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The most terrifying and frightening horror story occurred with the first part


The jinn and witchcraft are mentioned in the Holy Quran and are present in life. But how do you know that there are those who put you in a spell

to hurt you, watch out for your steps and see below your feet, if there is water sprinkled in front of the door of a house I advise you not to enter or pass over the water at all and move cautiously, do not know what is in the water It contains the ashes of the body of one of them and the magic and practical work of the bottom of your ear we present to you in this article from the site of real stories story entitled More horror story of a very frightening and shocking happened in the university residence in Algeria Part I The owners of the weak people are moving away.
More frightening and shocking horror story

My name is an angel from Algeria I am only 24 years old, my story is the most terrifying story you will ever hear. I have spent the most terrifying night in my whole life despite my young age. But I am still afraid. The story began three years ago. I was studying at the Institute of Computer

Information in Algeria, I was 21 years old. In May 2015, I was living in the “dormitory” of the university city, the dormitory of the expatriate students, as you call it, but we have in Algeria the girls ‘boarding school. I did not leave the dormitory and the dormitory except for the institute and for the parents only because the boys’ boarding school was beside me and I was shy. One.

The interior is closed at the eighth and the door of the institute is closed at am. The interior is inside the institute and in the middle of it you do not know what is going on at night, but most of the internal students know what I’m talking about. The intense, moving things on their own we were afraid of that internal at first, but we got used to it in the end.

My friends and I always lived in fearful convictions. We heard the sounds of water and stopped it once. Many voices came out from the bathrooms at night. We saw black cats passing through the streets and corridors of the city with their red beards. Believe me, one of you from Algeria and stay in the interior will know what I’m talking well. Many of the stories and stories are managed in place about the ghosts and the dead who appear at night to uproot the heads of girls and the flying ghosts, God, I do not want to talk about these things.

A week before that dreadful night, there was a big fight between the inner guard and the restaurant. The restaurant was a very big quarrel, and we watched with great pleasure, so the girls liked to watch the women’s arguments with pleasure and encouragement, as if we were watching a football match. The girls woke up screaming and wailing to a girl called Kneza and insisted the girl amid hysterical screams to leave and leave the city now and is rumored that something bad It will happen today, let them migrate and protect yourselves from Satan.

The girl took her things and left the city with tension and fear. She was repeating strange words about something bad going on and girls talking. She felt that something bad would happen in the city today. She saw a hideous nightmare. I was nervous that day I called my mother. I wanted to talk to someone to reassure me. I felt tense I would not deny my anxiety and I returned to the city at about 4 pm Then my friend found a toxicity in the room silent and looking forward to the tears and tears falling I asked her anxiously: What happened to you sad?

She replied, “No, I’m just scared, and here we heard the scream and wailing of another girl from outside. We went out to know what was going on. A girl named Wafa was in a severe hysteria and a high-pitched Quranic echo. Here all the girls fainted and felt so nervous. In front of the city as if my girlfriend felt something strange and that there is something bad will happen now, what a disaster for.

My friend Sumaya told me with tension: “An angel has to stay here and not enter the city now. Please, there is something bad that will happen. Do not risk my friendship and believe me. I say that evil is hovering around us. I looked at her with great fear and terror.” We sat outside until the seventh. The guard takes our dinner and we return to the city again, and then the doors of the city close at 8 pm I and my colleague Sumaya were alone abroad.

I said to her exhausted and very hungry: Enter the dishes of food and I will take you to the restaurant, my friend, I’m really hungry and tired I went to the city and I stayed alone a little outside and then I went on my way to the door of a restaurant and before I go inside I caught my girlfriend toxicity strongly The restaurant at that moment is crying hysterically: “Do not intrude an angel please wait for something bad to happen. Please do not enter now. Please, evil is hovering in the place and pulled me out of my arms.


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