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Some of the secrets of the world of pharaohs dates


Some of the secrets of the

world of pharaohs dates

The Egyptian Pharaohs ruled Egypt for almost 3000 years, leaving behind a rich heritage of art, science and architecture, as well as legends. Ancient Egypt left behind many secrets, which scientists have not yet deciphered. These are some puzzling secrets about ancient Egyptian civilization …
  The Sphinx is the most puzzling mystery of history among archaeologists and the whole world. Throughout history, sitting there standing high on the Giza plateau, as if carrying all the secrets of ancient times, a lot of questions have been raised around it that do not bear firm answers so far. Who built it? For what purpose? Since when was he sitting there? !
Although some scholars believe that the Sphinx represents the face of the king (Khufu), who ruled ancient Egypt between 2558 and 2532 BC, there is much evidence to attribute the construction of the sphinx to the Egyptian pharaoh Khafre during the period His rule in the fourth family of ancient Egypt (2520 – 2494 BC), Khafra was the son of the king “Khufu”, the owner of the Great Pyramid in Giza.
Khufu had another son called Djedif Ra from his second wife. Some scholars believed that Khadra’s brother Djeidif Ra was the one who ordered the construction of the Sphinx, but that theory does not support much evidence because ” “He tried to rape power after the death of his father, so he was a pariah, and could not have the power at the time to order the construction of a statue like the Sphinx.
Archaeologists believe that the Sphinx is much older than we think, older than the pyramids of Giza, where a modern theory has emerged claiming that the Sphinx was built about 9,000 years ago, and proponents of that theory refer to the erosion of limestone near the Sphinx, where That the last time the region experienced enough precipitation to cause this type of erosion to limestone was by 7000


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