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The story of Ouija board


Hello to you, followers of our site stories and tales, we put in your hands a set of scary horror stories, the events contain horror stories

you have never heard of before, and I hope that you like the stories you like, and for more horror stories you can browse the category of horror stories
A girl named Natasha went to a friend’s house to attend a party around 1 am, a group of friends decided to
play the Ouija board. Natasha was the only one who believed in extraordinary things so she was somewhat

The story of Ouija board

hesitant when her friends took out the board, but instead of looking silly between Sitting when trying to panic about their inability to play, they acted as if they did not believe in these things. Some people started asking

questions on the board. They started with normal questions and nothing exciting happened at all. Until someone asked the board if the soul wanted to hurt them, a voice answered, “Only one of you.” One of them is terrified by another expected question: “Who?”

The board replied Natasha, although Natasha preoccupied her with this matter a lot and despite the panic of everyone at the moment, but the first thing that came to her mind that this

The story of Ouija board

is arranged by her boyfriend and friends and there is a sound recording or the like how the panel to speak? Natasha left the room while her friends in the room continued to play out of adventure, which probably assured her that she was just a stupid joke from her friends.Later everyone left and

forgot to say goodbye to the board, and anyone who plays this game knows this is critical before they stop playing! After that, Natasha did not remember anything about that night except that she had a migraine and bleeding in the nose, and her friends

filmed a video of her acting strangely and speak in a strange voice at times and strange and incomprehensible at other times, and this was not the only night that was seen in this case Her father also complained about it in the following days, and Natasha only remembered migraines and nose bleeds, but about two weeks later she returned to normal – or that’s what she thought. Natasha was hospitalized

suddenly and without warning after a severe pain in her kidney; so bad that her kidney stopped working, doctors tried everything to find out why it happened but nobody could know what was happening, and on the day Natasha was going Surgery suddenly stopped the pain and her kidney returned to work, and within a few days she was discharged from the

hospital. Since this incident, Natasha has never felt that she was alone; she felt something around her, at times she felt who held her hands or neck and even felt unable to breathe, Natasha always believed that such things could happen; but this experience made It is realistic for her

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