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Serum Fatal Part

The smell of death that encapsulates that monstrous room, moving in its red clothes … that sweetness that indicates the start of countdown …..
He moves at a pace that stretches in the hands of two men, who surround him on both sides, the pallor of his face, which simulates the dead and his eyes that have lost his life. His tongue and lips do not stop uttering the testimonies.

His heartbeat was knocking like a drum and he was walking with his feet towards death, as soon as he entered that cabin, his body was shaken to become his feet like jelly … but he kept his false steadfastness, if he was killed, he would be oppressed …
He put that black bag on his head, as soon as he covered his face with that bag and felt that the spirits of his dead predecessors had surrounded his neck, those breaths that had been suffocated

He stopped his car, which is the strength of friction with the ground has been emitted from the tires smoke accompanied by the high squeak, get out of running out of the car and panic from him carrying his hands antidote to life …. His heart almost stops the intensity of horror, will lose the most expensive …..

He came to him for his hour to sharpen his eyes sharply and the lights of the abras to shine in his running as he collides with all those who meet him in his way strongly, he arrived to reach the desired floor, stopped in place frozen ground and he sees the Sheikh and some of the officers coming out of the room

Serum Fatal Part

His eyes fell on his friend as he came out of the room crying to burn the abras from his eyes in the expressions of his face rigid, heartbeat began to gradually decrease ….
That tinnitus that you have from his ears to stitch the external influences to listen only to the beatings of his heart that was accompanied by a deadly pain make the expressions of his face convulsed calmly to feel the warmth of his transitions, which raged on his cheeks without stopping

He felt a hand on his shoulder quietly to turn to her slowly to find his friend cry by burning and broadcast to hug him strongly amidst the inertia of the other, and at the moment he pushed his friend strongly to shout loudly with his voice as he ran towards that room:

  • Babaa ……

He was standing in his black suit next to his friend in solace with utter inertia. A man with a gruff voice spoke sadly as he shook hands saying:

  • Stay for God, Master

Nodded silently without answering the man to pity him and then moved to shake the other saying:

  • Stay for God, Assem …

Asim answered his sorrow, saying:

  • The permanence of God
    Major General Moazzia spoke faintly:
  • Let your friend know that he is wrong

Asim looked at his friend, who stood like a statue without a soul to pity him to look back at the brigade and he nodded, saying:

  • No hesebe ever

Presented to her and visited us every day at 9 am New season

You will meet him and co-exist with him in all its details and pains, but only the pains in our lives we live, the times we cry and other times we laugh but is there a pain that makes us laugh? Yes it wrench love
Love, in all its details, is a heartache, soul and body, but the only thing that defeats this pain is Eve
Eve with a will and ambition invincible sex of men and desires
Men are a mass of lust from exploiting won the tour of this life
Will Eve triumph over the people of Adam and his lusts and despise their sorrows or will they make them suffer from pain until the days will not cure them !!!!

Angry, just angry This is all I feel now anger is severe, what should I do ?! Where should I get my anger? On myself or on him, myself because I left myself to love him, because I allowed him to hurt me, is it my fault? Yes, it is my fault, my mistake I am only so I am the one who will correct it, if it was he who started this game, I will put the word of the end, if he was the one who set fire to my heart, I will put it down, I will kill him, yes I will kill this dreaded heart who surrendered to him so that there is nothing but anger, no pain or humiliation and longing and most important love, nothing is Sada anger, yes I am the one who will be executed by my hand, and the stars of my star shine on this, Who will take the consolation of my heart

My first novel I hope you like

an introduction

He is handsome and very cocky but not very very very cruel but with women only the most important he has his life is his parents do not believe in love and never thought that he left his girlfriend and broke his leg and swear to regret it but came from taking it from death was a shock to him but he grew up with Women are very good to say that he cut any treatment between him and any woman final and if he had to deal harshly and unfairly, but Staty will turn the balance and change his life, will he address it or will receive it
She is very pretty stubborn good heart strong courage loves her people very believe in love but break her heart and hard because of the closest people to become fun with around her before them but when she becomes alone sad person in the whole world Ttlm and hard but will meet this cruel and turn her life upside down but not Never give up and fight to know what will destroy her life if it is revealed, will you be able to stand again after this thing is revealed or not?
Important information

  • Any medical information you meet, it is from the brain means an inventor,

She is a girl or a girl she never knew

The meaning of childhood, lived a volatile life ..
I experienced the pains of loneliness … I grew up in a house that was not known for nostalgia
Not a day goes by without her weeping. This is how Elvars did not care about the age difference
To live with him the happiest days and forget all the days of grief .. But there is no escape from her pain
Her family has never been able to erase their impact. She lives in a phobia of her family.
But will the pain be forgiven one day?

The man nodded with a satisfied smile as he patted his shoulder to go inside to sit on one of the seats. He stood silently in the expression of an empty face.
After the end of the condolence stood in front of that large frame, which occupies a large part of the wall inside the picture that was taken him and his father a month ago

He laughed his mascara at the abras to see his friend on his shoulder from the back in silence.

  • Take care of my most precious possessions …

Asim sighs sadly to speak lightly, saying:

  • Your father was innocent O Jassar and you proved it
    Jassar turned to his face as he gasped a phone angrily:
  • After IEEE …. !! After what I have had …. And my religion is what I limit them, I do not pity them

Asim tried to calm him down a little while talking anxiously:

  • A good guide, O Jassar, people are not easy, and after that, we will not go to Maine, who signed your father, may God have mercy on him, to follow our proof of innocence from the charge of betrayal.

Jassar turned to look at the picture of his father whispering with a shudder flying from his dark silver eyes:

  • All need to be held accountable and start from the smallest one of them

Two years later.
He was walking steadily in the corridor with his white suit and everyone who met him in his way gave him the military salute that he had exchanged with his sternness
He quietly walks the door for the permission to come in …. Dalf gives a salute to his grandfather saying:
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The first team raised his eyes to him to speak, pointing to him with his hand, saying:

  • Stand up, Assem
    Assem went to the office to stand in front of him, speaking earnestly:
  • The day you attended Sunday means the decision to release Jassar

He rose as he rose quietly from behind his office to give him a piece of paper, saying quietly:

  • The decision to release and return to work again

Assem picked up the paper to look at it, laughing with a laugh, and then proceeded to raise two cold blue glasses towards Refaat Leridf saying:

  • Fadam, your permission

His camel said to him, “I am lifted up to move towards the door after Assim lived, to go happily afterwards.”

Prison Service
He got out of his car to stand in front of that huge iron door, moments of waiting to open the door to show it with its voluminous form

His body, which has become too much for him, thanks to the hard work he did during his imprisonment, all day long he spent only breaking the rocks to build a strong building.
His short black hair with his shawl, which was surrounding his collar and has removed his beard, that straight nose topped by silver eyes gleaming under the moonlight is almost like wolves in strength and foxes in Makraha

Which is no longer apart is a tobacco cart that does not leave the side of his lips, was wearing an oil shirt almost torn from the muscles of his arms and chest and therefore preferred to leave half of the buttons open to show his chest dilemma, topped by the leather necklaces, which hangs a small drawing of the human skull
Holding his small bag of clothes as he lifts it on his back from one shoulder and the other hand stretching to his lips to pick up the tobacco roll from the side of his mouth to blow that white cloud and then throw it to the floor to hit it with his foot

Life soldiers stationed on the iron door to look at them with a scorn or still for his career impact … ?? , Came from him turned forward in order to find his friend coming to him with his enthusiasm and smiling happily
Ettemi friend in his ear strongly to smile Jassar calmly exchange his hug, Assem spoke as he patted his friend’s back saying:

  • Lake and beast, colleague
    Jassar sighs as he walks away from his friend’s arms to speak with a smile:
  • And you violin, Assem

Asim took Gassar’s shoulder to give him a smile:

  • A night medicine on the villa as you take two sweet meals, and his secretary has two sets for you.
    Jassar nodded, both moving towards Assem’s car to climb behind the steering wheel, while Jassar sat next to him as Assem drove his car towards Villa Jassar

They both sat in the garden at night on the grass. Jassar was leaning on a huge tree, raising one of his feet to his chest, the other lying on the grass in front of him, and in front of him sat his friend with his feet on his chest,

He grabbed Jassar Balvvp tobacco to come out of his mouth, laughing, rolled with his hair and that white clouds come out of his nose and his mouth Basha
Asim sighs sadly at his friend’s case to speak out loud Jassar from the smoke and tobacco laughs:

  • They want me to work again …..

Asim spoke with a sigh:

  • And his money, O Jassar, hope you will not be so old as your age
    Jassar Balambalah spoke as he took a hiccup from a roll of tobacco, to give it a breath of relief:
  • and I serve them and sacrificed myself because they love?

Asim exclaimed, saying:

  • Where is your country O Jassar …
    Jassar interrupted him as he roared loudly:
  • And the father who sat served them forty years, worked an account for his loyalty and service …. Sold .. Accuse him of treachery and stripped him and above all … Kill him
    His last speech was very scathing

Asim looked at him sadly to speak after him, saying quietly:

  • Omar is in need of Htodkk for your father, but you Breda Masket and betrayed by leaving

Jassar looked at him silently, and his laughter began to rise again until he calmed down a bit to lift the tobacco roll to his mouth and he took the last of it to throw it to the ground next to him, and he ran it with his big shoes and took out his breath,

  • It was my right and required answer, and then came to the advisers before I was saved on the big Dbsoni in the case of drugs and I was twenty years of work, but with the help of God I knew his brother and I Finn …. In prison

Said his sentence to return his laughter higher once again amid the looks of his friend, who said:

  • Understand me your brain
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