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The descendants of Satan Part

The descendants of Satan Part

The descendants of Satan Part
What is he going to do to me? It is just a sheep that my husband and I bought for the sacrifice of the Great Feast two days ago, but it really bothers me and frightens me. I swear to you that I do not know what to do with it.
My husband asked me to go with him to buy the sheep because of my experience as a veterinarian. I know if the lamb is healthy or not. Is it bloated because of drinking water with salt, or is it fat and full of meat? We went to one of the merchants near the house and had lots of sheep. I scrutinize them with expert eyes and check their movements in front of me to choose one, and here he stands before me once.
As if he saw me the same as a dark black lions sheep and large horns bent in a strange way I do not know, at first I felt that the color of red blood in the eye felt the sheep with tension and panic shook my head without I said perhaps I did not eat my meal yet and I was exhausted returning from work and the atmosphere is hot but my husband, Buy the lamb now and the afternoon.
I took my face away from the sheep like an air that did not exist and I checked the rest of the sheep but he stood in front of me again and looked at me, Willy, that the sheep wanted me to buy and see himself, but I will not and I will never buy this sheep. Never, I would scare my children away from the sheep, but he came back to stand in front of me again, and here I heard my husband say nervously: Come, have you chosen the Lamb dear? I do not know I felt at first glance and I look into the eyes of the sheep that he wants me to buy him for a reason I do not want to ask anyone never will not take him here and I pointed to the black sheep with tension and said:

The descendants of Satan Part

This is good, let us buy it darling ..
And here I found the panic in the eyes of my husband when he looked at the black sheep to the seller I do not know I felt nervous and was trembling hand fear or did they fancy that it is the freedom of July as you know and the twins replied to my husband with tension:
Do you really want this lamb?Yes, it is good in my dear ..But it seems scary not to see his red eyes .. Look at himWill you be afraid of a sheep, my beloved? Maybe his eyes are red, inflammation of the heat, and as you see, the occupant in the street all day, the air is hot, the dust, and the month of July, as you know, he will be okay in trusting God.
He shook his head in anger and did not want to ask us about the price of the sheep and was a surprise The man said a very small amount does not match the size of the sheep and may not equal the price of five kilograms of meat I do not know I felt suspicious and my husband was happy from the price of lamb asked my husband to the seller to leave the sheep at him Until Eid, there is still a great time more than three weeks on the big feast and will pay him the price of food but the seller refused strongly and said: – I will not leave the sheep here, take it with you hope.
Taking my husband tries to convince the man that he will leave him what he wants for money to feed the lamb uselessly look at me saying Lake:What will we do dear? There is no place to put it .. To postpone the purchase of the sheep for a while What do you think, turned to the sheep Lake seems that the poor is not desirable here and he was standing next to me and holding my bag in his mouth really poor This strange black sheep seem to say to me:Do not leave me here please … I angrily forgave and I look to the eyes of the seller with a challenge:We will put it with us at home and will not leave it here and here the man looked at me after sighing comfortably:As you love my lady, my husband looked irritated:Mona lost your mind, where will we put it Will the sheep live with us apartment crazy? .. ??Trust me, darling, we will put him in the balcony. Do not worry, I will care about his cleanliness, food and everything

The descendants of Satan Part

I was not sure about anything at all, but there is something that makes me buy this lamb. We paid the money, the man tied the lamb, dragged my husband, and went away, and I left behind him, but the seller stopped me and said, looking at me. To my husband as he moves away from the sheep: – Wait, Madam, I want you in an important matter …what do you want ??Watch out for him and close the doors at night is not as you think and better not put him at homeWhat do you mean ..
But I saw the man looking back in horror and did not turn back surprised and found my husband had returned with the black sheep and the lamb was completely red eyes and looks to the seller here and asked with surprise:Why did you come back ??

My husband replied to the lake: I do not know, believe me, that it is strange. I took the lamb and pushed me until I came back here. Maybe he wanted to bid farewell to his colleagues. I looked at the man and said to him:What did you say, the man shouted at us and say Come away I did not say anything I do not have time I never said anything I did not say something The man looked at the sheep with horror, we went to the house and we laugh at the man Vddoa that the man lost the mind of freedom It is a month And I woke up in front of the elevator, but the sheep refused to enter strongly and take strange sounds and move away with fear and go to the stairs my husband exasperated angrily as he tries to attract him and can not said narrowly: What do we do now Lamb does not want to enter the elevator I said to him: It seems that the sheep have a phobia of the rise Lifts Come on my lover Come up with him on the stairs does not matter I will wait you I’m above my love no Delay.


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