looks and cheer the military saying:
Be careful here and five minutes and enter the office

Said his camel and then moved to his office after the life of the man to queue up as she slips a ground on the wall behind her to break on her body to try to hide what is happening

After a few minutes after he managed to regain control of himself a little, he was standing in the office room back and forth with his blue shirt trimmed inside his blue jeans trousers. He was wearing his shirt on the trunk of that bag where the pistol was placed.

He pulled his black hair back violently and chanted:
Military …

Delf the man gave greetings to speak Assem angrily angered:
Their income ….
The man went outside to leak a little later, followed by everyone and another army

His eyes were concerned with a frightening stalemate as she covered her body more as she tried to move away from everyone
He went quietly to stand in front of the office, raised one of his feet to put it on the seat to lean on it, spoke very sharply saying:
O my soul, your soul from you to her …. Who was the answer to you from the streets as * ??

The girls laughed to echo one of them saying:
And his money, O Pasha if you want to defy I am under your command
Asim cried out in a furious rage as he adjusted his time, saying:
I used to use the and I did not speak, even on the verge I gave it …..

The man exclaimed,
Tammam Ya Fendam …
Asim pointed his hand at everyone, saying:Throw them all in the trash and you will not let them squirt there and put one on them …

The two men exclaimed as they moved around the women saying,
I want you, Pasha … I will not let you enter …
He was stopped by Asim Bzmajrh Aley:
except de ya military … sepp de here …

“The man left his room to let you out of the room and closed the door behind him.” Asim stammered silently to move towards her as she retreated more automatically to collide with the wall.

I looked at him with great fear from the back of her transitions as he stopped in front of her to get out a roll of tobacco to put it with his mouth blowing smoke in her face and he rebuked his cynical tone:
What do you think you are in the air?

She shook her head in denial with a strong,
God Almighty knows …

He interrupted her, clutching her hairfully to shout in a frightening way:
O you, O daughter of the **** is the one who knows your Lord Zek, every night with one …. O God of your mother, Sheikh, and God to share with you

She screamed high to slip between his grip to kneel on the ground to hold his foot and Ttslh crying with pity:
Abu Idec believe me … And God knows how I rode there, how I first entered the place of costume …! Abus Idk believe me ….. Khalini walk and the Prophet … Serious Lou … If knew that he could die in it ….

I looked at him behind the mule behind her cross, which filled her mantles to murmur words Btsihh not heard, and his grandmother interested in the rise of the car to shine her head a malicious idea to smile Bshrassa and then I heard that shouted loudly:
Enjoy your …

The expressions of his face shrank in a larger way to cheer up with a high, and he grabs the chords to stop her saying:
Of course, Haemot of what is known that one Zik by selling her body to me pays more, sure Hayimot his sense of what is known to raise him * Zik broke his hair

She shouted loudly, beating her cheeks with her hand.
And God did not have a need …. Hraaaam you …..
He looked to her to push her away to fall on the ground in front of him and then shouted strongly:
O military ….

Delf the man to chase Asim, pointing to his face towards the weeping hard,
Throw them under the limits of the owner
He turned his back to the small window and avoided looking at it. The man moved towards her to catch her arm to stop her with a force while she surrounded her body with the sheet, holding it tight so as not to fall.

She began to yell at him while the man drew her hard:
O Pasha and God, I need a …. I am oppressed and the Prophet Khalony.
Did not turn towards her but the stalemate of him, did not hesitate to cheering high while the man cheerfully angrily attracted to her:

His gaze came towards the office to read his name on it to sing with his burning high:
Contact Us – Archive – Top

She said the last word was pushed by the man to the outside of the office closed the door behind him violently leaving the statue, which caught his heart inside his chest
Asim turned quickly after that silence, which dissolved in stone to stare a little emptiness, trying to swallow his hardness, lifting his fingers to wipe his face with exhaustion and bowing does not stop the contraction


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