" /> The secret of building the pyramids by the damascus guide

The secret of building the pyramids by the damascus guide

The secret of building the

pyramids by the damascus guide

Many researchers believed that the purpose of building pyramids was to maximize the pharaohs, and that is what we learned in school. Yes, they thought in the past! Be prepared, so that scientists have finally discovered the real purpose of building pyramids! It is clear that these mysterious, unique buildings, built with high mathematical precision, were far from burying the dead. Time stamps: Why is the pyramid of Giza different from the traditional tombs Did the ancient Egyptians possessed advanced

technologies such as modern? The mystery of the Great Pyramid What about the stone coffin The queen’s chamber at the bottom of the Great Pyramid Why the use of the golden end stone The top of the pyramid Did the ancient Egyptians use radio energy for communication purposes?
Abstract: – The pyramid is the largest in Giza with more than two million stones, each weighing between three to thirty tons. In fact, the weight of the giant may reach fifty tons! The base of the Great Pyramid covers an area of ​​five hundred and ninety-two thousand square meters and the size of each side is about two hundred and eighteen thousand square meters. – If we draw on the common idea that ancient civilizations were less developed than we are now, there is a question that arises: Is there a possibility that the ancient Egyptians possessed advanced technologies such as those in our time? What if they lost their knowledge to be discovered after many

centuries? – It is also interesting to use the Egyptians on the internal aspects of the pyramid of a special substance called dolomite. This metal is known for its multiplication of electrical conductivity. – Modern technology is still unable to recycle gypsum mortar used during pyramids construction. This type of gypsum can withstand tremendous amounts of pressure, and there may be some kind of strangeness that the mortar that holds the stones together is stronger than the stones themselves. – Found one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three down the Great Pyramid on the secret room is not accessible. The “Queen’s Room” was apparently called this hidden room. In the year 2000, thanks to great technological development, it became possible to explore this room using a remote camera. – At the end of the top of the Giza pyramid used a finished stone made entirely of gold. Which will be a pathway for the transfer of negative ions (electric charge atoms) to the ionosphere, which contains much of the above. Thus an electric current was produced with tremendous force. – The other strange thing that can be seen in these inscriptions is what looks like a lot of wireless antenna. Perhaps ancient Egyptians used electrical energy for communication purposes? They could use energy in textile factories to make yarn.

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