" /> The descendants of Satan Part IV

The descendants of Satan Part IV

The descendants of Satan Part IV
Imagine that you return from work after a hard and tiring day you want to rest and sleep, but you are surprised by the calamity on your return, you find the door of the apartment opens to the legitimacy and there is the body of someone waiting in front of the door, do not know who is what would you do Will you lose consciousness or cry or will come close to find out why and why Die in front of the door of your home and you will continue today the story of the evil sheep Shrchbail in the site of realistic stories under the title of the strangest story of a very frightening scary offspring of the damned Part IV.

The doctor took my neighbor and said with tension: Thank God, the apartment was completely empty, and after the thief opened it, the heart attack attacked him, so you and Dr. Mona died of good luck, that he did not steal anything, we called the police and the ambulance. The thief’s face, in a strange way of the disaster What happens to me I do not understand what is afraid of the man and make him die heart attack I do not know in front of the door of my apartment?
And here I shook my head of a lake and remembered at that moment the black sheep that I bought today, “Shrekheil” as my children called it. I completely forgot about it and did not put food on it. The calamity may have died of thirst and starvation, and I opened the balcony after I removed the seat and looked back at the street I feel like I’m afraid I’m not afraid of a sheep But I’m afraid of a good thing, I will never deny It I put food fast and water and closed the balcony And I ran I ran I was scared I’m afraid Something’s wrong with the sheep Oh willy I have to act I’m really scared
I felt scared and tense and I did not know how to act and I was alone. I wanted to ask someone who thought of her and others would help me she was my wife, I stood in front of the mirror in a panic and I was terrified, tense and scared, and I say please show me now for me I want you so hard, but it did not show me that time What do I do? My God, I’m in big trouble here and I heard the clicking sound as if someone was trying to get into the house and what was going on, and the click from the balcony seemed to be the dreaded stark bill who was knocking the lamb door.

I do not know what happened. I felt the vibration of the elevator as if it would fall on me and I took the lamp shaking and dancing from above. I screamed and screamed. Fearful and here she appeared she always feels her angry look at safety and in her presence, I will never deny her spite despite her ruthlessness and fear.
She looked at me angrily and with red eyes. “What did you do, stupid? What evil did you put in your house? There are strange forces that prevented me from crossing into your home.
I looked at her nervously and told her what had happened. She told me in a broken voice not to put the sheep in the house. I had to leave him quickly and quickly before it was too late. I looked at her with fear. “Tell me the story. Why?” The sheep shouted angrily. “You better not know the sheep from the house.” I put him in another place and do not grow up in the apartment today. Come on, let me go. It hurts me so much. After that I left and did not say anything else and left me confused. I was surprised. Is there anything that frightens my wife?

The descendants of Satan Part IV

I came to the elevator and got out of it quickly and took a prisoner in the streets and I think of the suspicious sheep and the words of my strange wife and why I hurt her Khrubi Shrchbail, I thought to pass on my pharmacy, which was waived by Dr. Tamer Mohamed Ezzat or Sherif Tiger that deceptive man after he deceived me and wanted to blackmail days and battle Which was on the pages of social communication until the man was convinced of his truth and his demonic offspring.
And went to complete his treatment with the psychiatric clinic after giving up the pharmacy and leaving it to me to administer it, and had to appoint my friends Dina and Yasmine Pharmacy to manage it and take care of it I do not have time with my work in the laboratory but I asked them not to interfere in the composition and toxicology Vltrkoh me was a room attached to the pharmacy was used by the tiger industry And the sale of black poison at fictional prices through social networking sites. Thus, I was drawn through Facebook by a wicked and evil man, but his end was wonderful with a psychiatric clinic.

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