" /> The most dangerous five spies in the Middle East, Part I

The most dangerous five spies in the Middle East, Part I

Throughout history, the world has witnessed many stories about the world of espionage. Stories surrounded by mystery and excitement. Almost all countries in the world used spies, but the Middle East was the most present in this area.

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Raafat El Hagban … Egyptian spy or Israeli mother
Given the long-standing Arab-Israeli conflict, the Middle East has been the scene of many espionage operations whose protagonists emerged after periods of the end of these operations … Through this report, Sputnik monitors the most famous of these Arab and Israeli spies:

Raafat El Hagan

Is the motor name of the Egyptian citizen Rifat Ali Sulaiman Al-Jamal who was born on 1 July 1927 and died on 30 January 1982.

According to the Egyptian General Intelligence, Gamal was transferred to Israel by the Egyptian intelligence in the framework of an organized plan in June 1956. He managed to establish large and successful commercial interests in Tel Aviv and became a prominent figure in Israeli society.

But the Israeli newspaper Haaretz published a report earlier this year saying that the information contained in the series “Rafat El-Hagan”, which indicates that he was an Egyptian agent who broke through the Israeli intelligence is inaccurate information.
“Rafat al-Hagan was actually a double agent who worked mainly for Israel and helped enable Israel to win the 1967 war,” the newspaper said in a report published on its website.

The newspaper quoted the intelligence commentator Ofer Adrat as saying that the Egyptian intelligence sent “Refat al-Jamal” to Israel under a Jewish identity in the name of Jack Beaton, but he was soon discovered by the Mossad and arrested.

Adarat added that the Israeli intelligence officer, Mordechai Sharon, who took over the investigation after Jamal’s arrest, offered to release him in return for working for Israel.

According to the Egyptian novel, the hybrids had for years espoused and supplied the Egyptian intelligence service with important information under the cover of a tourist company inside Israel, where he provided his country with dangerous information, including the date of the June 1967 war. He played an active role in the preparation of the October 1973 war after providing Egypt with details of the line Berliff.
Shula Cohen

The most dangerous five spies in the Middle East, Part I

Or as they call it “Pearl of the Mossad”. An Israeli spy spied more than 10 years on government agencies in Lebanon in the 1960s and smuggled Jews and money into Israel.

Shulamit Kishk Cohen was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1917 to a Jewish family. And later migrated to Jerusalem. She married a wealthy Lebanese merchant named Joseph Cohen, who was twenty years older, and moved to live with him in Beirut in Wadi Abu Jamil. Sources say her marriage there was not by chance, but was a prelude to her espionage activities in Beirut.
Shula was able to integrate into Lebanese social life and established relations with senior government officials.

The Israeli spy worked to convey military information about Syria and Lebanon. She was a central figure in the activities of smuggling Jews from Lebanon and other Arab countries to Israel.

In many interviews with her after her return to Israel, Shulamit said her husband did not know at all times that she was a spy and that she had smuggled two of her seven children into Israel, convinced her husband that they were on vacation and would return. More than 1,000 Jews from Lebanon fled to Israel.

The incident led to the arrest of the Lebanese security services in Chula, where they investigated one of the other cases. These investigations led to the monitoring of suspicious movements by Shula, which in turn turned into a subject for investigation. Accordingly, security rented two apartments near Shula’s apartment. H and collect important information.
After months of surveillance and surveillance, she ended with the arrest of Shulamit in August 1961 in Beirut – just as she returned from Rome, where she stayed for a short time – accompanied by a number of clients.

Shula was tried before a military court that sentenced to death, before the sentence was reduced on appeal. After the June 1967 war, Shula was released in an exchange of prisoners and traveled with her family to Jerusalem and lived there. The spy, Shulamit Kishk Cohen, died on 22 May 2017 at a Jerusalem hospital.

Eli Cohen

The most dangerous five spies in the Middle East, Part I

Eliyahu Ben Shaul Cohen (December 26, 1924 – May 18, 1965) was a Jew born in Alexandria, where one of his grandparents emigrated in 1924.

According to the accounts, Cohen worked in the field of espionage in the years 1961-1965 in Syria, where he established close relations with the political and military center and became the first advisor to the Minister of Defense.

Syrian counter-espionage authorities eventually uncovered the espionage plot, arrested and convicted Cohen under military law before the war, and sentenced him to death in 1965. The intelligence he collected prior to his arrest was said to have been an important factor in Israel’s success in the 1967 war.

Cohen joined the Jewish Zionist Organization in Alexandria in 1944 and became enthusiastic about Zionist policy towards the Arab countries. After the 1948 war, he took calls with other members of the organization for the emigration of Egyptian Jews to Palestine.

Indeed, in 1949 his parents and three of his brothers emigrated to Israel while he was leaving in Alexandria. Before he emigrated to Israel, he worked under the leadership of Abraham Dar, one of Israel’s top spies, who arrived in Egypt to start his role in espionage and help Jews to emigrate and recruit agents. The spy took the name of John Darling and formed an Israeli intelligence network in Egypt. Cairo and Alexandria in order to spoil the relationship between Egypt and the United States of America. In 1954, members of the network were arrested in a major scandal known as the Lavon scandal.

After the investigation was over, Eli Cohen was able to convince him

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