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excitement Interesting police story

There are undoubtedly countless crimes that have taken place throughout this vast world, perhaps we have not heard of them, but they are not far from the hands and minds of storytellers, which for them are like treasure, should be invested in the best way. Our story for today is one of those treasures that was and still is a fatty substance for films and serials of mystery and crimes. You think our crime for today is only two killers and one dead. A crime that may seem ordinary and trivial, perhaps it was destined to be forgotten in the same way as those that occur every day in various parts of the earth. On the contrary, it has become the subject of interest to the people and the press for a long period of time.

There are undoubtedly countless crimes that have taken place throughout this vast world, perhaps we have not heard of them, but they are not far

The reason simply lies in the strange motive behind the crime, in the identity of the killers and the nature of class affiliation and educational attainment. Heroes of our story were not the owners of felonies and precedents, nor the members of the underworld of Chicago, where gangs of organized crime, drug addicts or morbid prostitutes are struggling. They are none of that. They were bright young men, recognized for their superiority and intelligence and descended from the richest families in Chicago.

Richard Lubbe Our other hero, Richard Lubbe (1904), was also smart, but he was not Bennebug his colleague Leopold. His academic excellence was mainly due to his strict education and the restrictions his family imposed on him. He also entered the university early, and the university was an opportunity for him to break free from family restrictions and to indulge in a life of fun and pleasures. Unlike Leopold, Loeb was socially savvy, handsome and charismatic, but he hid another aspect of his personality that others knew nothing about. He was a rebel looking to break restrictions and break taboos. Thus, he was addicted to theft from an early age, not to the same theft, he did not need money, but he found an outlet for the wishes of his riotous spirit, and he liked to sabotage and smash things and ignite fires, even inside his home, and find pleasure beyond fun in impunity The university was the one that brought the two young men together, and the relationship quickly developed into an anomaly. Leopold, who was lacking friends and relations, found what he lacks in the personality of his friend handsome social Vham by love and followed him like his shadow, while Lob found in Leopold a companion and an ideal follower helps him in the implementation of his small crimes, such as theft, vandalism and arson.

However, this strange and explosive mix of intelligence, homosexuality, Nietzsche and the rebellious spirit did not find full satisfaction in those small and petty crimes, there were larger and more serious ambitions gradually matured in the head of the two friends.

They wanted to prove that they were above humans. They wanted to prove that they were above humans, not subject to human laws, and that they were a living example of Nietzsche’s superior and supernatural man. To prove this insane idea, they decided to commit what is known as “perfect or perfect crime”, that is, to commit Wenjuan’s crime is fully punished. They worked for several months to develop a comprehensive plan for their crime, delineate their lines, was based on renting a car using false names, and then use this car to kidnap one of the rich children, the kidnapped boy, and then kill this child on the same day and throw his body in one They did not take long until the young men put their plan into effect. On May 21, 1924, they rented a car and wandered through the streets of their upscale neighborhood. About prey. They did not think of a particular person, it was like a fishing tour, and the fates wanted to hint at five o’clock that afternoon a boy they know well, that Bobby Franks, the son of millionaire Jacob Franks. He was a 14-year-old boy who was related to Loeb. He was on his way home from school when his car stopped near by the two young men who invited him to ride with them. He went up to the car and sat in the front passenger seat without hesitation because he knew them well.

The victim, Bobby Franks, only had a few moments to move the car until Bobby was hit by a sudden and powerful blow to the head from behind by a chisel. He did not know exactly who was the target, Leopold or Loeb. Both claimed that he was driving the day and that the other was the one who Finishes off on Bobby. But whoever did it did not kill Bobby immediately, he was alive when they dragged him to the back seat and tucked in the mouth of one of the socks of one of them, and then imprisoned on the floor of the car and put their feet on him until the poor death of the last bleeding or perhaps suffocation of the socks. After making sure of his death, they took off his clothes and spread them on the side of the road, and then poured some acid over his face to be difficult to identify, and left him for about an hour in the car

Pending their dinner at a restaurant, they finally took the body out of the city and threw it under a small arch. Then they returned to the city where they washed their clothes and cleaned the car and then returned it to the owner. Everything was done as planned, it was a perfect crime, kidnapped and killed the boy and ran his body in the streets of the crowded city without being aware of them. It is now time for the second part of the plan. Ransom. Late that evening, the killers called Bobby’s family from a public telephone. There was only Flora, Bobby’s mother. Everyone had gone to look for Bobby after he was late to go home. The next morning, a mailing envelope arrived at the Bobby family home, which contained a letter. The letter included a promise to return Bobby back to the house intact for a ransom of $ 10,000. Old coins are in the category of $ 20, and the whole amount to be put in a cigar box and wrapped well with adhesive tape, and then Bobby ‘s father to carry the amount to a specific address in the letter and wait there near a public phone. The letter included a threat to kill Bobby if police were notified.

The message he sent to the Bobby family, the Leopold and Loeb plan, was to call Bobby’s father again after arriving at the public telephone he identified in their letter. Bobby’s father had to go to the back of the train and throw money out, and the two killers would come and pick them up without putting themselves at risk. It was a genius plan. Indeed, at 4 pm that day, the killers called the public telephone he had set for Bobby’s father. But no one responded. They called back several times, but there was no response. One looked at the other with concern. What happened? . Did the plan fail? What the two young men didn’t realize at the time was that a farmer found Bobby’s body the morning after the crime. Of course, the police did not know who the dead man was, but they looked into the recent reports about the loss of a teenage boy and there was only one report from the Bobby family. The police contacted them and Bobby’s uncle went to see the corpse at the morgue. To get into his car to go to the place identified by the two killers to receive the ransom, his wife’s brother called him from the morgue and told him that the body belonged to Bobby. They didn’t care much, money wasn’t their purpose, There is absolutely nothing the police can lead to them. Even the typewriter on which the ransom was printed was destroyed and buried, believing that they left no evidence or trace behind them, but they were wrong.

Although the police investigation was going in the wrong direction and completely away from the real killers, where there was suspicion about the teachers of Bobby in the school and were already detained two of them. But the hands of predestination intervened to get things right. The police had summoned Bobby’s father to ask him questions. After the investigation, while Bobby’s father was preparing to leave, the investigator handed him glasses, saying that Bobby’s glasses were found next to his body. Bobby’s father was surprised and said his son was not wearing glasses. The police then learned that the glasses belonged to the murderer. In fact, the glasses belonged to Leopold, who fell from him while the body was taken down the bridge. The police did not give this evidence much importance, there are millions of people wearing glasses, and is unlikely to lead to the detection of the killer. But when they offered the glasses to the lens expert, he told them that their lenses were made with a very rare mechanism. Back to the records, it was found that only three people in Chicago had such glasses. Old Bobby and his family.

The police arrested them when the police asked Leopold about his glasses that he had fallen from him while practicing his hobby of watching wild birds. The police also questioned Loeb, and in private the two questioned some contradiction in their statements. The investigators realized that they were hiding something, and by pressing them more starting to collapse, Loeb was the first to confess, claiming that he did not kill Bobby, he said that he was driving the car and that Leopold was the one who killed the boy, and when they told Leopold that he was not inevitable. Admittedly, he also claimed that he was not the murderer, and that Loeb was the one who killed Bobby. It is not known to this day which is true and who was lying. The news of the arrest of the killers quickly spread like wildfire, it was a strange crime that received wide attention, the killers admitted that they did not need money, and that the motive of their crime was only the thrill of killing itself. And realize the idea of ​​”perfect perfect crime” that has captured them.

In court with the lawyer. The trial of the two young men was called the trial of the century, and everyone expected to receive the death penalty, but their wealthy parents appointed one of the most famous and most successful and most successful lawyers in America at that time, lawyer Clarence Darrow, Oklahoma task of defending their sons. Darrow was known for his strong opposition to the death penalty, and during the trial, he delivered one of the most spectacular arguments in the history of the American judiciary, succeeded in saving the neck of his clients from the gallows, and instead each received a life sentence


Easy for two young guys. In 1936, Loeb was slaughtered with a mouse during a fight with another colleague in the bathroom who wanted to sexually assault him. Lippoled spent 33 years in prison and was only released in 1958 after receiving an amnesty.

He was released after 33 years .. Leopold had difficulty integrating with the community again, and the ghosts of the past were chasing him and people were avoiding him, so he tried to stay away from all this by emigrating to Puerto Rico, where he married a widow and worked for years as a mathematics teacher. Before his death, he wrote a book about birds in Puerto Rico. Nathan Leopold died of a heart attack in 1971. Leopold’s death did not mean the death of his story. This crime confirms that the motives of murder are not always related to poverty, erroneous education or sexual motivation as most people think, there are those who are killed for nothing but for the pleasure and pleasure of the murder. 1948 and the film coerced in 1959.

Finally, were they really smart? Personally, after reading this story I wondered with myself, was Leopold and Loeb with this intelligence described them really? Why didn’t they bury the body instead of throwing it under a bridge? If they did, perhaps they would have survived.

But they may have deliberately failed to bury the body. Perhaps it was a challenge for them to commit murder and to be a phenomenon. There are those who say that the case of Leopold and Loeb is evidence that there is no complete crime But I think it is wrong, there are indeed crimes where the identity of the killer was never known. The most famous of them is the case of Jack the Ripper, the Black Dahlia, the Ripper Zodiac and many many other issues that have remained unresolved to this day.

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