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Sweetheart in the heart always always with me my love

The feeling that you are important to someone is the most beautiful feeling you may feel because this person is not complete without talking to you and therefore you are important to him, all these words can be abbreviated in one word only and is love, sincere love and net based on interest is The most important pillars of love, and love Word contains a lot of beautiful meanings, most certainly interest, including dedication and sacrifice for whom you love, so we offer you today in the dream site one of the finest romantic love stories from which we know a lot about the sense of love, we hope to receive Like you.
The story takes place between two young twins and two young girls named Ahmed and Mahmoud and the girls Sama and Safa. They lived in one country and do not know each other and their friends were friends. Suddenly, the father of Ahmad and Mahmoud called Sama’s father and Safa for dinner. They live in a villa on the banks of the Nile, you know some and they are very close to each other, until they become friends.

The beginning of acquaintance and love

Sweetheart in the heart always always with me my love

The two families agreed to travel to Hurghada for summer vacation and spent some time with Sama’s birthday, and agreed with some to make her birthday. They then traveled to Cairo, and Ahmed and Mahmoud’s father asked to speak to his sons as well And Ahmed and Mahmoud decided to talk to their father to talk to Sama’s father and describe their engagement, and actually went to the father of Ahmad and the father of the father and his father, Mahmoud to the father Sama and description to ask their hands to his sons, and agreed with their father and agreed Bentan and held a ceremony x So Sama and Mahmoud came to meet Sama and Safa, until the engagement took place, and the days went by, and Sama found her phone ringing, and was surprised by a girl who told her that Mahmoud was talking to girls. Sama closed her phone and went to her father and told him She wanted to end this engagement, and her father called Mahmoud, and asked him to come home and asked him to end the engagement.

Sweetheart in the heart always always with me my love

The end that everyone wants

Mahmoud asked about the reason for this request. So Sama told Mahmood what happened. Mahmoud laughed and said to her: I want to give me the number of the girl who spoke to me. She found that she was a colleague from the university days, and this girl was telling Mahmoud that she would end his engagement if he decided to give a sermon. A few days later, the father of Mahmoud and Ahmed went to Sama’s father to describe the date of the wedding. He specified that the wedding should take place two weeks later. The wedding day came and during the wedding, Ahmed and Mahmoud were surprised that their father was attending. They have a surprise, both name and description as well, they have been given tickets to Italy and a gold contract for each girl, and Married and lived with Ahmed Safa and Mahmoud with Sama life full of happiness.
At the end of this romantic story we know that love is the most beautiful feeling that can be felt by a person in life, so the loss of love makes you feel the pain of separation and the separation of pain myself, and the psychological pain more severe physical pain, many people appear good but inside them Great pain, so we must do the impossible to keep the one you love, and hope that this story has won your admiration and waited for more romantic love stories.

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