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The spectre of the mysterious face of horrific True Story

The spectre of the mysterious face of horrific True Story

face of horrific True Story

The story of that man is really strange and controversial and applies to the

parable and the so-called “pegged-haunted”, we offer You in the site of

realistic stories, a realistic story entitled Ghost Mysterious Face.

It was Henry Wells, who was unjustly imprisoned and was one of the slaves and servants of one of the wealthy families at the time. They accused him of stealing some things from their house. He was a member of the family. He hated Henry very much and did not care for him for his safety and loyalty. From him and put the man into prison.

For many years Henry suffered the punishment of imprisonment and injustice. After years of torment, he was released at the end of the civil war. All the prisoners were released, including Henry. The day after his release from prison, After his departure, from behind the barbed wire directly by burning the court in the area at the time and provoking riots and violence with the rebels.

Wales was arrested again to be put in jail and he did not do anything. He did not know why they were coming back from behind the iron bars. Some of the people who believed in Henry’s innocence felt the injustice he had suffered for many years by helping him escape the prison. He did not find a better place than the third courtroom, which was under construction, and was not complete with the police, who were looking everywhere for him like crazy, so how dare anyone escape from prison.

At that time Wells was hearing the loud noise, the sound of bullets and the screams of innocent people from his hiding place, in the third courtroom still under construction, hidden behind tons of equipment Stones and many things.

The sound outside was loud and he could not stand any more. He decided to get close to the window, to see what was happening from a distance in the street and what the police were doing, and he came very slowly and warned from the nearby window to watch what was happening outside without being seen by a police officer. His disappearance.

And here at that very moment when he went out to the window, the lightning hit a body, there would be no better time to shine than this, as if waiting for the unlucky Wales of unfortunate luck, he could not bear the body of the weak man whom prison had tormented him for long years. Henry Wells died immediately and left a body But forever

The spectre of the mysterious face of horrific True Story

Henry Wells left his picture engraved on the window and despite the completion and completion of the third court and to this day still face of the ghost of Henry Wells is still seen from the window of the court.

Known as the ghost of the mysterious face popularly known, there is the name of the face in the window you will find the mysterious face always glimpsed from the window of the Pickens County Court in Carrollton, Alabama, one of the most famous Alabama ghosts can be seen from the window, at any time day or night standing in front of it seen Constantly staring out of that window and watching the faces of pedestrians.

The spectre of the mysterious face of horrific True Story

But why is this mysterious face staring out the window? What does Wales want everyone to know? Does he want to tell them that he did not burn the court on his day and did not have an income? Does he want everyone to know how unjust he has suffered and what he has suffered since his birth? Until his death, a fugitive chasing from justice until he died single and he did nothing, he refused to leave and looked out of the window where he died the day electrified from the sky to make them see him and know how much this miserable, unfortunate life for life turns their lives into an unbearable hell With their guilt?

I do not know what the ghost of Henry wants by standing in the window, there and what message he wants to convey to everyone. Do you know, but at the end, a ghost of a stranger and a peaceful person who does not do anything? Just look out the window?


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