The story of the fourth server is very exciting

My name is David and I am thirty-two years old and although I am still in the early 30s, the gray hair began to conquer my hair and to show it. I live alone and there is no one left of my family. I used my only life. I felt so calm. I do not know whether it is normal and natural or not, I will judge you and judge you.
As I told you I live alone in my empty house, but I always hear the doors close and open themselves, and there are those voices that always whisper in my ears, and the last of those shadows that always move around me.
You know, I’m tired of all being around me these things have become their game, here is the sound of laughter but when I see to see who laughs I can not find anything, so I am hardened and the usual game that has become silly and provocative has become indifferent attention I hear I did not hear Thing.
I decided to make a decision that I should know from these and what they want. I started the journey of research and I was not the only one who went through this, and during that search journey I found this announcement. It is about a book. It is on behalf of the fourth server and the announcement says that it will solve all these problems. at your service.
I know that this is just a valueless advertisement but I carried the book but what happened was a bit strange, although I received a report to download the book but the screen gradually turned to black color and left the device and went to sleep to see tomorrow the problem.
I started to go to sleep, but what is this? The atmosphere has changed around me as if I were there from the bottom and there are people who share the place and I opened my eyes. I tried to light the light but it seems that the current was cut off and when I returned to my bed I had a strange feeling inside the bed and another fear of this. , But looked at me and did not do.

بروجيكتور مستعمل بروجيكتور مستعمل
The story of the fourth server is very exciting

There was this book, which looked old with an envelope of old leather, even corrosive. The paper looked like papyrus, but the strangest was the title of the fourth book. It was not the only stranger, but the language of the book was a language I did not know but I could read and understand.
I started to read and as soon as I completed the first lesson, I was suddenly grabbed by my feet and tried to pull my bed down. With my resistance, the words “in the name of the fourth server stopped” came out and he seemed to be suffering.

The story of the fourth server is very exciting

I lost consciousness or grew up I do not know but as the sun rose I woke up and began to wake up, and my feet were hurting me from the impact of the burning left by the hand, and I searched for the book until I found it down the bed and read a lot of funerals and talismans and memorized it, and in the evening I began throwing curses and the shadows began to slow and pain and I continued I lost consciousness again, and when I woke up it was ten o’clock, did all this grow, but when I went in I washed my face and my hands were bleeding from them what was this, and by reading the newspaper there was news about killing a girl of seventeen at the time, The girl because of the many blood on my hands and face and m Wearers.
I was very sorry to know this book and tried very much to get rid of it to no avail, and the killings every day are increasing and began to point to the killer and I am waiting for my discovery at any moment.

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