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The most frightening and shocking horror story occurred with the university residence part two

The story of our friend from Algeria and what happened to her in the interior where she was exposed to the ugliest and most frightening position in her life when I began to hear the cries of girls around her and do not know what happened and how to act in that severe dilemma in a story entitled More horror story Very frightening and shocking happened with the university residence in Algeria Part II The owners of weak hearts are moving away.
The most frightening and frightening story of horror occurred in the university residence in Algeria Part II The owners of weak hearts are moving away

An angel from Algeria completes her story as I told you in the first part. Her friend prevented her from entering the restaurant to bring the food and drew it very strongly to the outside. She hesitated: Do not enter into evil and it will take the lives of everyone, and then I will look at her friend with fear and fear. Did Gent called her friend, O disaster.

I did not understand what the idiot was saying and I did not understand what was going on and what my friend was saying. I was hungry and very tense. I took her calm and sat down and at that moment three girls from the city, Badra, Maryam and Bushra, passed by and went to the restaurant to bring dinner.

That day did not enter the guard as usual before the students to the restaurant to bring dishes of food so as not to see accounting there and while I hold the hand of toxicity and try to calm and ask in amazement What’s wrong, my friend, you lost your mind, she was looking at the door of the restaurant and looking horrified to the floor of the stairs in front of him was The ground was wet. The three girls came in and brought dinner.

Hey, Willie, I do not really know what happened. It was a black night. The city turned upside down. Hysterical screams from everywhere. Girls falling on the ground. Hysterical tears and hysterical screams. I do not know what to do. The door of the city was closed. I was over eight. I started to cry and howl. Badra Bushra and Mary Stops on the ground and the girls around them screaming hysterically A group of city girls stood weeping and others scrutinized the door of the guard to open the door.

The guard called the Civil Guard and told them what happened to the girls and she did not know how to behave in that disaster. The guard opened the door and all the girls went out but I did not go out with them. I stayed with Mary because she was studying with me in the same department. I was holding her and she was unconscious. To carry the girls.

They were unable to carry them. Every one was very heavy at that moment and no one could carry them. Here, one of the guards ‘assistants knew that the cause of the girls’ disappearance was not a disease. Badra and Mary are lying on the ground, they do not move, and no one can carry them and they come in front of the mosque “Sheikh”.

And began reading the Koran Karim and here silence silence of the place completely and here spoke Badra scary voice scary remember the name of restaurant accounting and says in a terrible voice high girl poor passed wrong was not intended and echoed again accounting name “Nawal” and Maryam voice is a terrible voice scary scary says: Nawal Accounting The restaurant is the reason for all this and here I am very crying. I remembered the door of the restaurant and I would order it from them but if it were not for my girlfriend I would call it the one who prevented me at the last minute.

Then the police took the girls home and hurried the next day to take them to the sheikhs to protect them from the harm they had inflicted on that fateful night. I grew up outside the city, holding a poisonous hand under a tree in astonishment and weeping.

The next day, the police came and took Nawal to the police station. She was dismissed from work because of witchcraft and was punished by prison after Nawal confessed that she had smashed a witch and ashes at the door of the restaurant to pass the guard and wear her for revenge for what she did with her.

I took my clothes in the morning and did not go back there again since that day. I did not go back to the institute yet, I did not graduate yet and I will not come back. My friend Samaya told me that she and her family felt and felt negative cards and felt that there was something unnatural in front of the restaurant door. Tonight, I have a fear of the doors and it is only a matter of when I see his forearm well before passing. I do not know if there is ashes of a body mixed with enchanted water sprayed in front of the door or not.

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