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Serum lethal Part IV

Serum lethal Part IV

Abdul Aziz spoke calmly to the phone while Saif ran outside and ran after hearing the horns of high cars, followed by his classmates as well as Abdul Aziz
Came out of the door of the villa ran to fall his eyes on the car that split from the huge gate and inside his daughter, his happiness delighted and joy as he ran towards her to get off Karma of the car speeding to embrace her father hugging him strongly crying

She smiled from his crying and she saw her friend as well as Abdul Aziz, after a warm hug between the father and his daughter hugged Karma Karma strong as she cried while Abdul Aziz went to Jassar to stand in front of him speaking strictly:
Who are you ?
Standing beside him a sword to ask his own question about what it is, Karma boycotted the movement moved to stand before Abdul Aziz and her father to speak with great gratitude, saying:
O Papa, who saved me from who were my kidnappers

Qutb sword between his eyebrows, surprised by a question:
You kidnapped me? Who thought that works like this?

Serum lethal Part IV

Karma spoke to Benkira Pake, saying:
When I came out of the college I was with one of my companions and I saw him and guard the guard in their vehicle came high Baltag and died ….. All the guards died and they kidnapped me,

Kill them

Karma looked to Jassar behind her with a soft smile that made him forget about those eyes that are scrutinizing him to stare at his beauty by … Let us say from the door to look at that fragile creature, which touches his softness ….. What is wrong if this is his point of view?

Pay attention to Saif al-Din when he hem, saying seriously and calmly:
If possible, do you prefer Maana Goh?
Jassar looked at him next to his mouth without any expressions, saying:
Of course …

A few minutes later, Saif al-Din was speaking with gratitude, hugging his son to his chest, saying:
I am very thankful, Hazrat Major, Dink in my neck to some extent I die …

Abdul Aziz quietly smiled as he spoke:
After the evil, Saif and after the presence of the pioneer and his duty was necessary to implement, and not your words, O Jassar Bey ….?
Jassar spoke with a small smile on his side and said:
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He said his sentence to turn his eyes towards those who read it calmly, contrary to the state of confusion and tension that it possesses, why staring at it now and this way …..?
What is that idiot … Is not ashamed in the presence of my parents and that proud man ?? What are you doing?

Recovered some of her courage, which evaporated completely with what happened with her today to stand up and take a high-pitched to stare at all eyes in anticipation
She spoke with a false calm as she avoided those two things:
I am looking forward to the rest after you got …. for your permission
She said her word to follow her and she stood behind her saying:
O Karma, I want to meet you

Both of them moved forward with awkward steps towards that Gustavo, who was sitting in a frightening body, a little attack … as if he needed that serenity that emanated from his fascia …
Two silvers tread each step slowly, soft steps soft …. Moved Mkatti examined to that body in a neat order

The strength of the fetus is enveloped by a literal aesthetic … Starting from that long neck downwards towards those components followed by the ….. Slim waist … swaying with all its ups and downs with each step
If he now to catch that waist because of his ambition, which longs passion to touch him to sleep one ….?

He was stoned by the coffee pot to pick up that dark look that occupied his fascination and he stared at something, traced his gaze to reach her waist to lift her eyes hurrying towards him to find his dark silhouette moving between her waist and waist with all the courage

She moved between her eyebrows in front of her to speed up her steps as she passed from his side sitting on the big seat to stop at the ground on the cheers of her father saying:
Karma Make Your Account Hate Your New Guard

Karma gasped as she spoke:
Baba Mana in a spirit with his classmates and Baji together and she has sufficient guard Bijkkoni

Saif al-Din stood up and shouted,
Karma subject ended, you have been Htmoti today and forgot to argue with me in the subject, which I say is Leitnh and the guard Harazp you more than the first

The features of Karma sprang and her face became angry. Jassar got up very calmly to speak with sternness:
Maqlqs Saif Bih, from the morning of the seventh watch me … in waiting for Karma Hanim I give her university
He said his last sentence as he looked at her with his eyes rigid, as if acknowledging something real

Qutb Saif al-Din between his eyebrows without understanding, as well as Abdul Aziz, while Karma’s eyes widened astonished and described him, which I like to speak without understanding and ask the stutter:
University … Hatudini means er? … Are you saying that?

He smiled beside his mouth with a mocking smile and he blinked with a rigid, mobile eyes between coffee cups and her father:
Saying the guard of your sovereignty is ready, Hanim, not like that, Saif Bey?

Saif al-Din looked at him looking at him, putting his hands in his pocket for Jassar as he shifted his eyes to ask him and Abdul Aziz.
Of course, the guard will not be a liar, but I do not agree with the brown man Adam
She said her last sentence as she looked at her father to look back at Jassar angrily

He moved slowly towards them under everyone’s eyes to stand directly in front of her to speak with his loud voice staring at two bright colors:
Saif Pasha Hakone ready to hate and promise you I will never get short in my job

Her body shuddered with the sound of his loud voice and the fear of it increased by the glitter of his fearsome silhouettes. Her breath accelerated a little. She lifted her face to stare at her temples with his temples, swallowing her hands with difficulty without whispering with a letter
She raised her eyebrows eyebrows as her lips cheerfully watching her companion for the first time that situation, especially as what is famous Karma is that stubborn personality

Saif al-Din tightens his eyes a little and sees the impact of that Jassar on his child, perhaps the most beautiful of his gestures … able to suppress their ambitions, especially and it seems that Karma is currently held tongue and this is rare for those who try to put in front of the fait accompli or to dominate it

Saif al-Din spoke after him and said:
Tamer, the pioneer ….

Karma comes to him with a shout, saying:
Baba …

No discussion, Karma Hanim
Jassar shouted loudly to rise up as she looked at him with a breathless tone to complete his glacier saying:
Your father has agreed to the hour and seven hours to be ready for your sovereignty

He finished his sentence to stare at him with great irritation and he breathed a little to smile provocatively, especially as he sees that the coffee cup has stirred with a glittering glamor and that redness that added attractiveness towards her cheeks and teeth that … her teeth have never forgiven the call of kissing and she ceases to bite them every moment and other , If you do not want their womb from that torment when they cut them Vtchfq me and stop it

Does not she have any knowledge of what she is doing and causing her inside because of her absence?
And her little sister also has been condemned and enough of it … It is better to stop what you do or I took the task of cutting the invitation kissing with pleasure instead
He gave him a sharp look as she moved away from them, shouting with words that were very angry, followed by his classmates, who tried to calm her down a bit.

Jassar turned to Saif al-Din to speak quietly, saying:
I know you know that you do not know what I need, but Iarit you have confidence in the Vihah and God willing, before Hanan go to the university Hakon you in the office and my information be between your hands

Saif al-Din and Abdul Aziz looked at Jassar eagerly to greet Saif al-Din quietly:
Hacon waiting for you, sir
He said his sentence as he extended his rest to shake hands with Jassar, who smiled quietly and inside him, joking with joy, he began his first steps

At the top she invoked the stone back and forth shouting with great fury:
I stifle him, O Safoh, O Jjtk O my brother and Kaman is the one who pits you in the heart of my house and in front of

She was leaning beside her on the bed, leaning on her elbow to speak with a sarcastic smile,
What is Baba Skeet and Mardash and approved violin Kramla

Karma screamed with great fury as she held her face, saying:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa …. Mtkkrnst silence I am my blood burned
Then she finished with a promise between her teeth and her eyes were filled with diabolical glances:
But Maashi .. Mesh is the one who started it Kada and Oz be Boudi Gard Btai take care of what he gets

At the meeting, she asked her questions:
Hatemli Ahh crazy?
Karma smiled miserably:
Never be taken aback by the same before

She looked at her for a moment and then burst into laughter to point her finger at Karma,
Entie …. Inti O Ktkuth … Medical silence
Karma drew her eyebrows between her eyebrows to say angrily:
And he stayed, God willing, what is on his face and not need?

She stood up and said with a grim smile:
Did you go to Machovitsh?
Rummet Karma with her eyes a little to talk with his nerves chilled:
Have you been a classmate, you are not with me?

She turned her eyes away from her so that she could look back at her with an insidious frown on her shoulder, saying sarcastically:
It is clear that your nerves have come, Karma, I walk, I stay, because I need to rest, I feel good, my love.

She finished her sentence to hug her quietly and then moved away from her, smiling with a slyness of what is coming. He is certainly not a fool and she is quite sure when she comes from her. He turns to Karma to find her standing with her hands. She is chewing on her teeth with indignation, with words she can not hear but from the expressions of that face. A feast and a threat

Is salvation meant to keep the guard?
Asim said this sentence as he drove his car and put the earphones on his ears to focus his eyes on the road
He wore his black suit with its black shirt and those dark glasses on its silhouettes, its short black hair trailing back and that beard had been removed so as to extinguish the light mustache and of course its weapon down jacket

He got out of the work car and accompanied her to the side of her driver, speaking to his companion as he moved towards the gate of the villa, saying quietly:
Ioah salvation and all need Masha completely but her father is sure he is trying to answer information about me and I do not want the subject of imprisonment Btai De enter the dialogue Fahmni Assem

Asim calmly said:
Masha Ya Jassar, but the cheek of the palm of Nf …. Black endahar …
He said with a shout of high cheer to steer clear of the way, avoiding the body that he would have hit two years ago

Qutb Jassar with a worried question:
Maalik Ya Assem, who won?

Asim looked with dismay at the girl who was about to run over and finish off with his friend as he got out of his car.
I will speak to you two dimensions of peace
He said the sentence to end the call to rush towards that corner ground in a squatting position laughs faintly

He exclaimed with horror as he examined her saying:
Did you attend Quesa? …
He did not complete his sentence when he was aware of what the girl was doing. His class was sitting in front of a small cat, squatting in the middle of the road without taking into account the cars passing by.

He shouted with eyebrows,
His teacher is ….

She interrupted him and she looked at him by saying to him silently and she put her finger on her mouth:
The …
She said her sentence to look back at the cat to complete what she was doing

A few seconds or only a few moments when the olive groves stare at the sky to make the eyes of the eyes, some people do not have the ability to save their eyes quickly, while others just enough moments to remember to paint in their minds an indelible image

The expert has discovered that, it is the owners of the minds of the film …. The owners of the memory of photography, which suffices just to look at it once for several moments to pick up a picture of her that matches her during her moments

His image screams the original beauty, olive eyes and black creases slightly beyond the shoulders and a short skinny body that makes her look like a child
That is where the creatures are now.

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