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شاشه ضد الكسر

The story of the deserted road

We offer you this article from the site of realistic stories under the title of horror stories long fantasy horror story of the abandoned road, and we offer you the story of horror of fantasy but very frightening for someone who lost his way, we hope you like
Have you ever lived an experience that turned your pills upside down, but ended it completely, that is my story, which I told you to destroy, I am a lonely and lonely person who keeps me from my family on my way to leave. My mother is the last one left to me sick with malignant disease and waiting for death to become Then completely alone.
I went out one night and felt some change. I was trying to get out of that situation that I had become miserable and pain. I took my car and went off without a specific destination and I kept running. Suddenly I noticed that strange area that I had never noticed before, although this is my usual way of going back and forth. It seemed to be an abandoned area so that its houses were destroyed, and it took me time to come back, but where was the way back?

شاشه ضد الكسر
The story of the deserted road

I was looking for a way to return. I was confronted by this beautiful garden. It was exhaustion and exhaustion. I grew up to rest. I slept but it was an annoying sleep. It was full of nightmares and nightmares. It made me wake up. I was waiting for a surprise when my car disappeared. bad.
I walked around the area trying to get out, but what are these terrifying sounds coming from these houses, which terrified me, and increased the matter I saw this man, who could not bear to see his voice or lost consciousness.
I went back to my consciousness and came to me no longer What I saw beyond the possibility What these strange creatures donkey with the head of a snake and bird with a human head and I chained chains talking about me The decision to never return.
Someone asked me why you are here. Well, your answer is not important. Your magazine has been reported, and I was placed in a horrible room with cutting tools. I scream but no one answers. Suddenly a little girl appeared, so I broke my hands and helped me out of the room to the garden. I tried to find my way to escape. I asked for help, and his smile was his resurrection. He told me that he had been here for ten years. The road was not known. Whoever came here forgot to forget who he was.
I was disappointed and started to cry. The man who had caught me started to hit me and hit my feet but I was on my way to escape. Suddenly my wounds and my feet ached and my speed increased and I headed towards the light. But everything is different. Even the taxis do not see me. I understood the meaning of the old man’s words. Back to the park but disappeared.

The story of the deserted road

I ran to the nearest of his grandmother but he is the same old man and he tells me you’ll see hell and you do not see and see them and you will die a month later, and a man appeared behind him and cut his head screaming a loud cry, but I sat waiting for my fate a month later.

شاشه ضد الكسر
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شاشه ضد الكسر

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