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أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه

The story of Mary Bloody is a horror story about the mirror

horror story about the mirror

O bloody Mary I have killed your children, do
not stand in front of the mirror and say that sentence never know what can happen to you, you will show bloody Mary but what is the story of Mary Bloody I present you in the site Real stories Story of Mary Bloody The most famous horror story about the mirror History .

شاشه ضد الكسر

Mary Bloody is the most horrific story of a mirror in history

Is a very famous game to bring evil spirit by looking into the mirror and calling it, and mentioning her name three times to come, but who is bloody Mary, is an English queen, appearing in the mirror when she mentioned her name three times in a dark room, showing a knife in her hands The story started when she heard the sound of her crying. She went to their room to reassure them, but she did not find them in their room. She looked at them for more than a month with her soldiers until she saw the sound of her crying. I found them dead in the forest.

She did not recognize that she was slaughtering him with a sharp knife, until I spent all her servants until she went to the inhabitants of the city and took one slaughter after another, until the rash of her soldiers and tired of killing the people and the population. , Mary has gone mad.

Mary committed suicide and cut off her artery with a sharp knife. The soldiers entered her and found her dead and drenched in her blood after losing her mind to her children who were killed in the forest. No one knew who had slaughtered the children. Mary was not evil before, but killed her children and lost her right and her mind. The horrifying legend spread, and it says it shows when a person stands in the dark in front of a lonely mirror looking at the mirror and shouting at her, repeating her name three times at midnight, lighting a small candle, and chanting loudly: O bloody Mary you killed your children.

But beware of dear that it is very dangerous and deadly, if Mary called bloody, she is killing those who called her in a very violent and brutal way will not return anyone to do not make fun of her and her feelings of ridicule of the death of her children and to say that you killed her children is very dangerous and deadly Do not play that game Please cut off his face, take out his eyes, cut off his head, and drive him to madness, and whoever does not die will be punished by the end of his life.

They also say that Mary Bloody say they are the murderers of children, who lived in the village where the myth occurred. She was very angry after killing all the servants. She went to kill the small village children as if they were responsible for the death and slaughter of her young children. Mary slaughtered them and separated their bodies from their bodies. Her

children were slaughtered in the forest. Her heart was full of hatred and fear for all. Even the children did not have mercy and no one was merciful. Somewhere in the West, there is an environment cemetery with the bodies of young children and the bloody victims of Mary. The woman was crazy and completely lost her mind and grief. Velha, the real will not deny that

Mary is very bloody and evil, but the victim of a devastating and perhaps psychological illness is to make them do all that and kill everyone without mercy, and the cruelty of what happened to her is also a difficult thing, they kidnapped her children from their home and killed and slaughtered their

small bodies and separated their heads something very ugly and disgusting.

أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه
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أرض للبيع فى الجيزه عمرانيه

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